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5 Reasons Your Jeep Wrangler Cruise Control Stopped Working

Jeep Wrangler cruises are the perfect getaway for a long journey. However, if the Jeep malfunctions in the middle of nowhere, your rendezvous can quickly change into a dreadful nightmare. 

The most obvious reason why the Wrangler’s cruise control could refuse to work is because of failed control modules. Usually, they are also accompanied by throttling issues in the engine. 

However, that doesn’t mean that they are the only problems that could potentially plague your Jeep. Keep reading if you want to know more. 

How Do You Use Cruise Control On A Jeep Wrangler?

Cruise control is a unique feature in Jeep Wranglers. It automatically adjusts your driving speed based on a pre-selected distance. To activate the cruise control feature in your Wrangler, you need to follow the steps as follows given below.

Step 1: Speed Optimisation

Get on a road like a freeway and travel at the same speed for some time as much as possible. Make sure to choose the rate so that you can even move through traffic smoothly with that speed. 

Step 2: Activate Cruise Control

There is an On and Set button on the steering wheel of your Wrangler. When you press them, the cruise control will be activated. If you wish to move faster, press and hold the Set button until the required speed is reached.

Step 3: Decrease speed

Press and hold the Coast button if you want to decrease your current speed. 

Step 4: Switch off

Once you have reached your destination, you might want to switch off the cruise mode. Simply push the brake pedals and press the Off button on your steering wheel to do this.    

What Cause Jeep Wrangler Cruise Control Stopped Working?

Cruise Control is one of the most advantageous features of the Jeep Wrangler. However, it can experience its fair share of problems.  This section will go through five of the most common problems that might cause the Jeep Wrangler to stop working.

1. Broken Fuse

Broken or blown fuses are one of the most common problems that can plague Wranglers or any other electronics. A fuse can fail when the voltage rating of the current passing through the vehicle exceeds the limit. 

Since the fuse has been blown, no current will pass through the mainframe command center. As such, the cruise control will never activate. 

2. Brake Pedal Switch Failing

Brakes are essential aspects in providing the variables that the mainframe will need to activate the cruise control. In fact, the cruise control command center has direct wirings to the brake. 

As a result, if the brake pedals fail, the command center will think that the car brakes are stills disengaged. Hence, cruise control will remain inactive. 

3. Faulty Sensors

Sensors are needed for the mainframe to get data for the cruise control. However, accidents and time can cause the sensors in the Jeep to go haywire without any prior warning. 

If these sensors do not work, the cruise control might either inactivate or malfunction with the wrong pre-set data. 

4. Damaged Components

This issue was more relevant for an older generation of Jeep Wranglers than the new ones. It usually involved components like actuators or hoses and cables that could get damaged quite easily, sure to a frail setting. 

As one or more of the components got damaged, the entire system would stop working along with the cruise control. 

5. Not Enough Electric Power

Cruise control runs on electric power that it drains from the battery of the Jeep. If there isn’t enough power in the batteries, the Jeep will not be able to activate the cruise control. 

This is even more applicable since the Jeep will divert the electricity towards more critical functions. This is to keep the standard condition of the Jeep as decent as possible. 

How To Fix Jeep Wrangler Cruise Control Stopped Issue? 

Fixing your vehicle’s cruise control is a huge deal that is nearly impossible for even an intermediate mechanic to do. 

This is because many technicalities and knowledge of how cruise control is programmed are required. 

As such, we would recommend you go to a professional to fix any issue with the internals of the cruise control. However, you can follow the following steps if you think you have what it takes to do the job. 

Step 1: Remove all Electrical Supply Points

Removing the electrical points like the battery is an important safety aspect since live wires that you might be exposed to could cause you to get shocked. 

Step 2: Open the compartments

Open the car’s front compartment to check on the wires and actuators of the mainframe. If required, replace the damaged parts with new ones. Close the compartment once you are done. 

Step 3: Replace Brakes

If your brakes have shown signs of failing, then replace the pedals with functioning ones. Make sure to replace it with the right kind of brake since other brakes will adversely affect your Jeep. 

Step 4: Replace the fuse

Locate the fuse that is below the Jeep Wrangler for most models. Once you have managed to locate it, remove the old one and replace it with a new fuse as required. Make sure that the voltage requirements meet. 

Step 5: Check For Voltage And Power

Connect the car back to the battery. Then check the amount of power that the battery supplies along with the voltage. You can do this by connecting an ammeter, voltmeter, and ohmmeter to the battery or the circuits. 

Your vehicle is good to go if the battery can give enough power and runs at the correct voltage. If not, you might want to replace the entire battery. Make sure to consult a mechanic before you do that.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Jeep Wrangler Cruise Control Stopped Issue?

In essence, the amount of money you will be paying will differ significantly on many variables and factors. For instance, if you are running an old car that needs a lot of component replacement, you will need to pay extra. 

In most cases, the cost of replaceable smaller parts other than the battery should set you back at an average of 50 USD, while the switch replacement is about 160 to 180 USD. 

On the other hand, if you are going to replace the battery, you will need to pay about 180 to 220 USD. Do note that this price doesn’t include any VAT or TAX. 

Additionally, if you are going to hire a mechanic, you will need to pay a labor cost which could be a maximum of 60 USD. Furthermore, many mechanics could also ask for an inspection fee that is around 50 USD. 


Jeep Wrangler is a very valuable car. It has functions that you can only imagine and might even think to be straight out of a sci-fi film if you didn’t know that it existed in real life. 

You must ensure the integrity of your Jeep and its mainframe. After all, none of these functions, including the cruise control, could ever run without a standard mainframe. 

If you ever find your mainframe to malfunction, seek a professional as soon as possible. Your vehicle may be beyond repair if you take too long.

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