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Jeep Compass Won’t Start – Causes And How To Fix It?

The Jeep Compass is famous for its long touring feature with comfort and luxury. Traveling and adventure lovers prefer this vehicle for going on a tour.

But finding your Jeep compass not to get started can be stressful, especially if you are on the road and going somewhere.

It is important to have clear concepts about the possible causes and the solutions for getting your Jeep Compass ignited. Several simple and tricky reasons may cause your vehicle to get not started.

You must keep reading till the end to learn about the causes and the most compatible solutions for fixing this problem with your Jeep Compass.

What Causes The Jeep Compass Won’t Start Problem?

There must be some valid reasons which result in your Jeep Compass being stuck dead suddenly.

1. Dead Or Completely Discharged Battery

Starting up the Jeep Compass’s engine requires massive cranking power from the battery. The Jeep’s battery may get discharged, sending low or no cranking power to start the vehicle.

Leaving your vehicle abandoned and unused for a long time slowly discharges the battery. The vehicle alternator cannot keep track of the battery’s charging process.

Moreover, letting the headlights, foglights, and high beams stay on for a long time will use up the battery’s juice.

Extreme cold weather decreases the electrochemical reaction in the battery cells. Therefore, the battery cannot send the necessary power to the engine to get started up.

2. No Fuel In The Gas Tank

It is a prevalent issue that the Jeep compass does not turn over when the fuel tank gets empty. People fail to think about being stressed about more technical and tricky problems.

The first thing would be to check the gas tank when your Jeep Compass fails to turn over.

3. Faulty Battery Cable

The battery terminals become corroded due to overuse. This also affects damaging the connecting cables of the battery and the starter.

Therefore, a sufficient amount of power cannot be sent to the starter motor, which leads to the Jeep Compass engines not getting started.

4. Defective Starter Motor

The starter motor is the bridge between the engine and battery. It drives the ring gears and pinion gears to activate the driveshaft, and ultimately the combustion inside the engine gets started.

It also has a limited lifetime. Hence, the starter motor suddenly fails to ignite the engine’s run due to premature wearing and tearing. A bad starter motor causes cranking, clicking, or grinding noise.

5. Bad Spark Plug

The main function of the spark plug is to cause an explosion inside the engine’s combustion chamber. It ignites the pressurized gas and air to start the engine.

Moreover, it keeps on running the entire time to drive the engine’s pistons. Therefore defects in the spark plug fail to ignite the engine, and hence it won’t start.

6. An issue in the alternator

An alternator is a small generator that works when the Jeep Moves on the road. It keeps recharging the battery while on the move.

When the alternator fails to recharge the battery, it becomes impossible to send the cranking power to the engine from the battery. Thus the engine does not start.

How To Fix The Jeep Compass Won’t Start Problem?

Every problem has its counter solutions. You can try out these below-stated fixes to get your Jeep Compass moving again.

1. Recharging or Replacing The Battery

To understand the battery health, you would require a multimeter with a stress load testing machine. Recharge the battery using an automatic battery charger overnight.

Do this in very well-ventilated areas. After completing the charge, check the initial voltage level. After that, run a load test for about thirty seconds.

If the voltage runs too below the standard value, the battery is probably dead. In such cases, you have to replace the old battery with a new one with enough cold cranking power.

2. Changing The Battery Cable

Clean the battery terminals with steel wool to remove the corrosion. Then install a new pair of battery cables to the battery and the starter motor. This would ensure proper power flow.

3. Replacing The Starter Motor

In general, a vehicle’s starter motor can last about 100,000 to 150,000 miles. You have to replace the starter motor with an authentic and compatible one to fix this.

4. Repairing Or Replacing The Spark Plug And Alternator

The spark plug can be repaired by changing and treating the electrode gaps. If not, you may have to change the spark plug. The only way to fix the alternator is to get a new one and install it perfectly.

How to Reset Problematic Jeep Compass?

It is essential to reset the problematic electrical sensors in Jeep Compass, as it can be confusing. To reset the low oil indicator and service light indicator, you must follow the same procedure.

Put the key or press the ignition once to turn on the vehicle. Press the gas paddle three consecutive times within 10 seconds, turn it off, and remove the key.

Moreover, the directional command buttons on the steering wheel can be used to reset all the problems in the Jeep Compass.

How Long Does A Jeep Compass Last?

Jeep Compass is a reliable and long-lasting SUV compared to its competitors. The actual lifespan of this vehicle depends upon how you treat and use the vehicle.

With routine maintenance and decent driving, your Jeep Compass can last for 200,000 miles.

It can be enhanced by replacing the parts of the vehicle. This means you can effectively drive this vehicle for about 10-15 years.


In high-end SUVs like Jeep Compass, it is a common phenomenon that the vehicle fails to get started. The dual usage type of these vehicles can be problematic sometimes.

That is, routine and regular servicing and maintenance are very important. Jeep Compass is installed with various sensors to warn and remind you about taking care of it.

Therefore use these features to keep your Jeep Compass in good health. This would also reduce the phenomenon of the not starting problem of Jeep Compass.

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