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Jeep Cherokee Sport Mode: When It is Used?

Jeep Cherokee Sport Mode: When It is Used?

The Jeep Cherokee is capable of offering more adventure than your average vehicle. Perhaps, the adventure is relished best when the ‘Sport Mode’ comes into play. 

It’s a handy way to get better throttle response and faster acceleration. Sport mode disables traction control, puts more power to the rear, and gives you better control over the vehicle.

So, how do you make the most out of this exciting feature?

Fasten your seatbelt and find all the necessary answers related to your Jeep Cherokee’s Sport Mode below.

What is the Sport Mode on a Jeep Cherokee?

The modern-day Jeep Cherokee line-up comes in several driving modes: Normal, Sport, Snow, Mud and Eco etc. The system allows the driver to choose from the modes depending on the terrain conditions. 

Among them all, the Sport Mode is dedicated to enthusiasts who like to get some extra kick while driving off-road. It transforms the shifting patterns of the suspension settings.

You may also experience lower ground clearance, as the height of the ride gets lowered during the sport mode.

However, it helps the driver to take sharp curves in a safer manner. On top of that, it holds the gear longer, while pressing on three main parts of your clutch into one another: the spring, the bearing, and the diaphragm. 

In short, the sport mode of the Jeep Cherokee lets you accelerate faster and get higher top speed. It’s like unleashing the real power of the engine. Perhaps, that’s why enthusiasts prefer this particular jeep line-up for outdoor activities. 

When to use sport mode on a Jeep Cherokee?

You can use the Sport Mode anytime. It’s more fun and effective if you are looking for a better driving experience. But you should avoid engaging in sports mode in wet conditions. 

The perfect time to put the Jeep Cherokee in the sport mode is when you need to accelerate faster. 

Normally it takes a few seconds for the car to catch and react as you step on the gas. But when the sport mode is activated, your Jeep Cherokee will react faster and swiftly.

So, it’s highly recommended to use the mode where faster transmission is required. For instance, climbing uphill, or driving down the twisty, bumpy road. 

Yes, of course, cruising down the city with sport mode on is something that you would never like to miss out on. 

However, you got to be aware of the fact that it will consume more fuel when you drive around with the Sport Mode on.

Besides, the steering will get a little harder, and of course, comfort will be somewhat sacrificed.

How to use sport mode on a Jeep Cherokee?

Most of the Jeep Cherokee lets you enable the Sport Mode in an easy manner. It’s just a matter of seconds to activate the mode via a switch or a button toggle.

Depending on the version of Jeep Cherokee you own, the mode switch toggle will be somewhere around your gear stick.

For instance, the Jeep Cherokee 2016 comes with a knob for switching modes. By default, the vehicle starts with the auto mode that decides its driving state by itself reading the terrain it’s moving on.

For manual mode switch, just turn the knobs and feel the transformation!

Can you put the Jeep Cherokee in sport mode while driving?

Yes, you can. However, it’s better to put the Jeep Cherokee in sport mode while driving at a slower speed; as it’s more sensible. 

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to pull over, restart, and then engage in the sport mode. No, it’s not like that.

You can also turn on the sport mode while cruising down the highway – only if it’s utterly required. 

Because Jeep Cherokee goes through some physical transformation during mode change. For instance, height drop, tighter gear, and stiffer steering will be felt immediately as you engage the sport mode.

So, it’s better to anticipate the changes at a lower speed. 

How do you drive a Jeep Cherokee in sport mode?

Driving in sport mode is really exciting, but nothing out of the context. It’s the same attention and seriousness you need to draw while driving on normal mode. 

But you may need to get familiar with the throttle response in the first place. Because it rolls up the vehicle reaction almost 20-30% faster than it would in normal mode.

As a result, you will feel some kick from the rear of your car that needs to be handled skilfully.

Once you discover the delight of sport mode, you never know, you might end up driving with it always.

How to turn off sport mode in Jeep Cherokee?

Turning of the sport mode is as easy as a pie. However, it will depend on the version of Jeep Cherokee you are driving on.

But it’s either a knob or a press button that is used to control the modes.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t take any physical pressure. You just sit back and use the switches to shift the modes from one to the other according to your need.

Final Thought

Sport mode is something that brings extra spice to your driving experience. For some, it’s a means of excitement, and for others, it’s just driving with extra authority.

It’s good to know and learn how your Jeep Cherokee reacts in sports mode.

Just keep the fact in mind that it takes a bit more fuel than usual. But tell you what, it’s worth the money. 

So, with everything being said and explained, you are left with just one thing to do. That is, grab your keys and try out the mode right away. 

And, don’t forget to use the seatbelt. Happy Driving!

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