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Jeep Compass Gas Type: 5 Recommendations and Tips

Jeep Compass Gas Type: 5 Recommendations and Tips

Making the correct choice when fueling your Jeep Compass is a piece of information that every Jeep owner needs to know to avoid making a costly error at the pump.

The Jeep Compass relies on regular unleaded gas with an octane rating of 87. Despite the horsepower and engine size, this is the same for all years, models, and trims.

In this guide, I’m going to give you some handy tips and recommendations that’ll ensure you get the best from your trailblazer.

Let’s take a look at the basics first, shall we?

What Gas Types Can You Use in The Jeep Compass?

There are two types of gas that Jeep recommends putting into your 4×4 for optimal performance and to avoid engine damage. Knowing the difference is essential, so always double the fuel type beforehand if you’re unsure.

Detergent Gas

The detergent additives in this type of gas mean the risk of deposits left behind is reduced. However, Jeep recommends only using premium gas with detergent additives.

RFG – Reformulated Gas

Jeep highly recommends using RFG when it comes to performance and reliability. This is because it contains oxygenate, making it more eco-friendly and overall much better for engine quality and durability.

Types of Gas to Avoid in The Jeep Compass

Putting the wrong fuel in your Jeep Compass can cause horrific, not to mention costly, engine damage, which is why knowing the correct fuel requirements is an essential part of ownership.

Blended Gas/Oxygenate

Blended gas compounds usually have elements mixed with them, such as methanol and ethanol. Jeep Compass owners should always be aware and ensure they don’t use fuel that contains methanol. However, you can use blends that contain up to 10% ethanol.

Flex Fuel

Flex-fuel is unleaded gas blended with ethanol, usually between 53%-85%. Putting this into your Jeep Compass could have catastrophic effects on your engine, decrease the performance, and cause severe erosion.

Octane Enhanced (MMT)

Jeep strongly advises staying away from using MMT fuel in the Jeep Compass. This is because of the particle deposits that can form in the fuel stream, damaging the system and decreasing overall performance.

Jeep Compass Fuel Performance – Tips and Recommendations

Jeep Compass Fuel Performance

Now that you understand what you can and can’t fuel your Jeep Compass with, below is a list of handy tips that can enhance your Jeep’s performance and keep it in top-notch order.

1. Check The User Manual

The first and foremost thing to do when putting the correct gas type in your Compass is to check the user manual thoroughly. It will tell you all the specific and key information for your model and trim.

2. Check The Octane Rating

The Jeep Compass, irrespective of the engine size, model, trim, or fuel type, should always be juiced with gas that has an octane level of 87. You can use any regular unleaded gas with an 87-octane rating or above.

3. Stick to One Fuel

Try not to mix things up. Select the gas types recommended for your Jeep Compass and stick to them. Remaining consistent can help to ensure you get the same quality performance.

4. Driving Style

Bad driving habits can lead to increased fuel consumption; therefore, if you require your Compass for excessive use, such as hardcore off-roading or higher speeds, make sure you opt for a premium-level unleaded gas.

5. Maintenance

Keeping on top of your Jeep’s general maintenance can also help keep it at peak efficiency. You should check the air filters, spark plugs, and oil levels and keep your Jeep from running low on gas before refilling.

Frequently Asked Questions About What Gas to Put in a Jeep Compass

It’s no surprise that Jeep owners, especially new ones, have a lot of questions in their minds about the right gas to fuel their new 4×4. Let’s see what others have been asking.

What Type of Gas Should I Use For My Jeep Compass?

Using unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 87 or higher is recommended.

Can I Use Regular Unleaded Gas For My Jeep Compass?

Yes, regular unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 87 or higher is suitable for your Jeep Compass.

Is It Okay To Use Premium Gas In My Jeep Compass?

While your Jeep Compass can run on premium gas, it is unnecessary. Regular unleaded gas is sufficient.

What Happens If I Use a Lower Octane Gas In My Jeep Compass?

Using a lower octane gas than recommended can lead to decreased performance and potential engine knocking.

Can I use Ethanol-Blended Gaso In My Jeep Compass?

Yes, You can use ethanol-blended gasoline with up to 10% ethanol (E10) in your Jeep Compass.

The Run Down

In conclusion, putting the correct gas in your Jeep Compass is a vital component in the maintenance and performance of your off-roader.

It’s critical that you understand what fuel your Jeep requires. Although this is pretty much general across the board, the best way to be sure is to check your user manual before heading to the gas station.

So, whether you’re planning to cruise cross-country or tackle rough off-road terrains, I hope these handy tips have given you everything you need to know about maintaining your Jeep Compass and getting the most out of its fuel consumption.