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How To Turn On Fog Lights on Your Jeep Patriot? Guide

Front fog lights are normally standard on mid-spec models and up, partially as an aesthetic feature that distinguishes these vehicles from the most basic variants.

These lights are excellent for making you visible in fog, but if you spend any time operating in bad weather, you’re bound to run into someone who doesn’t know how to turn on them correctly.

Pull out the end of the multi-function lever to turn on the fog lights Jeep Patriot. After turning on the parking lights or low beam headlights.

Those who are not aware of turning on the fog lights on their Jeep Patriot correctly, I am here with this article to help how to turn on fog lights on Jeep Patriot.

How to Turn on Fog Lights Jeep Patriot?

The easiest way to turn on the fog lights on your Jeep Patriot is to pull out the end of the multi-function lever after turning on the parking lights or low beam headlights. Fog lights are often controlled by a switch separate from the main lighting controls.

Some cars have buttons for the rear and front, respectively, where front fog lights are installed, while others have a collar on the light stalk that you spin back and forth to activate them.

When the fog lights are turned on, a symbol will appear in the instrument cluster of your Jeep Patriot. It’s frequently close to the symbol that indicates the lights are turned on.  

The symbol for rear-facing fog lights will point in the opposite direction as the headlamp symbol, while the symbol for front-facing fog lights will point in the same direction as the headlamp symbol.

Most fog lights are designed to switch off when the car’s ignition or lights are turned off. The most likely explanation for a car traveling in clear weather with fog lights on is that the driver is not paying attention and has forgotten to turn them off.

Where are the Fog lights on Jeep Patriot?

Fog lights are mounted on both sides of the Jeep Patriot’s bumper.

By removing the existing bulbs from behind the bumper, the bulbs may be changed or replaced. You will simply find fog lights on amazon.

To change the fog lights on your Jeep Patriot, you can watch this video.

When Should Fog Lights Be Used?

Some drivers appear to believe that even a modicum of mist is sufficient justification to switch on fog lights, but this is not the case. So, let’s go over when to use them and, more crucially, when to leave them off.

Fog lights are intended to be used when visibility is severely limited, such as when there is fog, but they can also be utilized in other poor visibility conditions like snow or heavy rain.

They’re designed to make you more visible rather than to light your way, so they’re not necessary for good visibility at night; your headlights are for that.

They should only be used when the main lights on your Jeep Patriot are insufficient to make you visible to other drivers.

Fog lights are a handy addition to your Jeep Patriot when visibility is limited, but they won’t make you invincible.

Slow down and maintain a safe distance from the car that is in front of you if you can’t see very far ahead. Give yourself more space to brake and slow down if there is fog.

When Fog Lights Shouldn’t Be Used?

If the fog has lifted, you must turn off your fog lights on your Patriot to avoid blinding other bikers or drivers. Keep an eye on the weather – while fog forms early in the morning, it will dissipate as the sun rises.

So, if you started your day with your fog lights on, make sure you continue to assess the situation and turn them off when the weather clears.

If you’ve broken up your drive, the fog lights may shut off when you turned off your car’s ignition, and they’ll only come back on if you manually switch them on.

However, if you must drive with your headlights on, make sure they are completely turned off.

You must not use front or rear fog lights unless vision is severely impaired, as they dazzle other drivers and hide your brake lights. When visibility improves, you must turn them off.

The essential point here is that the hazard lights are covered. Because rear fog lights are brighter than regular tail lights, other drivers may not be able to see your brake lights illuminate when you brake.

While it’s dry, fog lights are unnecessary, and turning them on when it’s dark is also pointless.

Because the lamp housings lack the same reflectors as main beam headlights, they are unlikely to provide any additional light to assist you in seeing where you are going.

When it’s rainy, it’s also bad to use fog lights. Fog light’s extra brightness is compounded by reflection off a wet road surface, but the bright red light can glare through other vehicle’s windscreens if it’s raining.

Front fog lights can sometimes be a nuisance, particularly if they are misaligned and generate dazzling reflections.

When Visibility Improves, Why Should You Turn Off Your Fog Lights?

When it’s raining a lot, fog lights can help you see well. When used in heavy rain, high and low beams can cause glare, which is why fog lamps are necessary to view the road ahead of you. When driving in severe weather, fog lights improve visibility.

However, rear fog lights on Jeep Patriot might hide your brake lights, making it difficult for traffic behind you to notice you’re braking.

In good visibility, both front and rear fog lights create unneeded glare, which can dazzle and disturb other road users.

So you and others need to turn off fog lights on your vehicle if the weather is clear. 

Final Words

Fog lights feature a separate switch from the headlights and taillights, allowing them to be turned on independently.

As previously stated, fog lights are pointed downward and have a very short range. They’re meant to light up the ground in front of you.

Because fog begins around two feet off the ground, the light from your fog lamps should be slanted to target that spot—this is crucial to avoid the light bouncing off the fog.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now have the information to figure out how to turn on fog lights on Jeep Patriot and when they should not be turned on.

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