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Why Is Heat Not Working In Driver Side Of A Jeep Wrangler?

In the world of four-wheel drives, the Jeep Wrangler has always been a popular choice. The Jeep Wrangler has many functions, but there is a common malfunction the owners notice about the car, that is, the heat not working in the driver side.

The heater system not working in the driver side of a Jeep Wrangler can be caused by issues such as heater core problems, leaks and others. Fixing these problems will not break the bank, and there are easy solutions such as replacing or fixing the parts of the heating system. 

In this article, we are going to talk about the heater system of the Jeep Wrangler, delve into the reasons causing the heating issue, and discuss solutions.

How does a Jeep Wrangler heater system work?

First let’s explore the function of the heater system of a Jeep Wrangler. If your knowledge about cars is above the general consensus, you’d know that like other vehicles, the Jeep Wrangler’s heating system consists of a radiator, blower, thermostat, and a heater core.

The heat generated in the engine of the car. A coolant is used to keep a vehicle’s engine cool. The coolant is maintained as cold by the radiator while it passes through the heater core. Through one way the coolant cools the engine down from overheating.

Then that hot coolant (with the heat energy of the engine) is passed through another pathway, and is distributed inside the vehicle by the blower when the heater is turned on.

Why is heat not working in driver side of a Jeep Wrangler?

Now that we know the basics of the heater system of the Jeep Wrangler, it shall be easier to pinpoint the causes behind the heat not working.

There can be many reasons for the heater not working in your Jeep Wrangler, some of which are mentioned below-

Low coolant level

Coolant is a mixture of water and antifreeze that helps keep the engine cool. However, that is not the only function of a coolant.

It also absorbs the heat of the engine as part of the process of cooling the engine down. Thus it becomes the main proprietor of signaling the heater core to produce hot air to be let out in the passenger chamber.

So, if there is not enough coolant supply, there is not enough heat supply either!

Broken thermostat

Your Jeep Wrangler’s thermostat not working means it is failing to send the required signal to release the heat accumulated in the heater core, inside the Jeep. Thus, you might find your heater is not working or releasing hot air even when it is turned on.

Heater core issues

Heater core is the part of the heater that acts as the pathway of allowing the coolant to reach the engine.

It also allows the heated coolant to make its way to the radiator where it can disperse the heat it has accumulated from the engine.

If there is any blockage inside the heater core or any malfunctions, it will lead to the heater not working properly.

To help you identify that the heater is not working due to heater core problems, here are some signs to look for-

  • You can smell the coolant in the car when the heater is turned on
  • The heat is on but the heater is blowing cold air
  • There is fogginess inside the Jeep chamber

Issues with blower motor or resistor

If the blower motor of your jeep is broken, for example the fan might not be working properly, it will create grinding noise when you turn the heater on.

A broken blower motor can also damage the heating system of a jeep. Similarly, the resistor is also a part of the blower motor that helps regulate heat in the inner chamber of the jeep wrangler.

If the resistor is not working properly, it might lead to the jeep’s passenger chamber not heating up properly.


Leaks in the hoses of the heater core or on any other part of the heating system can also disrupt the heating and cooling process of the jeep.

If there is a leakage through where the coolant is flowing through, it might cause the coolant to leak and there will be a limited supply of coolant to cool the engine.

Leaks in other parts of the radiator or heater core can cause heat not properly being distributed in the inside of the Jeep Wrangler.

5 Solutions For Jeep Wrangler Driver Side Heater Not Working Issue

Now that we have pinpointed the reasons behind the heating problem, let’s discuss some solutions. The heat not working in the driver side of a Jeep Wrangler has some easy solutions. You can either DIY these at home or take your Jeep to an auto workshop for a professional touch.

1. Check the coolant level

By checking the coolant level, you can determine if there is a disruption of the required coolant supply to the engine. You can figure out if the coolant level is low by checking under the hood of your jeep.

You’ll find the coolant marked under the driver’s side seat. There will be a min and max line marked in the coolant chamber.

If you find that there isn’t enough coolant in your Jeep, you should fill it up properly and that should solve your heating issue inside the car.

You should check and refill your jeep’s coolant level intermittently because otherwise, along with the heat issues, your engine will also start to overheat, which causes further problems.

