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Jeep TJ Clutch Replacement Cost: Detailed Overview

The clutches on any Jeep TJ model are particularly responsible for connecting the vehicle’s transmission and engine. That’s why the clutch is one of the most important components to look after, and you should replace it immediately when needed. But how much does the Jeep TJ clutch replacement cost?

Although the actual replacement estimation varies depending on a few core facts, you can still get the replacement from any professional servicing center at approximately $1,292 up to $1,415.

In this very article, I will address and explain everything regarding the Jeep TJ clutch replacement so let’s learn together-

Also, for your reference, have a brief glance at the shortlisted TJ clutch choices –

Product NameDimensionWeight
(In Pounds)
Schaeffler LuK RepSet 05-065 Clutch Kit, OEM Clutch Replacement Kit‎‎
‎16.65 x 15.12 x 3.74 inches  

EFT STAGE 2 CLUTCH KIT WORKS WITH 94-06 JEEP WRANGLER 4.0L‎‎‎39.37 x 39.37 x 19.69 inches‎‎22
SOUTHEASTCLUTCH Clutch Kit compatible with Tj Wrangler‎‎‎13 x 13 x 4 inches‎‎13.6
Omix-Ada 16901.19 Regular Clutch Kit for Jeep TJ Wrangler15 x 15 x 5 inches22.5

Jeep TJ Clutch Replacement Cost (Updated Price)

Having a precise knowledge of current clutch replacement cost estimation before deciding or planning for the replacement is the wiser thing.

Typically, the average replacement cost of the Jeep TJ clutches stays between $1,292 and $1,415, where the actual part cost hangs between $855 and $863 depending on your vehicle’s model, year, preferred brand of replacement parts, and the damage level of your current clutch.

The labor expense will be $437 up to $552, depending on the damage level, time, the local rate of servicing, and your preferred service provider’s location.

But remember, my given cost estimation does not include the local tax and other charges or fees, and your cost might go up or down after adding those extra charges.

When Should You Replace Your Jeep TJ Clutch?

Technically, the straight answer is as soon you notice any issue on your vehicle clutch, which is causing the driving difficulty, or you notice that the engine is no longer performing in the same manner as it used to.

On average, most auto clutches easily last for a minimum of 50 to 60 thousand miles, and some even go 100000 without issue, which is not really common with Jeeps.

Reportedly like all vehicle clutches, the Jeep TJ clutches are also built to last for a quality period, and one can drive at least 100 k without any issue.

Besides that, there are some visible signs, which will let you know when you need to replace your Jeep TJ current clutch-

  • The first early sign will be when you notice that the clutch Padel feels wrong when you put down your foot. It might feel loose, spongy, or softer than usual, and this happens when you have a worn-down clutch on your vehicle.
  • Another clear sign is when you encounter difficulty changing the gear or the clutch slips and fails to engage whenever you try to shift the gear up or down.
  • As soon as your Jeep’s clutch starts to degrade, you will notice an unexpected increase in biting point.
  • You might see visible black dust on your clutch when it turns bad, and if you notice a burning smell while driving your vehicle, that is also a sign that you need to inspect your vehicle’s clutch.
  • Another obvious indication will be when you notice that your vehicle has turned slow all of a sudden, and you do not find any other visible reasons behind this occurrence.

Jeep TJ Clutch Installation Guide:

Once you have finally decided to replace your Jeep TJ model vehicle’s existing clutch, it is time to learn what necessary tools required to replace the clutch of the Jeep TJ models –

Required Tools-

  • New Clutch kit
  • Standard Mechanical Tool box or Kit
  • Jack Stands
  • Cinder Blocks
  • Chain
  • ATF-4 synthetic

Now, thoroughly follow the instructions step by step-

Step 1 – First, have someone assist you to lift your Jeep to the similar height of three cinder blocks and putting the jack stands under your vehicle’s axles. You can even use the cinder blocks around the frame for additional support if needed.

Step 2 – Now carefully remove the driveline and skid plate. Once you have done that, drain and cap your vehicle’s transfer case and transmission. Then, Zip-tie the driveline to your vehicle’s driver-side frame.

Step 3 – Next, you need to disconnect the transmission adapter from your vehicle’s engine. After that, use a chain over your vehicle’s transmission and securely tighten around the transmission adapter to hold it properly in place.

Step 4 – After that, you need to remove the transfer case linkage, so shift the tower retainer and the wiring harness before disconnecting.

Make sure to zip-tie the fuel lines safely out of the way before doing all of these.

Step 5 – Next, carefully disconnect and remove the clutch fork, throw-out bearing, pressure plate, and clutch disk to put them aside.

Step 6 – Now replace those parts with the new ones from your new clutch kit. Remember to have someone assist you while inserting the new pressure plate securely by holding the new clutch disc.

Also, ensure that your new clutch turns freely on the transmission input shaft’s splines.

Step 7 – Now, secure the connection between the transmission line with the engine. Then, to line up the docking securely, roll the transmission slowly and keep the transmission in neutral.

Step 8 – Next, securely bolt the transmission to the engine and re-attach the wiring harnesses. Then, replace the shifter and realign it.

Step 9 – Lastly, carefully re-install the transfer case shift bracket as well as the front and rear propeller shafts. Also, fill the transfer case with the ATF-4 synthetic one quart.

Step 10 – Finally, refill the transmission with the approved fluid recommended for your transmission, and to confirm that take a look at your owner’s manual. After that, replace the skid plate and remove all the cinder blocks as well as the jack stands to lower your Jeep TJ vehicle.

Note: Remember that this particular replacement task requires mechanical expertise, so if you are not good at technical repairing tasks like that, better to opt for professional help.

What Are the Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Jeep TJ Clutch Last Longer?

Since the clutch replacement for any auto vehicle is generally pretty much expensive, it is wiser to follow some easy tricks to keep your Jeep’s clutch longer. That’s why I have listed some tips here to help you-

  • Remember to keep your foot off the clutch whenever pressing on your vehicle’s accelerator and never ride the clutch because it will burn out your clutch quicker than usual.
  • Do not keep your vehicle clutch pressed down unnecessarily, and remember not to treat it as your footrest, it will release the bearings.
  • While driving on the road, put your Jeep in neutral whenever you stop and take your foot off the clutch.
  • Even if you are driving on a manual transmission model, use the brakes to slow down your vehicle whenever needed instead of the clutch.
  • Remember, unnecessarily leaving your Jeep in gear puts significant strain on the clutch, so avoid that.
  • Also, do not forget to keep regular maintenance servicing of your vehicle, it increases your clutch’s longevity.

Can The Way of Driving Affect Clutch performance & Longevity?

The way you drive and how you are taking care of your vehicle’s wellbeing will definitely affect your vehicle’s clutch’s lifespan.

For example, if you are an aggressive reckless driver, that’s surely alarming. While driving, if you perform common driving mistakes, which most people do, that will automatically minimize the clutch’s longevity.

I have already explained those earlier so try to follow the tips and avoid the common driving mistakes.


Since the Jeep’s clutch’s condition directly affects the vehicle’s performance, it is vital to know and understand when it turns bad, and replacement is required.

That’s why I have already shared everything regarding the clutch replacement on the Jeep TJ models.

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