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Jeep TJ Frame Replacement Cost: All You Need to Know

When the Jeep TJ or any other auto vehicle’s frame gets damaged, that means your vehicle’s structural support has been compromised, and the vehicle has turned technically dangerous to drive.

And as soon you realize this occurrence, the next thing you should immediately consider is replacing the damaged Frame damage frame of your Jeep TJ. Which will lead you to wonder how much the Jeep TJ frame replacement or restoration might cost?

Although the actual cost estimation varies depending on some core facts, the replacement cost might still hang between $5,000 and $35,000.

Now for better understanding, I will be explaining the entire Jeep TJ frame replacement or restoration cost breakdown along with other relevant details here-

Jeep TJ Frame Replacement Cost (Updated Price)

Technically, the price will highly vary depending on the damage level of your vehicle’s frame, your Jeep model, year, required spare parts, and other additional servicing needed for finishing the entire replacement task.

The Jeep frame restoration or replacement price also varies depending on whether you are going to do it or planning on hiring professional experts.

Because if you are planning on getting the service from any repairing or servicing shop, the cost will include a minimum of $50 up to $90 per hour labor cost based on the demand of labor for your Jeep’s frame replacement task.

Reportedly, the average cost for replacing the Jeep TJ frame mostly hangs between 5,000 and $15,000, but it can go up to $35,000 depending on your vehicle’s need and current condition.

But if you do not need to replace the entire frame and just fixing the rusted frame will do the job, the cost will range between $2,000 and $3,000.

Besides that, if you only need to repair or replace your Jeep TJ vehicle’s window frame, the cost will stay between $450 and $750 depending on the damage level and your vehicle model, year, window size, and preference of the frame replacement.

Also, if your Jeep TJ only requires straightening its frame and nothing else, the average cost will be $800, and the labor expense will be $100 per hour.

Generally, the frame replacement from professional workshops seems a little more expensive than other Jeep parts replacement costs. Because this cost estimation not only the labor expense and parts price, but it also includes re-plating, re-painting, and some other additional fixing costs.

But in case you are planning on doing it yourself, you might only have to pay the parts price, and it can be $3,000 up to $4,200 for the new Jeep TJ frame.

Remember, this given cost estimation does not include the local tax and other fees.

When Should You Replace Your Jeep TJ Frame?

Technically speaking, you should decide on replacing your Jeep TJ frame as soon you notice any commotion or visible damage on the frame.

Besides, some common signs can also help you figure out when you need further inspection of your vehicle’s frame.

One of the most obvious signs is when you see that your Jeep’s frame looks Mashed, which mostly happens after encountering a certain level of crashes.

Therefore, as soon as your vehicle experience any collision, make sure to inspect your vehicle from your service provider. And if the frame looks crumped, immediately have your Jeep’s frame replaced by them.

If you ever notice that your vehicle seems unstable while driving it at a higher speed, remember it is a clear indication that your vehicle’s current frame has turned twisted or sagging, and you need to replace it as soon as possible.

Another clear sign will be the visible sway damage where the vehicle suddenly starts to only lean on toward one particular side. This type of damage mainly occurs after encountering a corner crash or collision.

So, if you ever notice this type of commotion make sure to inspect further and replace it if needed.

Jeep TJ Frame Installation Guide:

Once you have noticed any of the early mentioned sign and finally decided to replace your Jeep TJ vehicle’s frame, it is time to know what are the necessary tools that one will need for this replacement task –

Required Tools-

  • New Frame Replacement Set or Kit
  • High-quality bolt kit
  • 6-point socket
  • Forklift
  • Ceiling hoist
  • WD-40 or PB blaster

Now, thoroughly follow the instructions given blow-

Step 1 – First, carefully unbolt and remove the battery from your Jeep before starting the main task. Then, make sure to drain all fluids out of your vehicle.

Step 2 – Now, you need to unbolt and disconnect all other parts that are connected with the body of your Jeep’s frame, such as the steering shaft, body mounts, wiring harnesses, hoses, and brake lines.

Have someone else assist you while disconnecting these parts in that it will take less time to disconnect all these parts.

Step 3 – Once you have successfully disconnected all those parts from the frame’s body, let someone help you lift the body off of the jeep’s frame.

Step 4 – Next, carefully disconnect and remove the axles, vehicle engine, and drivetrain. Bring your new frame and reinstall all the parts on it. When your new Jeep frame is restored with all the parts, secure it in place and its connection with other connecting panels and parts.

Step 5 – Once your new frame is in its position and all other parts are in their respective positions, connect your vehicle’s battery again and test whether the new frame has fitted your vehicle well and supports it properly while you drive.

Note: Remember, the entire installation process might look pretty easy, but replacing your vehicle’s frame means you have to take your entire vehicle apart to install the new frame.

That means you have to be well aware of each body part of your vehicle as well as how to disassemble and reassemble them.

So, if you are just a beginner in this type of technical task, do not take chance and contact your nearest service provider to replace the frame.

How Long Does It Take to Replace the Jeep TJ Frame?

The time duration of replacing any vehicle’s frame will vary mechanic to mechanic and it will also vary depending on your vehicle model, year and damage condition.

But on average, replacing your Jeep TJ vehicle’s frame from any good repairing shop will take minimum 40 up to 55 hours.

But if your vehicle is considerably in good shape and condition and they only need to swap the old one with a new frame, it might take only 20 to 30 mechanical hours.

Does Insurance Cover the Jeep TJ Frame Replacement Cost?

Yes. If you have car insurance, it is supposed to cover all the needed servicing or repairing costs of your vehicle including the frame replacement too.

But car insurance policy only helps when the damages on your vehicle are particularly caused by any collision, fire, or theft.

Therefore, if any of the previously mentioned reasons caused your vehicle’s frame damage, you can claim insurance coverage for the replacement without any issue.

Remember, any damage caused due to any mechanical failure, wear, and tear issues will not be covered by any car insurance.


Although replacing the Jeep TJ frame seems pretty much more expensive than other parts replacement tasks, this is something one should never ignore since it directly affects the driver’s and the passenger’s safety during drives.

That’s why in today’s article, I already addressed and explained everything regarding replacing the Jeep TJ frame.

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