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Jeep Patriot Catalytic Converter Problems & Replacement Cost?

Exhaust emissions from internal combustion engines can be reduced by using a catalyst-assisted redox process called a catalytic converter, which reduces the amount of hazardous gases and pollutants in the exhaust gas. Catalytic converters are a critical component of your Jeep’s exhaust system that help keep it legal.

The typical cost of a catalytic converter repair is between $945 and $2475 including components and labor. The catalytic converter alone might cost up to $2250. That might be near to the worth of your automobile, if not more!

Stay with me until the conclusion of this post for all the relevant facts regarding your Jeep Patriots catalytic converter replacement cost and other relevant information.

When and Why Should You Replace the Catalytic Converter?

The catalytic converter is a component of the Jeep Patriot’s exhaust system. Its primary function is to convert dangerous exhaust gases such as carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons into less damaging byproducts like as carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas. If the catalytic converter in your Patriot becomes blocked, it might impair the vehicle’s performance.

Catalytic converters, which convert hazardous emissions to harmless gases, frequently last ten years or longer and should be replaced only when necessary.

The catalytic converter is a worn item, thus it will ultimately fail. The catalytic converter becomes clogged with carbon deposits over time, especially if the vehicle has been driven a lot.

When the catalytic converter deteriorates through time and miles, it is not unusual. If there is a problem with misfiring or a bad air/fuel mixture, they will wear out more quickly.

The check engine light will begin flashing if there is a serious issue with your Patriot’s engine. To conserve the catalytic converter, this flashing situation usually happens.

The absence of exhaust flow through the catalytic converter is the most common cause of the symptoms associated with a faulty catalytic converter. Your Patriot will no longer be able to be driven if it is completely clogged.

Jeep Patriot Catalytic Converter Failure Symptoms Include:

  • Your gas mileage will suffer when the exhaust flow slows down.
  • Almost all vehicles manufactured in the previous two decades are equipped with an onboard OBDII computer. Emissions-related problems can be diagnosed and repaired by using the “trouble code” that is provided.
  • When the catalytic converter is so clogged, your Patriot won’t be able to start because there won’t be enough air flow.
  • Exhaust Smoke that is darker
  • Smell of a Rotten Egg
  • Catalytic converter failure is often indicated by an absence of throttle response at high speeds. If this is the case, it’s likely that your Patriot’s catalytic converter has failed.

Jeep Patriot Catalytic Convertor Problems

The most typical symptoms of a blocked catalytic converter in a Jeep Patriot are: decreased performance above a particular speed or complete loss of performance, erratic engine operation, odd exhaust gas odor, poor fuel efficiency, the engine check light lights, and occasionally rattling noises.

Inadequate speed:

Slow acceleration or diminished engine performance are the most evident signs of a blocked catalytic converter in a Jeep Patriot. When you press the gas pedal from a halted position, the car may initially accelerate properly.

However, after the engine has reached a particular speed, its performance will suffer owing to a clog in the system caused by the rising exhaust gases.

There is no relief from engine sputtering even when the gas pedal is depressed to its furthest extent.

Poor gas mileage:

A blocked catalytic converter increases fuel consumption because it restricts the engine’s ability to properly exhale.

Emissions test was a failure:

Exhaust gases from an engine are not adequately filtered when the catalytic converter in Patriot is faulty. To pass an emissions test, the vehicle must have this problem fixed.

A faulty catalytic converter should be investigated if the vehicle’s performance suffers, its fuel consumption rises, or its emissions become more dangerous.

Jeep Patriot Catalytic Converter Replacement Cost

Price varies by year and engine size for your Patriots’ catalytic converter. As a rule, the price of catalytic converters is high. They are among the most often stolen items on a car. Costs may run into the hundreds for a big one that sits at the back of a V8 engine.

Catalytic converter replacement frequently necessitates welding, so expect to spend some time in the exhaust shop. It’s possible to pay more than $1000 for a newer model automobile.

The average scrap value of a catalytic converter is around $90; however, the maximum scrap value is $250.

What Happens During a Catalytic Converter Replacement?

The process of replacing a catalytic converter is simple. You’ll need a $20 piece of specialist equipment to complete the operation.

Make sure you buy the proper item for your vehicle’s make, model, and year. Buy new rather than re-creating an old one.

Get your car on the jack stands with all four wheels up. Before you begin wrenching, allow the air to flow to cool things off.

  • Replacing a catalytic converter is simple but time consuming. Almost all of the stages need specialist instruments, therefore novices should avoid doing this on their own.
  • The mechanic will first chop off the old catalytic converter using a power saw. It is welded to the car and must be forced free. During this operation, the mechanic will take care not to harm your Jeep Patriot. Then weld in the new converter. Again, this isn’t a simple process, despite the fact that it is quick. Because certain jobs need skill, you may pay more than the standard hourly rate.
  • The mechanic will inspect the freshly installed exhaust system. Running or driving your Jeep Patriot may be part of the procedure. Mechanics will check the converter’s installation and operation.

For lowering air pollution and climate change, your car’s catalytic converter is a critical component. Fortunately, a quick and simple repair is available. Be on the lookout for any unusual sounds or smells coming from your car so that you can catch any issues early on.

My Selected Catalytic Converter for Jeep Patriot

For your Jeep Patriot, you only want to use components and accessories from reputable manufacturers. Here are few catalytic converters for Jeep Patriot

With 3 brands you can trust, our most popular Catalytic Converter products for the Jeep Patriot parts are:

Tips to Save your Catalytic Converter

Catalytic converter life can be extended by doing routine maintenance on the vehicle. Long before the Check Engine light turns on, injector leaks and misfires can ruin a converter.

So, how can you keep your converter from failing? The following are few suggestions on how to avoid converter failure due to heat, clogged substrate, and physical damage.

  1. Fix any exhaust leaks and double-check the EGR valve.
  2. The intake manifold, water neck, oil pan, and valley pan are all safe places to apply silicone compounds. On the other hand, never use silicone on the engine’s exhaust side.
  3. Inspecting and changing your car’s oil is First, a good viscosity oil. Injection of oil into the combustion chambers can be diagnosed by compression or leakdown tests.
  4.  Check for leaks and replace as needed. Fuel pressure test Then examine or replace the regulator.
  5. While doing the job yourself might save money on labor charges, it is not recommended for most people. Generally, doing the job yourself won’t save you much. The catalytic converter may also require welding. If you don’t have the appropriate tools or experience, leave it to the pros.


The Jeep Patriot with over 100,000 miles and notable loss of performance and high fuel consumption may have a damaged catalytic converter. Due to the component’s high cost, it is advised to do various diagnostic tests to determine the origin of the issue.

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