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Replace Jeep Compass Key Fob Battery – Easy 5-Step Guide

It can sometimes happen that your jeep compass key fob looks okay from outside but still not responding as usual. Before frustration creeps in your mind, try replacing the battery. But, do you know how to replace the jeep compass key fob battery?

Well to replace the jeep compass key fob battery, you simply need to separate your jeep compass key fob using a flathead screwdriver, replace the batteries, and then put everything together.

Apparently, this process won’t be complicated.  However, bad things can happen anytime. So, we don’t leave readers in the middle of the road. With this in mind, we have included all the in-depth info necessary to help with your replacement process.

What Indicates Your Jeep Key Fob Need Battery Replacement?

With open eyes, it may seem that your key fob is functioning correctly. However, there are a handful of small irregularities that may indicate the battery is coalescing.

You may have unnoticed these subtle annoyances but could well have severe negative impacts sooner or later. So, be cautious about the signs mentioned below:

Delayed Unlocking

Like everyone, you might love to press one button of your compass key fob and obtain an instant reaction from your car. However, it may develop into a substantial delay in response as it continues degrading its battery.

In the early stages, your car’s headlights may even fail to blink when you unlock your vehicle.

Intuitive, more careful habits will reveal themselves to be early warning signs, so make sure to observe your car and your keys to ensure everything is working as expected.

Reduced Signal Range

Has your compass key fob forced you to identify the closest space as your ping zone? Are you experiencing a situation in which you have to touch your vehicle to unlock it? In such a scenario, it is possible your key fob battery is dead.

Generally, a jeep compass key fob has an average operating range of approximately 30 to 60 feet. If your key fob’s battery is not able to supply enough power, then your remote might not properly send the signal from the other side of the parking lot.

When into your battery life, it is reasonable not to heed is the standard effect of the weather, which can decrease the signal power of your device as well.

Clicks Fluctuate Erratically

In some cases, your key fob’s button will need to be pressed back and forth several times before it finally acknowledges your signal. If no power is apparently coming from your key fob’s battery, it typically indicates that it is defective.

For that reason, make sure to change the battery in your vehicle’s key fob as soon as possible.

How To Replace Jeep Compass Key Fob Battery?

Just as everyone knows, disappointment hits you at the worst time. Plan ahead of time with our easy battery replacement process for your compass key fob.

Thus, you won’t have to scramble if something doesn’t work out when it’s crucial. Here we go-

Step 1: Organize Necessary Tools

Before you begin the battery replacement procedure, make sure you have the needed tools and components.

That means you need a small-sized Flathead Screwdriver, which is perfect in this context. You may use it to retrieve an old battery, as well as get a new CR2032 battery.

Step 2: Disassemble the Compass Key Fob

Start with disassembling the key fob using the screwdriver. For this, you have to insert the screwdriver into the gap of the seam. Don’t be surprised if the screwdriver isn’t inserted on the first press.

In this case, you can use a bit of force to pry the Phillips-head screwdriver out of the seam of the plastic key fob.

The two segments are separate from one another as you press the flathead screwdriver into the plastic key fob.

As a significant portion of the key fob consists of plastic, you shouldn’t twist the screwdriver too much to avoid damaging the plastic casing.

Step 3: Take Away the Old Battery

As you separate out the jeep compass key fob, you will find that it consists of three components, as in this case:

  • The first portion consisting holes in the housing that are perforated for the keypad
  • The safety chain
  • The second half of the housing that houses the battery is ingrained

To avoid any uncertain situation regarding the battery replacement, create a list of manual procedures from removing the old battery to placing it back.

Similarly, pay attention to the power source, polarity, and logistics board while removing the replacement battery.

You may not harm them, but also take care not to leave behind scratches or pieces of disconnected electrical elements.

Step 4: Insert New Battery

It’s time for you to insert the new battery. Make sure you have it placed on the negative part of the charge and the positive part. The negative side of the key fob battery is usually toward the bottom, but the positive end often has an upward direction.

Those that aren’t ordered with the Bi-Directional drawer option may require the center panel to be trimmed to size to allow the drawer to be properly installed. This item is not returnable.

This isn’t the best advice for us to follow as it’s just one of the ideas when they depart your new battery position based on the previous battery’s polarity.

On the cheerful side, some Jeep key fobs have labels built into the battery position that clearly describe precisely where the battery has got to go.

Step 5: Reunite the Compass Key Fob

Tinkering with the battery requires repairing the other components of the key fob first. Similar to with the battery, place the keypad housing into the half with the keypad, followed by the circuit board inside the housing.

You will be finished after a short reorganization. Starting with putting it into the battery half should make it easier to follow the procedure.

How do I reset my key fob after changing the battery?

The foremost step in regard to resolving problems with the control of a vehicle’s Jeep-compass key fob is routinely swapping its battery.

While that may have to be completed in certain cases, though, it may necessitate reprogramming. If this is the case, follow the following instructions:

Process 1: Jeep Compass Key Fob Resetting

This is the first process of reprogramming a jeep compass key fob after battery replacement. Here’s how to accomplish this:

  • Turn on Ignition

Place your car in a safe place and go in with your key fob. Close the door and insert the key into the car. Now, turn the ignition to the On position but don’t let the engine start.

  • Press the Lock

Press the Lock button on your key fob for one second while it is still in the ignition cylinder. Turn the key to the Off position.

  • Repeat The Process

Reiterate the above-mentioned steps at least three times. The vehicle’s receiver will hang on to the data provided by the signal sent by the key. You should become aware of a lock sound when this happens. The audio means you’re in programming mode.

  • Start Programming

Push the lock button within five seconds. This will initiate the mobile programming procedure. If the key fobs you are considering using the Lock function within 10 seconds after turning them all off, press the Lock button on each.

Process 2: Jeep Compass Key Fob Resetting

Some vehicles have a secondary sequence, so you could try the standard one and see if it works, but this second option may lead to success.

  • Press a button on the key fob to manually lock your car door.
  • Insert the key into the ignition and pull it out.
  • Do this six times in no more than 10 seconds.
  • Put your seatbelt on, and foot on the brake, and interior light, exterior light, and hazard lights will flash.
  • Insert the key into the ignition and turn it to the accessory position. Press one of the buttons on your remote key fob.
  • The hazard lights will flash if this is the sequence your car uses.
  • Now check the fob whether it’s working properly once again.


We have gathered several often-asked queries regarding jeep compass key fob battery replacement. You may have a quick look to grab some ideas on those queries.

Can You Start The Car With A Dead Key Fob?

Yes, you can. Many car manufacturers provide a backup method to ensure that users don’t face much difficulty starting their car even when the key fob battery is dead.

What happens when your key fob battery is low?

In general, when a key fob battery is at its eleventh hour, you’ll experience a weak signal response. Even your vehicle may not recognize it which is often too difficult to start the car.

What type of battery does a Jeep Compass key fob take?

At present, the CR2032 battery is considered the standard battery option for all jeep compass key fobs.

How often should you change the battery in your key fob?

There is no one-size-fit-to-all answer for this as it can vary depending on the build quality of the key fob and how it’s being used. However, the typical timeframe to replace a key fob battery is within 3-4 years.

Final Words

The jeep compass key fob may seem small, but it’s just an inevitable component to enjoy the modern keyless entry system. Yes, it’s wise to consult with a mechanic, whenever you feel there’s something wrong with the key fob.

However, knowing how to replace the jeep compass key fob battery and accomplishing the replacement on your own can salvage your hard-earned cash indeed. We just have tried to put you ahead to take that responsibility.

Hopefully, you have learned everything you need to dare for the next time your jeep compass key fob requires a battery replacement.

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