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Jeep Grand Cherokee Climate Control Fixes: A Complete Guide

Jeep Grand Cherokee Climate Control Fixes: A Complete Guide

The climate control in the Jeep Grand Cherokee is a complicated system. The air conditioning and heating systems in the vehicle can be controlled independently of each other.

There are two different types of climate control systems in the Jeep Grand Cherokee: Automatic and Manual.

It has been designed to offer the driver and passengers an enjoyable ride. But, over time, you might face several problems in the climate control system.

Though it doesn’t directly impact your driving, it creates an uncomfortable environment in the vehicle.

For example, you cannot change the air temperature coming out of your jeep vents or adjust the fan speed.

So, it’s important to solve the issue if you want a comfortable ride. This blog post will take you through some possible fixes to your Jeep’s climate control problems and how to identify which one is the cause of the problem.

Some common problems of the jeep grand Cherokee climate control (causes)

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has some common problems with the climate control system. Issues included:

  • The air conditioning may not work, but the heater will work fine. It may be because there is an issue with the blend door actuator. The actuator has a tendency to fail and cause the temperature of the cabin to fluctuate.
  • The cabin filter is the main part of the ventilation system of your car. So, If dirt build-up on the part, it reduces the airflow, heating, and cooling. Also, you’ll witness more fuel consumption. 
  • The system might fail to blow enough air. The problem might be due to a faulty cooling fan.
  • You’ll notice that your Jeep grand Cherokee cooler turns on and off randomly. Generally, It happens for electrical systems problems.
  • If you find that your Jeep Grand Cherokee’s vents won’t blow any air or reduce air flow, your car blower motor might cause this problem. It also makes abnormal sounds if it is worn out or weakened.
  • The bad compressor will be a nuisance as it’s the heart of the air conditioning system.
  • A defective motor may cause a climate control issue.
  • A loosened fan or freon leak is also the cause of this issue.
  • Loose mounting bolts.

Easy fixes for jeep grand Cherokee climate control problems

Before you fix anything in your car or touch any mechanical parts, you need to know the real culprit.

Otherwise, you’ll make a big mess with your grand Cherokee.

So, if you don’t know why the problems occur or haven’t any technical knowledge, it’ll be better to have your car inspected by a professional mechanic.

However, follow the below fixes according to your problem, if you know the main reason and issue.

Fix for climate control frozen issue:

If you find that your car computer freeze and cannot change anything like fan temperature, then follow the following step:

  • To fix the issue, you need to push the browse enter and volume button simultaneously using your two fingers. Hold the button until the screen turns black and until it starts. For this, Your climate control screen will take a reset, and everything will be fine, and hopefully, your problem is fixed.

Fix for blend door actuator

If you hear slight clicking sounds repeatedly from under the dashboard, then your car blend door actuator is damaged or has an issue.

You can temporarily fix the issue by changing the temperature.

Also, If you find that temperature varies in your car as the passengers feel colder where the driver gets hot air blown to him or her.

Then, the problem occurs due to the blend door actuator gear being broken, and you need to replace it. 

Replace blend door actuator gear:

Important equipment you need to change the gear:

If you have the above tools, then follow the below tutorial step by step to change the faulty gear.

Fix for blower motor or HVAC module failure:

If you set the climate control on auto or manual mode, but it doesn’t flow air from vents, the problem is caused most of the time due to the blower motor.

Here is the fix for the issue:

Step 1: You’ll find the blower motor entering through the passenger footwell. It is located behind the access panel. Now, you need to check whether it’s ok or not. If it has any fault, you need to change it. Your problem will be solved.

Step 2: If the problem isn’t for the blower motor, it might happen due to the HVAC module. You’ll find it behind the control plate. You need to remove three bolts and connectors to get access to the HVAC module. Now, check whether it has any problem or not. If you find any problem with it, replace it.

Step 3: If the HVAC module isn’t the main culprit, then you need to check the relays. You will find those in the fuse box located under the hood. Tight all of the panels and reset the connections from the edge of the panel that might solve your issue. 

Fix for cabin filter:

Most of the time, you need to change your car cabin filter if it has any defects. But, before changing it, you need to clean it to check whether it solves the issue. 

After cleaning the cabin filter, if the issue isn’t solved, then you need to change it. Also, most manufacturers recommend changing the cabin or pollen filter after 10,000 to 20,000 miles.

Here is the step by step processes to change the cabin filter:

Step 1: You’ll find the cabin filter behind the glovebox. The good part is you can open it using your hand without the help of any tool.

Step 2: After opening the glovebox, you’ll find a strap on the right side. You need to pull it down to separate it. Now, simply remove the glovebox by pulling it from both sides.

Step 3: After removing the glove box, you’ll find a tray. The tray has a little handle, a little knob, and a hook. Now, pull the handle, and the part will come out.

Step 4: The cabin filter will appear in front of you. Now, pull out the cabin filter and also remember the arrows sign to properly set it again. 

Now, replace the cabin filter with the new one. Then follow the reverse procedure to place everything in the right place.

How to replace the climate control unit in the Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Step 1: First, You need a plastic screwdriver or trim removal to separate the panel. Insert the trim remover into the climate control panel plastic parts and pull it carefully. Now, carefully remove the panel using your hands. 

Step 2: You’ll find two connectors behind the panel. Remove them by pressing the pins. Now, you need to unscrew four bolts from the panel. The control unit will come apart from the panel.

Step 3: Now, Replace it with a new one and follow the reverse procedure to place it properly.

Final Word

It is not uncommon for Jeep Grand Cherokee owners to experience problems with the climate control system. If you are experiencing any problems with your car’s climate control, then the article will help to solve the issue.

But, If you haven’t any idea about it, take your Jeep Grand Cherokee to a qualified mechanic as soon as possible.

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