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How Much Does It Cost to Replace Jeep Renegade Windshield?

The Jeep Renegade windshield is an important safety element, which keeps debris out as well as keeps the passengers inside the vehicle safe during any unexpected collision. Therefore, you need to check on your windshield conditions regularly, and to ensure better safety, replace them when needed.

But how much does the Renegade Windshield replacement cost? Although this estimated cost varies depending on a few core facts, one can still get their Renegade windshield replacement at approximately $300 up to $620 from any professional servicing center.

Now you might be curious to know the details of this replacement, do not worry because I will be covering everything in this very article-

Jeep Renegade Windshield Replacement Cost (Updated Price)

Although sometimes you can get rid of the windshield issues with minor repairing, you might require a full windshield replacement, depending on the severity of the crack.

That’s why having a precise budget estimation is very important before you decide to replace your existing Jeep Renegade windshield.

Typically, the average replacement price range of the Jeep Renegade front or rear windshield glass will stay between $300 up to $425, excluding other costs (labor expense, taxes, and extra fees or charges).

The labor cost might hang between $210 and $230 depending on which service center you select and where the workshop’s location is.

But remember facts such as your vehicle’s brand, model, year, type and location of the damage, preferred windshield brand, and material highly influence the replacement cost estimation.

For your better understanding, I have highlighted some popular Jeep Renegade models and their estimated Windshield replacement expenses-

  • 2015 Jeep Renegade 4 Door Utility Windshield – around $229.15
  • 2016 Jeep Renegade 4 Door Utility Windshield – ($238.68 up to $616.57).
  • 2017 Jeep Renegade 4 Door Utility Windshield – ($264.18 up to $620.03).
  • 2018 Jeep Renegade 4 Door Utility Windshield – ($274.18 up to $616.57).
  • 2020 Jeep Renegade 4 Door Utility Back Window – around $328.18
  • 2020 Jeep Renegade 4 Door Utility Windshield – ($417.51 up to $630.81).

When Should You Replace Your Jeep Renegade Windshield?

Technically the answer is whenever you notice an issue on your Jeep’s windshield glass, no matter how tiny it seems, you should contact your local nearest servicing center or any professional technician to have a better look on there.

Knowing and understanding the signs earlier is very important for any vehicle owner cause as time passes vehicle’s windshield glass’s damage turns bigger, and the windshield becomes weaker to provide safety assurance as they supposed to.

If you keep a close eye on your Jeep Renegade windshield glass, just like you give attention to your vehicle’s other major operational elements, you will definitely get the following signs-

  • The windshield glass might look tempered and not laminated anymore. It is an initial sign that you should change the glass because tempered glass means weaker protection, and it might fall at any moment during the ride.
  • You might notice a small crack on your windscreen glass, which might not be longer than a dollar bill. But even this tiny crack has the potential to grow bigger, and will eventually spread all over your windshield, ultimately forcing it to shatter into million pieces.
  • You might also notice a visibly big crack or chip that is deeper enough to go through more than halfway into your Jeep’s windshield glass.
  • Even if you ever notice a visible crack or chip that has extended long enough to reach your vehicle’s the outside edge of the windshield.

As soon you notice any of those signs do not waste any further to get professional assistance to fix your windshield.

Jeep Renegade Windshield Installation Guide:

Once you have decided to replace the current windshield of your Jeep Renegade after noticing the earlier signs, it’s time to have a look at all the necessary tools that you will need to perform the windshield replacement –

Required Tools-

  • New Compatible Windshield
  • Screwdriver /Millimeter Wrench
  • Sharp Knife or Blade
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Adhesive & Primer (If needed)
  • Nylon Cord or Rope (As required)
  • Protective gears such as hand gloves and eye protector

Note: The replacement procedures might seem easy, but you should not take the risk unless you are well experienced with such tasks.

Now, follow the instructions step by step-

Step 1 – First, you need to disconnect all the items attached to or near your Jeep’s windshield, such as the rearview mirror and wipers.

Step 2 – Next, you should cover all the heater and defroster vents of your vehicle with paper or plastic. Also, wear protective gloves before you move forward.

Step 3 – Now, check the rubber gasket around your window and search for any existing damage over there. If you notice any damage or crack over there, replace the parts.

Step 4 – If the existing gasket is intact, you should insert a sharp knife or blade and slit it in one corner to insert a thin screwdriver. Then carefully run the screwdriver around the frame to separate the gasket from the windshield glass and remove the old gasket.

Step 5 – After that, gently push the old glass away from your windshield frame, and now you will need someone’s assistance to remove the old windshield glass to put that aside.

Step 6 – Once the glass is safely removed, thoroughly wipe the frame to remove all existing dirt or rust. Then, put the new outer gasket all around your new windshield. Also, put on the inner gasket around your new windshield glass.

Step 7 – Now, apply a decent amount of petroleum jelly to the new outer gasket’s edge before you slowly lower the glass onto the frame.

Step 8 – When you are done, press the new windshield firmly onto the old frame and make sure that the gasket fits snugly in there. After that, remove all the excess adhesive or petroleum jelly.

Now, your Jeep Renegade is restored with a new windshield but wait at least 24 hours before going on the road.

How Long Does It Take to Replace Jeep Renegade Windshield?

First of all, time will vary based on your vehicle’s model, year, damage location, preferred service provider location.

However, most professional workshops or mechanics will take 30 to 60 minutes time to complete the entire windshield replacement task.

Now many vehicle owners might complain why it takes too long to simply replace the windshields.

The main reason is the weather temperature because if you are replacing your windshield in cold weather, the colder the temperature, the longer it will take to replace the windshield.

Can I Get My Jeep Renegade Windshield Replaced Free of Cost?

The simplest answer is yes, but free of cost means you will get servicing done through your waiving of the car insurance deductible.

In this way, you do not have to pay any extra penny for the replacement service.

Fortunately, you will get free windshield replacement service from Florida, Kentucky, and South Carolina states.


Continuing with a damaged or cracked windshield on your Jeep Renegade is pretty dangerous since it will not provide extra protection during any crashes. Not only that, it can fall onto the passenger’s or driver’s face at any moment.

That’s why in this article, I have shared all necessary information regarding the windshield replacement task and the estimated cost of the Jeep Renegade.

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