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Jeep Grand Cherokee Key Fob Battery Replacement Cost?

Key fob replacement often entails visiting a car dealer or, at least, a specialist shop equipped with high-tech instruments capable of teaching these upgraded keys to communicate with a vehicle’s security system.

Even today’s most basic automobiles have keys that include a chip that connects with a transponder located somewhere within the vehicle. You won’t be able to start your automobile until you properly configure your key fob, also known as a key fob.

More modern systems include a key fob that may be carried in your pocket or handbag. As you can expect, replacing these key fobs may be costly, and having them reprogrammed with that specialized equipment can be even more so.

The cost of replacing a Jeep Grand Cherokee’s key fob battery ranges from $150 to $600.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Key Fob Battery Replacement Cost (Updated Price)

Buying a new key fob from a vehicle dealer is the best option to replace one. Depending on the Jeep, key fob replacement might be between $150 and $600.

In addition to a Jeep dealership, some internet sellers provide key fob replacement. Furthermore, many low-cost aftermarket fobs are just casings to substitute damaged key fobs. They will not include the actual transmitter gear. However, if you shatter your key fob, there can be low-cost options.

Insurance normally does not cover the replacement of a key fob; however, you should verify with your agent or carefully read your policy to ensure.

Similarly, services like AAA may be used in place of fobs; however, they go through the same third-party services that you can access on your own. However, it may be worthwhile to compare prices because AAA may have negotiated a lower rate than you would be able to obtain on your own.

Product NamePriceWeightVoltage
Energizer CR2450 Coin Cell Lithium Battery$6.290.35 lbs.3 V
CR2032 Keyless Entry Remote Key Fob Lithium Coin Battery 3V Extra Long Life$5.490.3 lbs.3 V 
CR1632 Key Fob Battery Keyless Entry Remote Lithium Coin 3V Extra Long Life$5.490.32 lbs.3 V 
VL2020 Lithium Coin Battery$10.770.4 lbs.3 V
Energizer ECR2016BP 3 Volt Lithium Remote Control Battery$6.290.07 lbs.3 V 

When Should You Replace Your Jeep Grand Cherokee Key Fob Battery?

Even though your key fob appears to be functioning well, some minor anomalies occur when your battery is nearing the end of its life. You may be coping with these challenges without even recognizing them.

However, these little inconveniences may gradually lead to more catastrophic repercussions.

1. Signal Range Reduction

A common key fob has a signal range of 30 to 60 feet. However, if your remote’s battery runs out of juice, it will reduce the functional range of your fob.

Have you observed that your fob demands you to be nearer to your automobile than it did previously? Is it no longer broadcasting the signal from the opposite side of the parking lot, as it used to?

Your key fob battery is most likely to blame. Keep in mind that weather conditions, such as rain, might influence your device’s signal power.

2. Inconsistent Clicks

You may have to press the button on your key fob numerous times before your car acknowledges the signal. When this occurs, your battery struggles to generate enough power to function. If this is occurring to your key fob, you should have a key fob battery replacement as soon as possible.

Some key fobs merely open the doors, while others are necessary to start push-button engines. If this element is likewise unreliable and necessitates numerous pushes, your key fob may be at issue.

3. The Unlocking Process Is Delayed

Although you may only need to click the button once, there is a considerable one or two-second wait before hearing your car unlock.

This is also an indicator that the battery in your key fob is running low. According to some accounts, when you unlock your automobile, the headlights may fail to flash.

It may appear innocuous today, but you’ll be in grave danger if your key fob abruptly fails to work.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Key Fob Battery Installation Guide

The outside of your Jeep key fob is made up of only two plastic pieces that click together. A battery, a small circuit board, and a rubber keypad are housed within the fob. Overall, it’s a basic little electrical gadget. Here’s how to change the battery in it.

To begin, you will require:

  • A brand-new CR2032 battery.
  • a tiny screwdriver with a flathead (or a pocketknife)

To resuscitate your Jeep Grand Cherokee key fob, follow these steps:

Step 1- Remove the key from the fob and place it somewhere safe.

Step 2- Examine the fob close to the keyring mount. There should be a little seam there. The flathead screwdriver should be inserted into the seam. If your screwdriver is too large, use the point of a pocketknife blade.

Step 3- To carefully pull the two plastic sides of the fob apart, use Little Force on the screwdriver. Didn’t we say to use mild pressure? Do not apply excessive pressure. Also, avoid twisting since it can damage the plastic on the fob.

Step 4- When the key fob is split in two, the circuit board should be visible on the inside on one side and the battery on the other. Remove the old CR2032 battery; you may need to use a screwdriver or your fingernail to pry it out.

Step 5- Place the new CR2032 batteries into the key fob, pointing the same way as the previous one (positive side down).

Step 6- The fob’s two parts should simply snap back together. That’s all! You’re finished!

How Do You Program A Key Fob For A Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Press the lock button on your key fob five times in a row, with a 2-second gap between each press.

After that, insert your key into the ignition and turn the key two clicks to the “RUN” position. Hold down the unlock button and panic button at the same time. Both should be released simultaneously.

How Long Does the Battery In A Jeep Grand Cherokee Last?

The batteries of your Jeep Grand Cherokee may last between 3 and 5 years. 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee batteries usually last 3-5 years, however, this varies dependent on driving behavior, weather conditions, battery type, and other factors.

You may extend the life of your Grand Cherokee battery by starting your 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee regularly.

Is It Necessary To Re-Program A Key Fob After Changing The Battery?

The key fob may have to be reconfigured to the car since when the battery in the key fob was changed, the key was reset.

This is why nothing with the key fob works. After replacing the key fob remote’s battery, you must reconfigure the remote to the car.


Even if the battery on your key fob is dead, you can still begin your automobile. Some vehicles demand drivers to keep the key near the start button or in a specific location in the center console. Check your owner’s manual for confirmation once more.

We’ve finished talking about how much it costs to change a Jeep key fob battery. We hope that after providing you with all of the required information, we were capable of helping you with your requirements. It is now your responsibility to select the finest engine at the greatest pricing.

You can choose from the key fob battery alternatives we’ve supplied. Otherwise, you are free to explore your style.

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