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What Is a Jeep Cherokee Cold Weather Package? [Explained]

While buying a car, the most crucial thing a customer wants to know is how well the vehicle drives in winter conditions.

The cold weather package is much popular in Jeep Cherokee in cool weather conditions. This package is beneficial, particularly in areas where ice and cold are encountered. Jeep Cherokee comes with a “cold weather package” that allows you and your family to drive the car in any condition, especially in winter, safely.

In this guide, we will help you learn more about what is a Jeep Cherokee cold weather package so you can make the best possible decision.

What is a Jeep Cherokee Cold Weather Package?

Jeep Cherokee offers a few features that ensure safety when driving in freezing weather to make your driving comfortable, enjoyable, and memorable. These features are named as Jeep Cherokee cold weather package.

Let’s figure out the features.

Heated Seat

One of the key components of the cold weather package is the “electronically heated seat.” Electric elements are available in both passengers and driver’s seats of the Jeep Cherokee. This mechanism is easy to activate through the available switch in the vehicle console. More importantly, the low to high setting option gives comfort on cold days.

  • A heated seat warms you up quickly instead of heating the whole interior of your vehicle. This way, they can conserve energy use.
  • Regulating heated seats can be controlled individually. So, if a passenger disagrees with maintaining the inner temperature, a heated seat can be the best option to control an individual’s temperature.
  • A heated seat warms up a person more quickly than heaters.

Jeep Cherokee 2011-year model and the Jeep Grand Cherokee offer heated rear seats.


Heated exterior mirrors are a part of the Jeep Cherokee cold weather package, solving potentially dangerous cold-weather conditions.

Generally, ice, snow, or fog may build up inside the vehicle. Thus, the outside visibility won’t be clear. The heated mirrors get activated from the vehicle inside and reduce the chance of fog build-up, ensuring clear visibility.

  • Heated exterior mirrors have a proven track record of providing utmost safety during winter.
  • They ensure clear visibility in the winter and rain
  • Clear fogging on the mirrors under any weather circumstances
  • They can easily be turned on and off according to the driver and passenger’s comfort level
  • They are a safety feature for hazardous winter and rain events

This feature tells that; the Jeep Cherokee is a reliable vehicle to drive in the winter and rainy seasons.


In most cases, every vehicle’s engine fails to start or takes too much time due to extreme cold. To many customers, this isn’t very pleasant sometimes. So, Jeep considers this issue a critical one and uses an engine-block heater system in the models of Jeep Cherokee.

Engine-block heaters are used to warm up the fluids and engine before starting a car. Heaters are beneficial in bitterly cold temperatures because

  • They minimize the chance of damage from “cold starts” and idling
  • Increase fuel economy and lessen emissions
  • The heaters quickly and properly warm the engine in cold weather
  • Help the driver to start the engine easily

One of the best things about the engine-block heaters is; the driver can plug the engine into an electric outlet without thinking twice.


Sometimes, the battery warmer is a part of the Jeep Cherokee cold weather package. The functionality of the battery warmer is similar to the engine-block heaters. Plug the battery warmer into the nearest engine outlet when your Jeep Cherokee is not running.

The functionalities of the battery warmer are:

  • Keeps your battery insulated and warm throughout the winter months
  • Prevents freezing of the battery fluid
  • It helps your vehicle to start easily in the winter mornings
  • Reduces wear and tear of the battery, prolonging the service life
  • Quicker cranking is confirmed
  • Offers better fuel economy

Installing a battery warmer is so effortless that a person with basic automotive parts knowledge can do it without assistance from a professional.


Be noted that

  • Vehicles that come with leather-trimmed seats feature heated seat
  • As a Jeep buyer, you need to choose the cold weather packages separately.

Is the Jeep Cherokee Good in the Snow?

Jeep Cherokee comes with 5 trim packages:

  • Latitude
  • Latitude Plus
  • Limited
  • Trailhawk
  • Overland

These trims are better performers than front-wheel drive and offer the best traction.

In order to give you a clear answer of whether the Jeep Cherokee is good in the snow, first, we need to look at the interior of the Jeep Cherokee that provides utmost comfort by providing warmth.

Most trim packages are available with front or rear heated seats, warming up cold passengers during extreme cold.

Heated seats are incredibly luxurious. Since you can include the cold weather packages in your typical starter packages, combining a heated seat and regular seat will enable you to enjoy every ride with the Jeep Cherokee regardless of the weather condition.

Safety is always essential when you are on the road. The cold weather packages can give you peace of mind when driving in the snow or ice. They will protect you from unwanted incidents and other drivers.

Overall, Jeep Cherokee offers reliable performance in the winter season and is safe to use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Jeep Cherokee Snow Mode?

The snow mode is available in the Jeep Grand Cherokee to drive into deep snow without much hassle. This mode splits the torque in a 50:50 ratio between the front and rear wheel, making driving in the snow much more manageable.

How fast can you drive a Jeep Cherokee in snow mode?

Snow mode doesn’t have a speed limit. You can drive the Jeep Cherokee as fast as you want.

Last Words

Jeep Cherokee ensures you stay safe and sound on the road with several cold weather packages, no matter the environment. Hopefully, this guide on a Jeep Cherokee cold weather package will help you make a wise decision when buying a winter vehicle.

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