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How Much Does It Cost to Replace Jeep JK Seats? (Details)

If you drive your Jeep off-road, the seats get a lot of wear and tear.  Most factory seats have basic spring suspension and padding. However, they won’t be around forever. At some point, your Jeep Seats will need to be replaced. You’ll be able to choose from a wide range of specifications and styles as well as a wide range of makes and models.

Jeep JK seats may cost anything from $200 to $1000. The replacement comes with additional labor and other charges.

Don’t worry, we’ll give you an estimate of the overall cost of replacing Jeep JK seats; all you have to do is read the entire article.

Jeep JK Seat Replacement Cost (Updated Price)

When it comes to changing the seats in your jeep JK, opinions vary. While some want whole new seats, others choose to reupholster old ones.

The price of a seat varies depending on the kind of seat and the material used to make the seat; another significant item to consider is the model of the jeep.

The price of Jeep JK seats may start from $200 from upto $1000. It costs between $200 and $700 per seat to reupholster a jeep seat, or between $500 and $2000 for two bucket seats.

The material of the seat is an important role in pricing; for example, you may anticipate to pay roughly $2500 for aftermarket leather installation from an independent company, however that cost might vary depending on the type of leather you desire.

Here we shortlisted few Jeep JK seats for your reference-

Corbeau Baja JP Suspension Seat$269.00
Corbeau HD Vinyl Trailcat Reclining Front Seat Pair$899.00
Corbeau Moab Reclining Front Seat Pair$589.00
PRP Seats Premier High Back Seat$399.99
MasterCraft Rear Rubicon 46″ Bench Seat$659.95
Rugged Ridge High-Back Front Seat; Black Vinyl$205.84
PRP Seats Daily Driver High Back Seats$399.99

When Should You Replace Your Jeep JK seats?

Jeep seats are subjected to a great deal of stress, especially if you use your Jeep off-road.

Because manufactures understand that the vast majority of Jeep owners will take their vehicles into the wilderness (and why shouldn’t they?), most factory seats are equipped with the most basic spring suspension and cushioning components.

Still, these seats will not survive indefinitely; after a while, they may develop a variety of problems, may be destroyed, or will cease to function effectively.

Many Jeep JK-owners have experienced these issues with their seats:

  •  The Seat Tilt Lever Is non-functional

The lever that tilts the back of the seat forward is prone to become stuck, especially if it has been used for an extended length of time.

  • Passenger Seatback Fracture

Several Jeep Wrangler owners have complained that their passenger seatback does not lock upright. This might be rather inconvenient because your passengers will have a difficult time getting a ride from you.

  • The front passenger seat will not fold.

This issue mostly affects two-door Jeep Wranglers since the front passenger seat must be folded in order for people to enter the back. And, while it might be difficult to determine what is broken, this is generally what causes a stuck front passenger seat.

  • Damaged seats

The seats of the Jeep JK can be damaged for a variety of causes and occasionally exhibit difficulties. Seats must be in good condition because they are where the driver or passenger sits.

Other issues may emerge, the cloth on the rear passenger bench of your Wrangler JK may be torn and shredded, or the driver side bucket seat reclining device may be damaged.

The seat must be both pleasant and functional. If you have the above-mentioned problem, you may have your seats repaired or replaced. You can even keep your old seat while it is being reupholstered.

Jeep Jk Seat Installation Guide:

Now we’ll show you how to install a seat on your Jeep JK.

Step 1: Clean out the rear of the Jeep and ensure that the brackets that keep the back seat in place are clean and clear of debris. These brackets may be found on each side of the floor behind the front seats, inboard of the rear wheel wells.

Step 2: Lower the rear seat into the Jeep. If you fold down the seat, it will be simpler to navigate and see what you are doing. Check that the seat belts are falling on the inside of the seat rather than protruding out the rear where they cannot be utilized.

Step 3: Lower one side of the seat until the metal prong on the seat’s bottom is placed into the bracket. It will click into place when it is positioned correctly and at the correct angle.

Step 4: Lower the other side of the seat evenly, allowing the hardware to snap into place in the bracket. The seat will not jiggle if it is correctly placed. You may put it to the test by softly pressing on the back of the seat. It is notproperly installed if it moves. Pull the seat back into an upright position if it does not move.

What Kinds Of Jeep Wrangler Seats Are Available?

The Jeep has two bucket seats in the front and a detachable bench seat in the back. Wrangler seats come in a variety of textiles. Depending on the conditions in which you drive your Jeep, one of them may be better suited to you than the others.

  • For people who want to take their Wrangler Jeep off-road, cloth seats are mildew-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Neoprene is a robust rubber compound that provides excellent shock absorption as well as a rough surface for increased resistance to abrasions and rips.
  • Suede and leather are suitable if your Jeep Wrangler is mostly used for highway driving rather than off-roading.
  • Vinyl is a stain-resistant fabric. Gray vinyl is a popular choice for seat coverings, as is black vinyl. There are several replacement front seats available in this color and material.


Whether the seats in your Jeep are showing signs of wear, get them evaluated by a professional to see if they need to be replaced. Seats for your Jeep JK may be found in a variety of styles.

This article attempted to cover all of the costs associated with the Jeep JK seat replacement as well as providing further information on the replacement process itself.

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