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Jeep Cherokee Transmission Cooler Line Replacement Cost?

The transmission cooler lines of the Jeep Cherokee are essential components that actively prevent the transmission from overheating by directing hot fluid away from the transmission. If the transmission cooler lines get leaked or damaged, the vehicle’s performance will also decline due to transmission overheating.

The easiest solution is immediately replacing the damaged cooler lines, which might lead to wonder how much the Jeep Cherokee transmission cooler lines replacement cost?

The average cost for Jeep Cherokee Transmission cooler lines replacement stays between $100 and $250, but it can go up to $300 or $450.

For your better understanding, I will be providing the entire replacement cost breakdowns and other relevant details here-

Jeep Cherokee Transmission Cooler Line Replacement Cost (Updated Price)

Reportedly, the average cost for any auto vehicle’s transmission cooler lines mostly hangs between $100 and $500 depending on the vehicle model, making year, engine model, and damage level of your vehicle cooler lines.

Besides that, the actual cost estimation will highly vary depending on whether you want factory OE parts or available aftermarket options for the replacement.

On average, the Jeep Cherokee transmission cooler lines replacement from any professional servicing or repairing shop will cost $100 up to $200 or $250, where the actual part price might stay between $50 and $170.

The labor cost mainly differs from mechanic to mechanic, repairing shop to shop, and the average labor expense for transmission lines replacement mostly hangs between $60 and $300, whereas some repairing centers or mechanics offer the service at $100 per hour rate.

However, if you plan to replace the transmission lines of your Jeep Cherokee by yourself, you might only have to spend $30 up to 100 or so.

I have highlighted some of the popular Jeep Cherokee models and their estimated Transmission lines replacement cost here-

Jeep Cherokee Vehicle ModelsEstimated Windshield Replacement Cost
2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee$103 up to $125
2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee$101 up to $123
2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee$111 up to $135
2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee$114 up to $140
2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee$113 up to $138
2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee$99 up to $121
2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee$113 up to $138
1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee$114 up to $140

Remember, this given Jeep Cherokee Transmission Cooler lines replacement cost estimation does not include the local tax and other charges.

When Should You Replace Your Jeep Cherokee Transmission Cooler Line?

Technically, you should decide or plan for the replacement as soon you notice the damage or leak on your Jeep Cherokee transmission cooler lines due to which your vehicle transmission constantly getting heated.

Besides that, some common signs can help you detect when your cooler lines need replacement.

Such as, if you ever notice that transmission fluid is leaking or dripping from under your vehicle hood, that’s the most obvious sign that transmission lines are not in good shape or condition.

Especially if you see fluid dripping from where the transmission cooling lines connect to the radiator, make sure to investigate the condition of the transmission lines first.

Another obvious indication is when you visibly see any bulges, cracks, or holes on your vehicle’s transmission lines while doing your regular vehicle parts inspection.

Also, difficulty in shifting gear can be another potential sign of transmission lines problem where you might experience gears are slipping or taking too long to respond.

You will notice a burning smell coming from your Jeep’s transmission when the transmission cooler line is failing or has a crack on it.

You might also hear unusual squealing or grinding noises during shifting the gear.

Besides noticing the overheating issue on your transmission, you might also encounter unusual stalling and starting difficulty on your Jeep when the transmission cooler lines are not in good condition.

Jeep Cherokee Transmission Cooler Line Installation Guide:

Once you have finally decided on replacing your Jeep Cherokee transmission cooler lines after noticing any of the early mentioned sign, it is time to have a look at all the necessary tools required for this replacement task –

Required Tools-

  • New Transmission Cooler Line Replacement Kit
  • Jack Stands
  • Wrench
  • Oil Pan
  • Brake Cleaner

Now, thoroughly follow all the below instructions-

Step 1 – First, to get better and more comfortable access to your Jeep’s underneath, raise your Jeep with the help of high-quality jack stands, or if you have a car ramp in your garage use that instead.

Make sure to do this at an even wide surface and have someone assist you while you raise the vehicle.

Step 2 – When your Jeep is in a stable position, disconnect the clip or connector that was holding the transmission line in its place and put an oil pan or container underneath there to drain all the transmission fluid away.

Step 3 – Once all fluid is successfully drained away from your transmission line, use a wrench to disconnect the transmission cooler line’s connecting nut and remove the damaged transmission cooler line.

Step 4 – After removing the cooler line, you will notice the remaining fluid dripping from the line’s original position so do not remove the oil pan or container from the underneath yet and let all the remaining fluid drain completely.

Step 5 – Now, spray a little amount of brake cleaner on the end of where the lines connect, and let the fluid drip thoroughly before you proceed further.

Step 6 – Next, start the installation process by connecting one end of your new transmission cooler line to the radiator first. Then, connect the other end of the new line to the transmission. After that, use the wrench to reconnect and tighten the nuts.

Step 7 – When your new transmission line is in its position, refill the transmission with the recommended fluid and carefully lower your Jeep.

Note: Remember, replacing the transmission cooler lines is not a difficult task, but one still requires basic mechanical knowledge and expertise to do it properly. So, if you are not confident enough to do it yourself, I highly recommend contacting professional help.

How Long Does It Take to Replace the Jeep Cherokee Transmission Cooler Line?

The time duration to replace the transmission cooler line will vary from mechanic to mechanic and repairing shop to shop. The timing will also vary depending on your vehicle model, year, and damage condition. 

On average, installing a new transmission cooler line on any auto vehicle takes a minimum of 1 & 1/2 hours to a maximum of 2 hours.

However, according to trusted repairing sources, replacing the transmission lines of any Jeep Cherokee model can take a few hours. Either you can wait for a couple of hours and pick up your Jeep after that, or you can drop your vehicle at the repairing shop for 1 to 2 days max.

Can I Drive My Jeep Cherokee with Failing Transmission Cooler Line?

Yes. You can surely drive your vehicle with the transmission line leaking issue for a while, and maybe you can cover a few km too with the leaking condition.

But that’s not recommended since the leaked, cracked, or damaged transmission cooler lines can literally damage your entire transmission system, so your vehicle won’t survive much longer with that condition.

It will eventually drain all the fluid out, and you might get stuck in the middle of nowhere with the damaged transmission.


To keep your Jeep Cherokee vehicle’s performance smooth and powerful, you need to keep the transmission system problem-free. That’s why you need to know when the lines get damaged, and you need to replace them.

In today’s article, I have already mentioned how to detect a failing transmission cooler line of the Jeep Cherokee and how to replace it with the entire cost breakdown. So have a thorough look.

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