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Jeep Transmission Fluid Change Cost: What to Expect?

Transmission fluid change is a significant task, especially when you notice a performance drop and overheating in your jeep engine. However, it won’t be cheap to change the transmission fluid. So, how much does a transmission fluid change cost on a jeep?

If you change the transmission fluid by a mechanic, the total cost will be $412 to $475. But in DIY, the price will reduce to half, which is $230 to $290. Manual transmission is another cheap option (no parts change required) because the cost is only $225 to $250. But automatic transmission will cost you around $300 to $500.

That’s why most people avoid automatic transmission fluid change. But the cost depends on various factors, especially on labor charges. So, let’s learn more details through this passage and get a clear view.

When Should You Change The Transmission Fluid?

The transmission fluid of a jeep works as a two-for-one trick. It works as a coolant for the engine and a lubricant for the transmission.

However, it won’t always work correctly. And then, you will have to change the transmission fluid, or else you will notice a significant performance drop.

Here are the facts that will tell you to change the transmission fluid:

Mileage Cover

Traditionally, you have to change the transmission of your jeep after a specific mileage coverage. Therefore, the transmission fluid change should occur every 30000 to 60000 miles. That means you must use your jeep’s transmission fluid every two years.

It would be best to change the filter along with the transmission fluid to get the best functioning jeep.

Performance Drop

If you notice that the transmission makes weird noises and you have difficulty changing the gears, your jeep has transmission fluid issues. Such a performance drop will form higher instability, and thus, you must change the transmission fluid.

Dark Colored Fluid

Typical transmission fluids look red or pink. Therefore, if you see dark brown or black color fluid in the transmission, the liquid is dirty, and you have a transmission fluid problem. So, change the liquid as soon as you can.

Low Fluid Level

It’s a basic sense that if you see a low fluid level, you must pour some new one. However, the transmission doesn’t go to such a low liquid level. But it can happen over time because of the leakages.

How Much Does It Cost To Change Transmission Fluid?

Changing the transmission fluid is a must. Therefore, you need to know the cost of transmission fluid change even if you try it with DIY.

However, if you are not an expert on this, you might go to a repair shop. Here are some expected costs for transmission fluid change:

Cost By Mechanic

If you want to change the transmission fluid of your jeep by some mechanic, it will cost you around $412 to $475. However, the cost includes the parts and labor fees.

The parts that might need to change will cost around $230 to $290. And the mechanic may want $180 to $185 to change the transmission fluid of your jeep. Labor costs may vary based on where you take your jeep to fix. 

Cost By DIY

If you want to change the jeep’s transmission fluid by DIY, it will cost you around $230 to $290. That’s because there won’t be any extra cost for laborers.

All you need to do is just buy some transmission fluid and fill it yourself. But it will only apply when there’s no need for changing parts.

Manual Transmission

Performing the manual transmission will cost you around $150, which is pretty low. The reason is that there’s no need to change the gasket and filter. So even if you need the parts and buy some aftermarket ones, it will only cost you less than $50.

However, the labor cost will be around $75 to $100. But the disadvantage of a manual transmission is that you must change the transmission fluid more often.

Automatic Transmission

The cost of an automatic transmission is higher compared to a manual transmission. The automatic transmission will include a gasket and oil filter change. Therefore, the total cost will be around $300 to $500.

If parts are included, it will cost you about $150 to $275. And the rest is labor costs. So, choosing a standard but not very costly repair shop to change the transmission fluid would be better.

Factors Affecting The Transmission Fluid Change Cost

Despite several types of transmission fluid change, you can reduce costs by carefully looking at the affection factors. Here’s how:

Dealership Or Self

The dealership is the most expensive option for changing the transmission fluid. It will cost you 2 or 3 times more than the average ones. That’s because the dealer will have their commissions from the total costs.

You can choose a renowned mechanic or service center to change the transmission fluid. But they will charge an extra $100 as their service charges and the parts change.

However, DIY is the cheapest option. But you have to be an expert, or else there will be a mess and an unfinished job.

Model And Brand

Obviously, models and brands will matter when it comes to servicing your jeep.

For example, if your jeep is from a renowned brand like Grand Cherokee, it will cost you around $500 or more just to change the transmission fluid. If it’s from Lamborghini, it might cost you about $750.

It would be better to change the fluid from professionals when you own such expensive jeeps.

Amount Of Transmission Fluid

You won’t always need to fill the whole tank if there’s leakage and the fluid hasn’t changed its color yet. Instead, you can just seal or repair the leak and fill up the required level. On top of that, different jeep models have various transmission fluid capacities.

Region-wise Labor Cost

It’s a common thing to know that labor costs will vary region-wise.

So, for example, if you go to a repair shop in a big city, they will obviously charge you much higher than the repair shops from downtown.

When you take your jeep to a repair shop in the countryside, it will definitely cost you less than any other place. However, the cost of the parts won’t vary much. 

Automatic Transmission Fluid Type

The transmission fluid change cost also depends on the automatic transmission fluid (ATF) types.

If you use local ATF for your jeep, it will be cheap for your wallet. But when you choose ATFs from renowned brands, it will cost you more than the local ones.


Despite such broad explanations, you might have some frequent questions in your mind. So, let’s see some common inquiries related to transmission fluid.

Why is a transmission fluid change expensive?

Transmission fluid can be expensive sometimes. That’s because you may require changing the pan gaskets and oil filters.

On top of that, such changes will also increase the labor cost. So ultimately, you will have to pay extras for transmission fluid changes.

How long does it take to change the transmission fluid?

Typically, a transmission fluid change requires around 30 minutes. But if you want to get a complete transmission service like recalibration, sealing, and fluid flush, it might take a day or two. Depending on the labor intensity, it might take three to five days when you require a complete rebuild.

Can I damage my jeep by transmission flush?

No, it doesn’t damage the jeep if you flush the transmission fluid. But everything should be fine from the inside.

The problem will start when the clutches are damaged or already worn out. It can also cause slipping. Therefore, checking the parts while flushing the transmission would be best.

What will happen if I don’t change the transmission fluid?

The consequences of not changing the transmission fluid are dangerous.

First, the engine will lose lubrication and cleaning properties as a result. Second, the machine will heat up pretty quickly. There will be excess friction, sludge build-up, and high temperature. Third, it will damage the internal clutches.

Final Words

Transmission fluids help to keep the engine cool and lubricate the moving parts. As a result, the machine can avoid overheating due to friction because of the transmission fluid and maintain peak performance.

However, you will need to change the transmission fluid after 30000 to 50000 miles of driving, even if there’s no problem.

Hopefully, you have learned how much it costs to change the transmission fluid on a jeep from the discussion.

Therefore, check the mechanic, parts, and fluid costs while changing the transmission fluid. Otherwise, your wallet will have a big bite!

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