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Cost of Replacing Jeep Door Net: Important Details

This is true no matter what you’re doing the style of your Jeep tells people a lot about you. The range of door options offered to drivers is one of the many aspects that tend to attract drivers to Jeeps. This allows you to get as close to nature as you desire while also protecting yourself from other elements.

The door nets for jeep starts at $154.99 to $600. The price may increase depending on the type of door net you are using. For installing the door net on your jeep may costs few more dollar (labor cost).

The overall cost of replacing a Jeep door net will be covered in this post; keep reading if you are considering installing a door net on your Jeep as well.

Jeep Door Net Replacement Cost (Updated Price)

The door net on the jeep keeps your children and pets secure inside as you take in the sights and sounds of the outdoors.

The jeep door net price ranges from $120 to $600 depending on the model. These are simple to install, which means you will save money on labor costs.

Because there are many different door nets alternatives for your jeep, which might be of any model, we have compiled a short list of a few jeep door nets and their prices so that you don’t have to look around.

Products Price
Dirtydog 4×4 Olympic Front Tube Door Netting$121.22
Dirtydog 4×4 Olympic Tube Door Netting (Currently unavailable)$209.42
Dirtydog 4×4 Rear Netting$448.41
Warrior Products 40500 Rear Cargo Netting$379.99
Body Armor 4×4 JK-6140 GEN 3 Black Rear Trail Door$368.24

A few Jeep models, such as the Wrangler, have door pockets, which are actually nets. They begin to sag after some time of use.

A few possibilities for replacing these door nets/pockets are listed below-

When Should You Replace Your Jeep door net?

In the event of a collision, both the hardtop and softtop of the vehicle, as well as the doors, provide little protection. In order to protect passengers, the roof and doors are made of a sturdy material that can be removed. And its legal to drive without your jeep’s door.

Being in a door less Jeep is an interesting experience for certain people who prefer the sight and feel of not being enclosed in a car. There’s nothing else like it, and it adds a whole new level of excitement to a routine drive.

Using a jeep door net can be a better option because it keeps you safe while also allowing you to take in the scenery outside. To ensure the protection of your dogs while you enjoy the trip without the doors, you can substitute door nets for the doors.

There are also netting on the door pockets that can be replaced if they become saggy over time. When you open or close the door, this sagging net can be a major source of frustration. When you experience this, it is necessary that you replace the door net.

Jeep Door Net Installation Guide:

Installing jeep door net are very simple. the following steps shows you how the Jeep Dirty Dog’s Olympic Tube Door Netting is installed-

  • Before you begin putting the netting, lay it out on the top of each tube door to confirm that you are placing the correct piece on each door. It is not recommended to install the tube door hardware until the netting is in place.
  • Take care to carefully slide the top tube through the sewn loops.
  • At this point, turn the door over and thread the loose end of a strap through the Ladder Loc.
  • Do not tighten the straps at this point. The door must be installed first, and only then can the straps be tightened to their proper tension.
  • Follow This Process for Each and Every Door.

Is It Safe to Leave the Jeep’s Doors Open?

As long as you take care of a few minor details first, it is perfectly legal to remove your Jeep doors and drive without them on public roads. The mirrors will be lost if you remove the Jeep doors. You must re-attach your mirrors if you want to stay in compliance with state regulations.

What causes Jeep owners to remove their doors?

In the case of a collision, the warning label states that neither the hardtop nor the soft top of the car, nor the doors, provide any safety protection to the occupants.

That is why they are detachable, because the primary purpose of having a strong roof and doors is to protect the people who are riding in them.


Saving money by using door netting instead of the original door on your jeep is a win-win situation. Door nets for your jeep are plenty. Vehicle model influences the cost of these jeep door nets. You can select the best door nets for your jeep based on pricing and variety of door nets on the market.

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