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Cost of Replacing Jeep Liberty Heater Core: Full Details

The heater core is an important component of your vehicle’s cooling system. The coolant system in your automobile is, in principle, extremely simple.

The cost of replacing the heater core in a Jeep Liberty can vary depending on whether you conduct the work yourself or hire a technician. If you opt to do this as a do-it-yourself job, you’ll pay roughly $50 for just the heater core or nearer to $150 if you buy a kit that includes all the essential parts.

If, on the other hand, you employ a mechanic, you will also have to pay for labor. Labor charges differ widely, but you should expect a qualified technician to complete the replacement in the region of 8 hours.

If the labor rate in your location is $75, for example, you may anticipate that you will have to spend $600 in labor expenses.

Jeep Liberty Heater Core Replacement Cost (Updated Price)

You may choose between saving time and saving money, but you will probably have more peace of mind if you hire an expert in this case. If you prefer to do the replacement yourself in your workshop, the heater core will cost you roughly $50.

However, it is probably wise to get a complete heater core kit. The entry door, clamp, tubes, and O-rings required for the replacement are included in the package. The full package will set you back around $150.

If you opt to take your Jeep Liberty to a shop so that a professional can complete the task, you will have to pay a significant amount of money for labor. Rates vary greatly around the country, but $75 is a good starting point.

If you assume that a professional may need roughly 8 hours to perform the task, you will spend around $600 in addition to the cost of the materials. However, once again, the calculation is largely depending on your location.

Product NamePriceWeightWarranty
SPI/Duralast Heater Core 98008$1552.25 lbs.Limited Lifetime 
Pro Source Heater Core 98029$602 lbs.Limited Lifetime 
Carquest Premium HVAC Heater Core$722.5 lbs.1 Year 
Keystone Collision HVA/C Heater Core$602.8 lbs.5 Years 
Valeo Heater Core 600651$1503.37 lbs.2 Years 

When Should You Replace Your Jeep Liberty Heater Core?

A faulty heater core in a Jeep Liberty is typically caused by a blockage or a coolant-leaking break. If your heater core is damaged, you may experience some of the symptoms mentioned below.

1. Smell of Coolant

To begin, if your heater core is leaky, you will most likely smell coolant in your Jeep Liberty’s interior. It has a pleasant aroma that you will remember long after you have scented it.

Furthermore, if you inspect the passenger-side floorboard, you may see that it is damp. The wetness is caused by a coolant leak. If left alone, the seeping coolant may eat away at your floorboard, ultimately rotting it through.

2. Heat Deficiency

A lack of heat in the cabin is another indicator that your Jeep Liberty has a faulty heater core.

If you switch on the heater in your Jeep Liberty and nothing occurs, you might be dealing with one of the numerous problems.

The problem is most likely that you cannot hear the blower. Furthermore, the mix door, which the driver adjusts to adjust the quantity of heat that enters the cabin, may get stuck.

If neither of these concerns is causing the lack of heat, the next step is to inspect the coolant levels in your engine. If the coolant supply is adequate, you can proceed to inspect the heater core. In this case, the core might be obstructed.

3. Fog

Fogged windows are a more serious indicator of a faulty Jeep Liberty heater core. If you switch on your heater or defroster and find your windows fogging up, your heater core may be leaking antifreeze.

The core spills antifreeze, and the heat emitted by the core evaporates the antifreeze. In essence, your heater core transforms into an antifreeze humidifier.

This is a serious issue since condensation on the glass indicates that evaporated antifreeze is entering your passenger compartment. Because antifreeze vapors are hazardous, anyone resting in your Liberty will be inhaling toxins.

4. Engine Overheating

Lastly, if your heater core is malfunctioning, you may find that your vehicle overheats.

The heater core warms the cabin while also cooling the coolant that flows through it. The coolant cannot efficiently cool the engine if it cannot disperse its heat.

Regarding this symptom, it is vital to understand that your engine might overheat for a variety of reasons, and a faulty heater core is not even the most likely cause.

As a result, if your engine overheats, you should only inspect the heater core if there are additional signs of heater core problems.

Jeep Liberty Heater Core Installation Guide:

If your Jeep Liberty’s heater core is destroyed, it cannot be fixed and must be changed. The replacement of the heater core is a time-consuming procedure. To explain, inserting the core into the HVAC container is a straightforward process.

A few tools are required to replace the Heater Core. These are:

  • Jack.
  • Jacks stands.
  • A socket set.
  • Wrenches, pliers.
  • A drain pan.
  • Rags.

This is a step-by-step instruction on how to replace your Jeep Liberty’s Heater Core:

Step 1- The most difficult part is turning off the airbags and disconnecting the complete dashboard. The dashboard has a lot of options and connections, and it’s easy to get lost.

Step 2- The dashboard is not a single component and you must keep track of each component as well as all of the screws, nuts, and fasteners that go with it.

Step 3- More significantly, you will have to cope with the air conditioning and ventilation duct systems, which may be complicated. Furthermore, there are several rules and risks associated with Freon.

Step 4- You must learn how to operate with Freon and discard it in an ecologically responsible manner. Eventually, heater core replacement takes a long time.

Step 5- According to your mechanical ability, the work might take up to 15 hours. Ensure you have the time to devote to the job and that you have different transportation options.

If, after considering all of the above, you still choose to do it yourself, make sure you prepare ahead of time and purchase the documentation for your make and model.

Will The Air Conditioner Function Without The Heater Core?

“What happens if I remove the heater core?” you may wonder.

It gives a quick solution to keep your cooling system running while also preventing coolant from spilling into the passenger compartment.

Keep in mind that bypassing the heater core will disable the heater and defrost system.

How Can I Keep My Car Warm If I Don’t Have A Heater?

Thankfully, there are a few additional low-cost options for staying toasty until you can get your vehicle’s heater repaired.

  • Parking is available in the garage.
  • Protect the windshield.
  • Stock up on warming packs for emergencies.
  • Purchase a plug-in heater or seat cover for your vehicle.
  • Maintain blankets in the rear seat.
  • Bring a warm beverage with you.

How Urgent Is The Replacement Of A Heater Core?

That is largely dependent on whether or not you enjoy having a perfectly operating cooling and heating system.

There is no urgency if you are shivering in your car as the engine overheats and coolant pours on the floor mat! Otherwise, you will want to have it fixed as soon as possible.


Finally, the heater core in your Jeep Liberty is a critical component. It keeps passengers warm while also lowering the temperature of your engine coolant.

Although you may drive for short distances with a damaged heater core, you will ultimately cause your car to overheat. Many engine components might be severely damaged if your engine overheats. You can replace the heater core yourself, saving hundreds of dollars in labor charges.

Replacing the heater core, on the other hand, is a complex task since you must detach the dash and interact with the HVAC system. If you hire a professional, plan to pay for around 8 hours of labor at the prevailing rate in your region.

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