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Replacing Jeep Emblem: Cost and Important Details

Driving a Jeep instills a sense of pride in the driver. You want everyone to be in awe, whether you take it out on trails or largely on freeways. Part of that entails having an eye-catching Jeep emblem prominently displayed. If the existing one goes out, you should check into new Jeep emblems.

The pricing of the Jeep insignia may vary depending on the color and size. Typically, you may anticipate to pay between $20 and $100+ Depending on where you buy, you may incur additional shipping or tax costs.

Because an emblem serves as an identifying marker on a vehicle, it may be replaced with a new one if it becomes damaged. Don’t worry if you’re wondering what other details go into determining the replacement cost; I’ll go through them all in today’s post!

Key Points:

  • An emblem is an identity for any vehicle.
  • Having any emblems on your vehicle, making them stand out from the others.
  • Jeep owners have the option of customizing, changing, or replacing their vehicle’s Jeep insignia at any time.

Jeep emblem Replacement Cost (Updated Price)

Jeep vehicles are legendary American automobiles. Jeeps are readily identified not only by their body forms, but also by their famous insignia that state the brand, model, and other identifying information.

There are several emblem variations available for your Jeep vehicle. You can choose the one you like for your vehicle easily from them.

Jeep emblems start at $20 and may go up to $190 for premium and special editions. Some additional costs may be incurred depending on how you install and where you purchase.

You should anticipate to pay between $20 and $70 for a standard jeep emblem. You can quickly install the insignia, saving you money on labor costs. It’s not that you can’t get it replaced by a technician; you certainly can.

*Note that the projected cost may change based on a variety of factors, so do your homework before purchasing the emblem.

When Should You Replace Your Jeep emblem?

A car’s emblem serves as an identifier. The model, make, and any specific designations like “sport,” “limited,” “Laredo,” or “4×4” are commonly included.

Jeep emblems are used to identify the kind of vehicle and any distinctive characteristics it may have. In other cases, drivers prefer to install them on their Jeeps for purely cosmetic reasons.

Over time, the Jeep Wrangler emblems begin to show their age due to normal wear and tear. The insignia on the automobile gets damaged by flying debris.

The insignia wears down over time because of the accumulation of dirt. Either way, if the badge makes you feel self-conscious, it’s time to swap it out.

Your emblems may also be lost or misplaced in the case of a car collision. There are a number of ways to personalize your automobile, including adding additional badges and decals that weren’t included in the original purchase.

It is not essential for your current badge to be damaged in order to obtain a replacement. Some Jeep owners would rather have a personalized Jeep insignia in their chosen color and texture, which they can then update.

Jeep Emblem Installation Guide:

Installing a new insignia is a rather straightforward process. To begin, you must recognize what kind of symbol it is.

The hood has hood emblems that are screwed into place. Several Jeep badge badges may be seen throughout the vehicle. It’s also possible to have a Jeep grill insignia that’s affixed directly to the grille.

You must first uninstall the existing symbol before you can install a new one. Before installing the new one, make sure the old one has been well cleaned.

Here are the stepwise things you need to do for installing the jeep emblem-

  • To begin, thoroughly clean the area around the previous insignia to ensure that it is clear of dirt and other contaminants.
  • To prepare the surface for the application of an adhesive, rubbing alcohol is an excellent choice. Blue painter’s tape can be used to indicate the location of the old symbol so that you can figure out where the new one will go.
  • Take care to properly remove the old symbol, using either a professional removal kit or a piece of fishing line or dental floss, and then thoroughly clean the area.
  • The new insignia must also be cleaned. Badge emblems, on the other hand, usually require some kind of glue, while other items may require screws or other equipment to be attached.
  • Removing the adhesive backing from your new emblem and properly affixing it to your vehicle are two important steps.

Where The Jeep Emblems Are Located?

The position of your vehicle’s decals varies depending on the brand and model.

The Jeep logo is normally found on the back of the vehicle, just above the license plate. For the most part, this takes the form of a chrome symbol with the brand’s name.

Other badges, such as 4×4, Sahara, or other identifiers, may also be found at the bottom of the rear door. The fender may also be covered with numerous decals.

Driver and passenger side emblems identify your Jeep model (Cherokee, Wrangler, or Grand Cherokee, for example). Chrome is the most common finish. The kind of engine may also have a specific nomenclature.

Jeeps typically have their logos emblazoned on their grilles on the front. Depending on the model, this may be matte black or another metal in addition to chrome.

Interior: Your car’s interior features logos on the glove box and the steering wheel, among other places.

What Does Jeep Logo Mean?

The Jeep emblem has a mysterious history, and it was even absent from some Jeep models for a while. Instead, the cars merely said “Jeep”.

Though Jeep ultimately began adding their emblem on their vehicles, current models have returned to merely having the brand name. Jeep now exclusively utilizes its whole logo for marketing efforts.

The choice to not place their whole logo on the cars speaks more to the popularity and awareness of the Jeep moniker than the logo itself.

In WWI and WWII, Jeep became synonymous with toughness, durability, and the American spirit. Marketing their automobiles was as simple as slapping the term “Jeep” on them.


The Jeep insignia on your jeep serves as an identification tag. Consider replacing it if it is not showing up correctly or is damaged.

Having said that, we attempted to include the costs associated with the replacement of the Jeep badge as well as the procedure of replacing the badge itself.

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