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The Ultimate Bed Liner Paint Guide For Jeep Wrangler

The jeep Wrangler is top of the favorites for intense traveling and adventure lovers. This model from the Jeep is designed for ultimate offroad driving and riding.

Long time rough usage of jeep Wrangler causes major and minor defects and damages to the bed liner. These damages can be potential if not treated earlier.

The best possible way to easily remove the defects by spending very little is to paint the bed liner. Painting the bed liner can be tricky if you are a new user.

You should go through the entire article to know everything about effective Jeep Wangler Bed Liner Painting.

Can a Jeep Wrangler Bed Liner Be Painted?

An extreme driving, hard trail exploring in heavy weather can deteriorate the stock bed liner paint of the Jeep Wrangler. A vehicle is a person’s very loving thing.

The ruining of the aesthetics of the Jeep Wrangler can be hurtful for you. Moreover, rusts, debris, and dents can cause permanent damage to the outlook of the vehicle.

These can be restored by painting the bed liner using a compatible and friendly method. Yes, you can paint the bed liner of your Jeep Wrangler by following the recommended procedure and components.

What Colors Does Bed Liner Paint Come In?

The most popular way to paint the bed liner is to use suitable spray paints. It is easy, cheap, and convenient to use spray paints for painting the Jeep wrangler bed liner.

Moreover, other types of bed liner paints are available in the marketplace. There are lots of colors available for the bed liner paints.

Almost all the basic shades of primary and secondary colors can be found for painting the bed liner of Jeep wrangler. The most common Bedliner color are different shades of Black and White.

How To Paint Jeep Wrangler Bed Liner?

Painting the Jeep Wrangler bed liner can be tedious. It requires lots of steps, including some disassembling and reassembling.

If you have all the required instruments available in your garage, you can save some labor charges for getting it done in the workshop. Follow the below stated step-by-step guide to painting the bed liner effectively.

Step-1: Getting The Essential Tools And Accessories

First of all, find a spacious and well-ventilated area for painting your Jeep’s bed liner. To do this, you would have to remove all the available seats inside the vehicle’s cabin.

This would require specifically sized manual or automated wrenches. You may need a grinder with a greet and buffing tool to remove rust, debris, and previous paint job.

A microfibre towel should be kept to clean the dirt and residues from everything. Nextly, a primer, specific paint of your choice, and electric sprayer are necessary depending upon your preference of paint type.

You will also need a paint tub, roller, and stirrer for this job if you prefer to select liquid paints.

Step-2: Initial Preparation

After getting everything you require, you must remove the driver’s and passenger’s seats from the cabin. Use the bolt opener and wrenches to open the seats and keep those aside inside the garage after proper covering.

Now that your Jeep bed is completely exposed sweep the bed to remove the external debris and dirt using clean cloths. After that, use the grinder with greet or a sanding machine to remove the initial paint job and rust.

Give a thorough cleaning of the bed with a vacuum cleaner or sweeping with a cloth. After that, it is time to use the Primer.

Some paint types do not require extra primer coating, whereas some do. If your selected paint type requires a primer coating, you should use spraying primer to cover the entire bed and allow it to cure completely.

Step-3: Painting The Bed Liner

Before starting the painting, you have to wear the eye goggle and a respirator as the paints are very strong. You can use either a paint roller, electric paint sprayer, or spray paint for this step.

Considering you are using the paint roller, then fill the paint tub with sufficient paint after thorough stirring using the stirrer. Ensure to include the additives such as paint hardener if required in the correct ratio.

You can now start coating the bed surface using the roller or the sprayer machine. Start painting from the hard-to-reach spaces. Apply at least two thin layers of paint coating for an effective result.

Give at least three days for complete curing of the paint. Keep the Jeep well covered in the curing phase to avoid dirt and debris stuck on the bed.

How Do You Clean Bed Liner Paint From Jeep Wrangler?

Cleaning the bed liner paint and preparing it to be repainted need significant steps. At first, a rough cleaning is required to remove the solid debris off the bed. Following that, sanding and grinding of the bed are to be done.

Next to that, you should buff the entire surface and use specific cleaning solutions to get rid of tough dirt or rust. Lastly, use a high-power vacuum to clean the bed liner paint.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Jeep With Bedliner?

Painting your Jeep Wrangler entirely with Bedliner can be expensive. It depends on the type and paints you select for the procedure.

Besides, if you plan to paint in a workshop, an additional service charge is required. A rhino lining on your Jeep may cost you about $4500-$5000, including the labor fee.

Using the Line-X spray as the Bedliner on your Jeep will be around $3000. This means the per-unit cost is $500 on average.


To keep your favorite Jeep Wrangler in showroom condition, it is essential to gift it with proper and regular maintenance.

An important maintenance step is to restore your Jeep’s paint using the Bedliner.

It is essential to paint to keep rust and dents away from your Jeep and preserve the aesthetics. You should know in-depth about the Jeep Wrangler Bed Liner paint methods and cost.

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