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Convert 4×2 to 4×4 on Jeep Patriot: Steps and Cost Included

If you want to read about the process and what’s involved with converting a 4X2 Jeep Patriot to a 4X4 Jeep Patriot, you may ask, is it possible to convert a 4X2 truck to a 4X2 by installing a four-wheel drive?

Yes, 4X4 may be fitted to your Jeep Patriot that was built with a 4X2 drivetrain originally.

The 4X2 model’s wire harness, mounting holes, and some brackets may already be in place, but there are many other elements to consider, including the drivetrain, transfer case, suspension, transmission, electronics, engine power, and differentials.

Let’s read and learn the full process below.

What Is the Difference Between 4X2 and 4X4?

The differences between a 4X2 and a 4X4 sport utility vehicle are significant, so potential purchasers should think about their driving demands before determining which type of SUV to buy.

The 4X2, or two-wheel-drive, vehicle has a drive system that sends power to the front or rear wheels. Power is transferred to all four wheels via a transfer case in a 4X4, or four-wheel-drive vehicle.

All-wheel drive is distinct from the four-wheel drive, and the two should not be confused. All-wheel drive delivers power to all four wheels. It improves traction and stability for the Jeep, but that’s about all it offers.

All-wheel-drive Jeeps lack a reduction gear transfer case, which would allow the SUV or the Jeep to change into low gear to handle off-road conditions. It is incapable of climbing paths or pushing itself out of soft sand.

Things You’ll Need While Converting Your Jeep Patriot 4X2 To 4X4

The conversion would be outrageously hard and challenging. To have a chance of succeeding while not losing money, you’ll need a complete 4X4 donor components car, as well as a lot of time, to transplant the drive-train and control electronics.

If you’re determining to convert your Jeep, you will need:

  • 4X4 power takeoff
  • Front half shafts
  • Drive Shafts
  • Rear differential
  • Rear Axle shafts
  • Rear Wheel/ Hubs
  • 4WD wiring harnesses
  • 4WD Electronic Control Units
  • Selector Switches
  • ECU modifications required to synchronize everything

Jeep Patriot 4×4 Conversion

The quickest way to convert a 4X2 to a 4X4 is to either install a front axle or mount the 4X2’s body on a 4X4 chassis. If your 4X2 is in good shape and all you need to do is improve it, adding the front axle will do just that.

To accomplish so, you’ll probably need a reliable 4X4 Jeep Patriot. The trans tunnel in the cab of the 4X4 patriot is required.

The tunnel is bolted in place on 4X4 Patriots, whereas it is spot-welded in place on 4X2 ones.

Depending on the structural architecture of your 4X2, you may need to cut the Trans tunnel out to make an area for the 4X4 to be bolted in. You’ll also need to make some adjustments to make place for the transfer case. Cutting a hole for the shifter to pass through would be a good modification.

When you need a 4X4 in a 4X2 body, body-swapping is significantly easier. All you have to do now is unbolt your 2WD’s cab and bed and mount it on a 4X4 frame.

Most of the components on the frame will need to be replaced, so why not acquire a ready-made 4X4 Jeep patriot frame? The quantity and location of bolts will be determined by your vehicle’s structural architecture.

You’ll need to remove the ground wires, brake lines, and gasoline tank filler neck once you’ve located and undone all of the bolts.

It’s easier to fit a 4X2 body onto a chassis that already has all of the 4X4 pieces. There is no need for a motor; all you need is a transmission and a T-case.

The procedure is likewise not a drag-and-drop operation, but it is simpler and the effects are more predictable than replacing all of a 2WD’s components. You may need to consider rebuilding or purchasing new parts during the transition.

But the Jeep patriot 4X4 conversion is not that easy. Engines, transfer cases, transmissions, drive shafts, brake lines, braking rotors, calipers, drums, and wheel cylinders may all require rebuilding.

How Much Will It Cost to Convert 4X2 To 4X4 On A Jeep Patriot?

Converting a 4X2 jeep Patriot to a 4X4 will cost between $2,500 and $15,000.

Several elements influence how much you pay for the conversion. To begin, the availability and pricing of components are determined by the make and model of your Jeep Patriot.

Even after replacing the parts, the wiring and electrical systems will continue to provide difficulties.

As a result, you’ll need patience, time, and the assistance of a specialist.

You will save money if you can weld as well as the mechanical skills to handle the parts swap and wiring.

Before you even buy the components, mechanics can charge you up to $5,000. That is if you can locate a mechanic who is willing to take a chance on the conversion.

Is The Jeep 4X4 Conversion Worth the Work and The Cost?

It is not worth the effort, the cost, and the time.

Again, it’s prohibitively expensive unless you have a donor car from which you can obtain all of the necessary parts.

However, if you need more power from your 4X2 Jeep patriot to drive off the road, haul, and tow, as well as experience rapid starts, the project may be worthwhile.

The operation is made more difficult by the fact that you may need to completely disassemble the 4X4 frame, particularly the transmission system. Because there are so many parts to replace, the patriot’s weight may increase, resulting in power losses.

In a 4X4 Jeep Patriot, the brakes and tires wear out faster. You’ll need to change or replace several elements in your 4X2 to deal with the extra weight in the chassis.

Furthermore, removing all of these components from a 4X2 Patriot will involve relocating the engine.

If you don’t situate the car correctly, you’ll lose out on balancing it, which will impact its performance.

Final Words

According to others who have done it on Jeep Patriot forums, the cost of the conversion plus the value of your present 4X2 Patriot may exceed the cost of a 4X4 Patriot.

Again, the procedure is not straightforward, and you cannot expect efficient results.

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