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How Much Does It Cost to Replace Jeep Cherokee Windshield?

One of the common issues with the Jeep Cherokee is that the windshield tends to get cracked or chipped very easily, which ultimately leads you to replace the damaged Windshield. But how much the replacement might cost you?

Although Jeep Cherokee Windshield will vary based on some core facts, one can still get the replacement done at approximately $282.86 up to $765.96 or $1000 from any professional workshop.

Now, do not stress out while wondering what other facts are involved in estimating the replacement cost because, in today’s article, I will explain every single required detail-

For your better understanding, I have highlighted some of the popular Jeep Cherokee models and their estimated replacement cost here-

Jeep Cherokee Vehicle ModelsEstimated Windshield Replacement Cost
1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee$282.86 up to $341.88
2000 Jeep Cherokee$344 up to $495
2012 & 2014 Jeep PatriotAround $285.73
2014 Jeep Cherokee$295 up to $541.79
2016 Jeep Cherokee$259 up to $460.94
2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee$356.98 up to $628
2019 Jeep Cherokee$348 up to $765.95
2020 Jeep Cherokee$341.58 up to $765.96

Jeep Cherokee Windshield Replacement Cost (Updated Price)

Before planning or deciding to replace the existing front or rear, or both windshields of your Jeep Cherokee, you require to have a precise knowledge or overview of the estimated budget.

To help you out now, I am going to share and explain every detail of this replacement task, along with estimated costing info.

Typically, the price range will stay between $282 up to $765.96 where the labor cost might hang between $210 and $230.

In some cases, the entire replacement cost might go up to $1000, but that mostly does not apply to most Jeep Cherokee models.

Besides, if your vehicle also needs additional fixing or repairing, that might cost you an additional charge of $100 to $300.

But this estimation will surely vary based on several key factors such as brand, design model, material quality, and released year of your Jeep.

Also, note that the costing might vary depending on your vehicle’s sensors and wipers, type and damage location, type of glass used, and preferred servicing company or their location.

Remember, this given cost estimation does not include the tax and other additional fees or charges.

When Should You Replace Your Jeep Cherokee Windshield?

Since the windshields of the Jeep Cherokee models or any other automotive vehicles are responsible ensure driver’s safety, that’s why it is vital to know and understand when you should consider replacing your windshield.

It will minimize the risk of further damages or any accident that might arise because of your Jeep’s weaker or damaged windshield.

You should also note that it is better to catch the damage earlier and replace it before the damage can lead you to encounter any further occurrence.

Therefore, the best solution is to replace or repair your existing windshield earlier and reduce the chances of getting ejected from the vehicle or dying during any crash.

But how?

Well, the simplest way of determining when to replace your current windshield is to look for some early signs-

The first obvious sign will be when you notice that the glass of your Jeep Cherokee looks tempered. Tempered glass most likely will fall onto the floor or over the driver’s face during the collision.

Another possible hint will be when you see a minor crack on your glass protector or windshield and do not take the tiny crack too lightly. Because if you leave this crack, it will continue expanding across your Windshield surface, and eventually, you will see other cracks appearing out there. 

So, the point is no matter how small or tiny the crack looks, repairing or replacing the glass protector or windshield instantly will save both your money and the risk of more accidents.

Besides that, if you notice any other kind of chipping or pitting on your front or rear glasses make sure to consider them as potential signs too.

Jeep Cherokee Windshield Installation Guide:

Now, if you have decided to replace the existing Windshield of your Jeep Cherokee after noticing any of the earlier mentioned signs, you should either contact your nearest servicing center or local professional mechanic for assistance.

Since the removal task of damaged parts and new windshield installation procedures is not too complicated or hard, you can try the replacement task yourself.

In that case, follow the below instruction thoroughly

Required Tools-

When you have gathered all the stuff required for the task, it’s time for starting the task step by step-

Step 1 – First, use the screwdriver to carefully take off all the holding screws of the wing mirrors to remove the wing mirrors.

Step 2 – Now, carefully slide the casing and mirror off your Jeep Cherokee vehicle. Then, lift the blades off the hinge joints to unclip the window wipers.

Step 3 – Next, use the sharp blade or cutter and cut the rubber sealing from around your vehicle’s windshield.

Then, be careful while pushing the windshield from inside your Jeep until it is fully removed. Now, you will need someone else’s assistance to lift out the old windshield and put it aside safely.

Step 4 – After that, you need to remove all the sealant from your new gasket and fit it onto the new windshield that you brought. Remember that the heavy part of the gasket will go on the inside, and the slit part will go on the side.

Step 5 – Now, you need to apply a thin layer of sealant to the bottom of your new gasket and take a small amount of petroleum jelly to rub around the outside area of the rubber grooves.

Step 6 – Then, attach a nylon cord around your new windshield grooves and carefully fib the windshield in place from outside of your Jeep.

Step 7 – After that, pull the Nylon cords across your new windshield frame and have someone to hold the rubber seal in place while you are pulling the cords.

Step 8 – Then, remove the excess petroleum jelly, and clean the dash. It will prevent any debris from entering the heat vents.

Now, your Jeep Cherokee is restored with brand new windshield glass protection and ready to go on the road. But still, you should wait 24 hours before driving your Jeep Cherokee.

What Does WPF Stand For?

WPF stands for Windshield protection film, which has been massively popular among most auto vehicle owners in the last few years. It looks like a smartphone screen protector, which mainly acts as a protective layer for your vehicle’s windshield and prevents it from breaking.

Does Insurance Apply for Windshield Replacement On Your Jeep Cherokee?

Fortunately, auto vehicle windshield replacement falls under the Car insurance policy clause, and one can surely complete the entire replacement task under their car insurance.

Although the actual replacement cost will vary widely depending on your location, your vehicle’s condition, and which service provider will be attending you, your insurance company still has to cover up the cost.


The Windshield is one of those delicate parts of the vehicle that plays a vital role in ensuring the driver’s safety during the ride on the road.

Therefore, having a poor-conditioned or damaged windshield or glass protector increases the risk of encountering any severe accident and the best solution is to replace it at right time with the right choice.

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