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How Much Does It Cost to Replace Jeep TJ Ball Joint?

Usually, most auto vehicle and Jeep models consist of four-ball joints in front of their suspension, which mainly ensures the connection between the wheels and the suspension system.

Although ball joints are not prone to fail or wear out very easily, you should replace them whenever they turn bad. That might lead you to wonder how much the Jeep TJ ball joint replacement cost?

Reportedly, replacing the ball joint from the professional workshop can cost $300 up to $2,200 or more. But replacing the small basic parts by yourself might only cost $100 up to $450.

Now for your better understanding, I will provide the Ball joint replacement cost breakdown and other relevant details here-

Jeep TJ Ball Joint Replacement Cost (Updated Price)

As I have already mentioned earlier, the average cost of Jeep ball joint replacement mostly hangs between $300 and $2,200 from professional servicing or repairing shops

But that rate can go up down depending on other core facts such as your Jeep’s brand, model, making year, accessibility of that particular vehicle’s ball joint, your preferred servicing center, and their local rate.

That is why one needs to get a precise concept of the ball joint replacement cost to estimate their budget beforehand.

Reportedly, replacing two ball joints from the service provider might cost $260 up to a max of $1,450, and replacing all the four ball joints can cost anyone from $360 up to $2000.

Besides that, the basic parts of per ball joints might cost $30 up to $100, and if you are going to replace those parts by yourself, it might cost you $125 up to $400 for all the four ball joints.

Since some ball joints of vehicle models are connected to the control arm in one assembly, you need to replace the ball joints as a complete unit, and these types of parts kits are available at approximately $500 to $600 pricing range.

Remember, the local tax and other fees are not included in this given cost estimation.

When Should You Replace Your Jeep TJ Ball Joint?

Generally, ball joints are durable enough and do not wear off quickly, but just like any other parts of the Jeep vehicles, these parts can also turn bad.

Depending on the vehicle model or edition, one’s driving habits, and driving conditions, the ball joint can need replacement either 30,000 miles operation or even after 100,000 or 150,000 miles.

Besides that, some signs or symptoms can help understand when you should replace the ball joint of your Jeep TJ.

For instance, if you notice drifting steering, which is continuously drifting to the side and does not seem stable, shakes, or feels loose, that’s most obviously happening due to the bad ball joint.

Even if you hear unusual clunking, and knocking noises, especially while going over bumps. That also happens when you have a broken or damaged ball joint on your vehicle.

Another hint is when you hear mysterious creaky or squeaky noises, especially while the suspension moves. Also, you might see uneven or premature tire wear or feathering condition when the ball joint turns bad.

Remember, when the ball joint gets damaged, it directly starts to affect the vehicle steering and suspension, which can eventually cause the wheel to dramatically fall off.

Jeep TJ Ball Joint Installation Guide:

Once you have decided to replace your Jeep TJ vehicle’s existing faulty ball joint, also have a look at all the necessary tools or elements that needed for the replacement task –

Required Tools-

  • New Ball joint kit
  • Mechanical Tool kit
  • Ball joint service tool
  • Jack Stands
  • Ball joint fork
  • Ball joint press

Note: Remember, ball joint replacement might seem easy, but it is pretty tricky. Also, accessing the vehicle’s ball joint area and ensuring the correct measurements for the parts requires actual mechanical expertise. So, if you are not good at that, opt for professional help.

One can replace the ball joint by following the below instructions-

Step 1 – First, have someone while you support your Jeep with some Jack stands under the axles. Then, carefully take your Jeep’s wheels off and move the brake calipers as well as the rotor. For some Jeep models, you might need to disconnect and remove the sway bar links too.

Step 2 – Now, use a ball joint fork and carefully separate the lower control arm of your vehicle from the steering knuckle. Remove the steering knuckle and axle according to your vehicle’s user manual.

Step 3 – After that, disconnect and remove the snap rings that were holding your old ball joint in place. Also, use a ball joint press to press the old one out of your vehicle’s control arm.

Step 4 – When you have successfully removed the old one, insert the new ball joint and press it into the control arm so that it can securely sit in place. Now re-install everything else as they were in their respective places.

If you are replacing more than one ball joints, all you have to do is repeating the same method of removing and re-install ball joint.

Tip: Since heat tends to expand the original size of the parts and cold helps keep the original shape & size of the parts, you should store your new ball joint replacement kit in the freezer overnight before installing.

Can You Drive Jeep TJ With a Broken or Bad Ball Joint?

Although you should not drive while you are aware of the faulty or broken ball joint of your vehicle, one can still drive their Jeep a maximum of 500 miles with a bad ball joint.

Remember, the condition will get worse with time so wiser to replace it as soon you notice the issue and avoid driving on the road with faulty major parts for your own safety.

How Much the Labor Will Cost to Replace the Jeep TJ Ball Joint?

In general, the labor cost varies based on the vehicle model, the difficulty level of accessing the ball joints, the number of replacing parts, and time.

Still, the average range of ball joint replacement labor will be minimum of $20 up to $80 per ball joint.

But for some particular vehicle models, the labor expense might go up to $160 or $200.

How Long Does It Take to Replace the Jeep TJ Ball Joint?

Generally, the time for this replacement can vary from mechanic to mechanic. Also, depending on the accessing difficulty of your vehicle’s ball joint, how many ball joints need to be replaced, and whether you need any additional parts replacement or fixing, the time duration will increase and decrease.

But reportedly, replacing the ball joint on average takes a minimum of one hour for a professional technician.

Is Alignment After the Ball Joint Replacement Mandatory?

No, it is an additional fixing task. If you have not done the previous alignment while your ball joints are not in their best form, then an alignment fixing job after the ball joint replacement is not necessary.


Since it is dangerous to drive while your Jeep’s ball joint has turned bad or broken, one should inspect them as soon they notice the difference in vehicle performance and replace them if they are not in good condition.

 I have already explained every relevant detail regarding this replacement task, so go through the details carefully.

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