2. Replace broken thermostat

A thermostat regulates the temperature inside the jeep. If your heater is not working on the driver side of the jeep that is an indicator that your thermostat might be broken.

If your coolant level is normal but still your jeep chamber isn’t heating up properly you might want to check your thermostat. If you can identify that your thermostat is broken it needs to be replaced.

Thermostats are not very expensive and you can get a new thermostat for your jeep for $60-$90. If you have a trusted mechanic, take the jeep to them and let the professionals take care of it.

In that case, there will be a labor cost depending on your repairman’s expertise; it might vary from $90 to $125.

3. Repair or replace the heater core

A clogged heater core can be flushed at home or professionally that will bring a solution to the problem. You can access the heater core of the Jeep Wrangler behind the glove compartment.

If you find that the heat is not working properly in your jeep wrangler and your coolant level is at a standard, your thermostat is also working, you should check to see if your heater core is malfunctioning.

You can also get the heater core replaced by a professional. The parts might cost approximately $309-$440. There will also be added labor costs that will vary from establishments to establishments.

4. Repair or replace the blower motor

If you can hear a rattling sound when you turn on the heater of your car, that likely indicates there is fault in your blower motor or resistor.

You can easily remedy this by either getting new filters for your blower or in some cases by replacing the blower motor itself. You can access the blower motor from below your glove compartment.

If you don’t want to risk it by DIY-ing it, you can always reach out to a professional. You can get a new blower motor for as cheap as $10 or $30. The labor cost might drive the total cost up to $150 or so.

5. Repair leaks

Last but not least, leaks can be one of the most common causes of your heating system not working in your jeep.

You can find leaks by checking under your car’s hood or following the hoses of the radiator with and without the engine running. You’ll find fluid discharge or moist areas if there are any leaks.

Leaks can be repaired using welders or epoxy for an easy fix at home. Leaks can also be repaired professionally which is also quite inexpensive. It might cost about $100 to inspect and fix a coolant leak.

How To Avoid Jeep Wrangler Heater Issues?

We know that prevention is always better than cure. Rather than struggling with a car that wouldn’t warm up and fixing the problems, by following some regulatory habits, we can make sure the heater issues don’t arise in the first place.

  • Always making sure there is enough coolant in the radiator
  • Check and replace worn out parts such as old hoses or thermostats since they might have leaks or might malfunction leading to heating issues
  • Look out for any abnormal noise from the blower fan. If you catch any anomalies early, you’ll have to pay much less to fix it


So, now you know everything about the heater not working in a Jeep Wrangler including the solutions! Here we have also covered some of your frequently asked questions.

Why is my Jeep letting cold air out when the heat is on?

It may be caused by various issues of the heating system such as not enough coolant supply, closed thermostat, leaks in hoses of heater core, broken or malfunctioning heater core or radiator or blower motor.

How much does it cost to fix the heating system of the Jeep Wrangler?

It costs about$100 to $350 depending on the issues and parts required to fix the heating system. Leaks can be fixed much cheaper compared to if you have to replace a part, then price of the part will be added to the labor cost.

How can you know that the heating core of the Jeep Wrangler is going bad?

Your first indication should be a heater emitting cold air instead of hot air. A smell of coolant (antifreeze) inside the car also means an issue with the heater core. If your heating system is blowing cold air, you should get your heater core checked to prevent further problems.

How do I know if my heater core is plugged?

If your Jeep’s heating system is blowing cold air instead of hot air, it should indicate that the heater is plugged somewhere. If there is a weak airflow it would also mean the heater core is plugged.

Can you drive with a clogged heater core?

You can still drive your Jeep with a clogged heater core. However, it is not recommended since using your car in such conditions will start damaging your engine.


So, the heat not working in the driver side of a Jeep Wrangler boils down to problems in the parts of the heating system. We can easily identify the culprit by checking the different parts and checking for leaks.

Fixing the heating issue of a Jeep Wrangler can be done at home with a few common tools such as screwdriver, epoxy, tape etc. If you have a trusted mechanic, you can get the issue fixed professionally as well.

No worries either if you don’t know any mechanics personally, fixing heating is a common procedure and can be done at auto repair shops easily and inexpensively.

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