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Cost of Replacing Jeep TJ Dash: Comprehensive Breakdown

Usually, a Jeep dash or dashboard is located within the central console of the auto vehicle. It is the control panel set where all the instrumentation and controls of any vehicle operation are stored and displayed. That’s why it is necessary to understand when it turns bad and requires replacement.

Now that will lead you to wonder how much the Jeep TJ dash replacement might cost? On average, the dash replacement from any professional repairing center will cost approximately $2,118 up to $2,267.

In today’s article, I will be explaining the entire Jeep TJ dash replacement cost breakdown along with other relevant details for your better understanding-

Jeep TJ Dash Replacement Cost (Updated Price)

It is important to have a clear idea of the overall replacement cost of the Jeep TJ dash in order to estimate your budget beforehand.

Remember the cost estimation will vary depending on your damage level whether you need to replace the complete dashboard or one of its parts such as the instrumental cluster.

It will also vary depending on whether you are going to get the job done from the service center or going to do it yourself.

In case, you are planning on replacing your Jeep TJ vehicle’s damaged or broken dash from the professional repairing shop, the cost will also vary based on your vehicle model, making year, dash setup, preferred dash replacement choice, preferred center, location, and the local servicing rate.

Reportedly, the dash replacement cost for your Jeep TJ might hang between $2,118 and $2,267 where the actual parts price will be around $1,308 up to $1,548.

Also, the labor cost for the replacement will be a minimum of $562 up to $720 max.

But if you are going to do it by yourself with an affordable aftermarket plastic dash replacement kit, the cost might hang between $100 and $200. But for the aluminum options, the cost might go up to $999 or $1000.

Besides that, if your Jeep does not require complete dash replacement instead you only need a particular part replacement, the cost will vary depending on that particular part’s current price and servicing labor charge.

For instance, if you need to replace only the instrumental cluster of your Jeep TJ, the price might hang between $798 and $907. For this replacement, the labor expense will be only $74 up to $98 max.

Remember, this given dash replacement cost estimation does not include the local tax and other fees or charges.

When Should You Replace Your Jeep TJ Dash?

Technically, as soon you notice and ensure that your vehicle’s instrumental panel or dash requires an upgrade or replacement, you should replace it.

Besides that, some significantly noticeable signs can also give you early hints when your dashboard is slowly turning bad.

If you ever notice that your Jeep dash has started to warp on the cover, remember that is a potential sign of a faulty dash. Warping occurs only when the vehicle’s dash frequently caves to extremely high temperatures without cooling off.

Another obvious sign of a broken or faulty dash on your Jeep is when you notice a cracked instrument panel pad. Remember, a cracked pad can be really dangerous for the driver and the front passenger. Therefore, as soon you notice that, make sure to replace the dash.

You might also notice unusual movement on your vehicle’s dash or instrumental panel when the dashboard has turned damaged or has a loose connection issue. Especially if you ever encounter that the steering column is wobbling, make sure you contact the mechanic to check on your Jeep’s dash and replace it if required.

Also, frequently check the mounting locations on your Jeep’s dashboard during regular check since any loose connection of the mounting bracket or breakage can directly cause your vehicle dash failure.

Jeep TJ Dash Installation Guide:

Once you have decided to finally replace your Jeep TJ vehicle’s dash after noticing any of the earlier mentioned signs, it is time to have a look at all the necessary tools that are needed to perform the replacement task –

Required Tools-

  • New Dash Replacement kit
  • Standard Mechanical Tool set

Now, thoroughly follow all the below instructions-

Step 1 – First, to avoid any kind of accident or vehicle’s electrical system damage during the replacement task, carefully disconnect your Jeep’s battery.

Step 2 – Now, start the job by disconnecting and removing one by one the steering wheel, instrument cluster, glove box, air vents, as well as all the remaining screws, connectors, or panels on your vehicle’s dash.

Step 3 – Next, make sure there is no remaining connection to unplug. Then, completely remove the instrument cluster and the trim pieces from the dash.

Step 4 – After that, disconnect and remove any remaining screws or bolts that are still holding the dashboard. Next, use a flathead screwdriver and slowly remove the old dashboard.

But be very careful while removing the dash and make sure to not break any remaining plastic tabs or parts of your vehicle.

Step 5 – Now, keep your old dash aside safely because you might be able to reuse some of its clips and brackets in your new dash. Also, remember to remove your vehicle identification number (VIN) tag to screw it on the new dashboard.

Step 6 – After that, you will need someone’s assistance to insert the new dash carefully into your Jeep. Make sure you have positioned and slid it into the place accurately.

Step 7 – Now that you have put the new one into the old one’s place, follow the previous dissembling steps reversely to finish up the installation process. Also, you might need to replace other broken or defective parts such as the glove box, air vents, instrument cluster, or steering wheel.

But if you do not need any other specific part replacement, at least replace the screws and bolts.

Step 8 – Next, reinstall all the remaining parts one by one, just like they were before. Also, connect the plugs into the instrument cluster, and after that, screw it in place. Finally, connect your Jeep’s battery and test whether everything is in place and working correctly.

Note: Remember, this replacement task requires proper mechanical knowledge and expertise so, if you are not good at such jobs, better to opt for a professional servicing option.

Can I Drive My Jeep TJ Without the Dashboard?

Technically, you can although that’s not recommended. Driving without dash on your vehicle is not a wise decision since driving on the roads without accessing the indicators or warning lights is too dangerous.

This action will rapidly increase the chances of encountering a severe accident. Unless you want to risk your and others’ life while driving on the busy roads, you should always have a good quality dashboard on your Jeep.

Which One Is Better Plastic or Aluminum Dash Replacement Kit?

Technically speaking, aluminum is undoubtedly better choice since it is more durable and reliable than any plastic option, but that does not mean the plastic dash replacement kits are not durable and reliable enough.

There are plenty of aftermarket plastic dash kits available, and you can literally find cheap to mid-range options in there based on the quality and price. Also, aluminum kits are quite expensive compared to plastic dash replacement kits.


Although Jeep TJ vehicle models come with great quality stock dashes, overtimes these stock dashboards can become faulty, damaged, loose, or broken. That’s when one needs to replace the bad old dash with a quality replacement option.

Make sure to read all the information and follow the instruction provided in this article to replace your Jeep TJ dash.

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