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Jeep Cherokee Wrap Ideas, Cost and Wrapping Guide

Jeep Cherokee Wrap Ideas, Cost and Wrapping Guide

Hello Jeep Cherokee enthusiasts! Feeling a bit turned off with the pale exterior of your four-wheeler these days? Don’t think you are the only one. In fact, the Cherokee fans, far or less, are radical by nature, and tend to show great interest in what’s new.

Well, if that’s the case for you too, then it’s time to set your beast on fire with a spicy look. 

But wait a minute… painting needs expert hands, not to mention the slowness of the process, to get the desired finish, which may take the cost to a point that’s almost impossible to bear for many of us.

That’s where a vinyl wrap comes drifting. It can cut down the painting cost of your jeep by half, yet give you the same sort of expression you desire from your vehicle. 

So, fasten your seatbelt because it’s time to chase down some of the cool facts about your Jeep Cherokee’s vinyl wrap.

Can you wrap a Jeep Cherokee?

Let’s start with the basic thing. How realistic it is to wrap up your Jeep Cherokee given the rough and tough nature of the vehicle. I mean, you don’t see too many people wrapping their off-roader, right? But tell you what, there is nothing wrong with wrapping a Jeep Cherokee to tune it up. 

In fact, you will find a bunch of cool wrapping ideas in cyberspace on Jeep Cherokee. On top of that, it can give you some materialistic benefits alongside the appearance. 

All you need is to be careful enough not to scratch your vehicle since the vinyl is thin and fragile. Other than that, nothing stops you from wrapping your Jeep Cherokee.

What comes with the Jeep Cherokee Wrap?

Sooner or later, our cars’ paint does wear out. But painting is a lengthy and expensive process. As a matter of fact, a vinyl wrap can let you change the outlook of the vehicle within a reasonable price and time.

A good wrap can fend off your Jeep Cherokee’s OEM paint. You can use it both as prevention and cure. 

For instance, you can go wild off-road without taking any chance on the luxurious paint of your newly brought vehicle. Just swathe it up with some cool-looking vinyl wrap, and you are all set to roll down the highway. 

So, what do you get from this? 

– An uncompromised reselling value.  Because vinyl wraps are 100% removable.  And the best part is, they don’t interfere with vehicle finish. You can just take the wrap off, and sell the vehicle at a higher price. 

Now, let’s come to the cure.  I have mentioned earlier that a good wrap can stop the vehicle’s exterior from decaying. So, if you find any sort of frays on it, just wrap it up. It’s handy at hiding scratches, small chips and dents, and boosting up your vehicle’s confidence with a smooth look. 

Well, there is another vinyl wrap that stands out and that is the freedom of personalization. Hand-paint has many limitations. But a vinyl wrap can be customized through a computer just as you want. So, no matter what type or color of skin you want, you can put it together through a vinyl wrap! 

Jeep Cherokee Wrapping Guide:

Will a wrap improve the appearance of your Jeep Cherokee?

The straightforward answer is – Yes, a wrap will improve the appearance of your Jeep Cherokee.

It can literally turn to give it a facelift. The effect of a good wrap is so powerful that anyone would want to have a second look at your vehicle.

Have you ever spotted a car adorned in camouflage print? Or maybe a chrome-like finish? Yup, chances are high that it’s been wrapped rather than painted. So, the point is, you can tune your jeep into something special that’s not possible by the paint job.

Well, you can pick from a bunch of wrap that includes matt-black, gloss, carbon fiber, or even leathery finish.

How much does it cost to wrap a Jeep Cherokee?

The price of wrap varies from type to type. The leathery or chrome finish are the most expensive type of wraps that might cost you around 3500$-4000$. On the other hand, the solid matt-black, satin or glossy finishes, which happen to be the cheapest in the market, should not cost you more than 2500$.

Tools You Need to Wrap a Jeep Cherokee

Wrapping a car might not be as tough as it seems. You may dare to take the chance by yourself. For doing so, you will need some tools to run the DIY session. Apart from buying a good quality vinyl, you will need a heat gun, cutting blade and tape, a pair of gloves, a cleaning solution, and a measuring tape. 

How do you wrap a Jeep Cherokee?

Start with measuring your vehicle and determine the size of vinyl you need. Don’t be shy to order some extra feet of vinyl. Because you never know when a mistake happens!

Then you need to clean the vehicle at its best. Perhaps, this is the most crucial part of a wrapping process. So, use plenty of fresh water and cleaning solutions to get the finest result. Using a degreaser will help a lot to eliminate residue on its surface. Being inside a controlled room without any sort of dust or particles would be really helpful. Because dust hampers the perfection of the wrap. 

Measure parts of your vehicle and cut the vinyl according to it. Choosing a flat and less complex portion to start with is suggested for beginners. Take tugging length into account. It’s better not to stretch the vinyl too much, otherwise, it might shrink awkwardly. Remember, like paint, the wrap is also very expressive at showing its weakness. 

Now, it’s time to apply it to the vehicle. Although you can do it completely by yourself, having two pairs of hands is always better than one. Make the final inspection of the surface. If it’s clean to go, pull the backing off and let the wrap tack on the surface. 

Keep the tips off the surface so that air is not trapped inside. That’s why start applying pressure on the vinyl from the middle, and gradually push towards the edges. Before you heat it up, make sure there is no air trapped. Blowing it hot before releasing the trapped air prophesize that the wrap will come off soon. 

Once the wrap is perfectly settled, cut the corners and tug the edges. Give the final air blow and fix all the imperfections. Polish it up using a little bit of alcohol and enjoy the final view of your work. 

How long does a Wrap last on a jeep Cherokee? 

Usually, quality wraps last up to 2 years without losing much of their significance. However, it’s also relative to your usage. Always try to park your vehicle in shade. Because the sun takes a lot of tolls and seriously damages the vinyl. Once you take care of it properly, you can get service for a decade.

The Last Two Cents

Vinyl wraps these days are not as costly as it was a few years ago. It’s almost like a trend now. Besides, it’s highly customizable, cheaper, and easier than paint. If you have patience and time, try it out. It’s going to be real fun. But professional hands are also surprisingly low. 

So, don’t compromise with the quality. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, your ride will stand out from the rest for a decent wrap.

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