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Jeep Wrangler Passenger Seat Won’t Fold Forward: How to Fix?

The Jeep Wrangler was well-received when it initially appeared on the market in 1986. Its tough design drew off-road enthusiasts, and the Jeep Wrangler is still one of the most popular vehicles on the roads two decades later.

Despite being one of the best SUVs to ever grace our roads, the Jeep Wrangler has been criticized for a number of flaws over the years. Some of the concerns with your Jeep Wrangler’s passenger seat are that it won’t fold forward.

It’s natural to be concerned about such matters; but, there’s no need to be anxious because my article is now here. This article seeks to familiarize Jeep enthusiasts with the topic of what to do when the Jeep wrangler passenger seat won’t fold forward.

Passenger Seat Won’t Fold Forward

It is one of the issues with your Jeep Wrangler’s passenger seat that might get failed to be folding forward.

It’s the feature where you pull the small webbing loop on the top of the seat to tilt the back of the seat forward, slide the entire seat forward, and then kick up the back of the track to obtain complete access to the back of the jeep.

The back of the seat will continue to lean forward, and the seat will glide forward in the tracks, but the track will not disengage, allowing the entire seat to rock forward.

What To Do When the Passenger Seat Won’t Fold Forward?

Is it difficult for you to fold the passenger seat forward? This is a relatively straightforward issue. And the first thing to keep an eye out for is track debris.

Jeep Wranglers are without a doubt one of the best off-road vehicles available. However, debris is likely to accumulate along the rail throughout your outdoor adventures, preventing the chairs from sliding back and forth.

It could be an object blocking the track if it isn’t rubbish. The seat should be unfastened after cleaning the track properly and eliminating all debris.

It is to mention that a few cords can be found under the seat. It’s possible that one of these, which permit the seat to flip forward, has cracked or become tangled.

It is preferable to remove the seat and examine the mechanism in order to pinpoint the source of the problem. Outside of the vehicle, diagnosing is much easy. If you go this way, there is a mechanism underneath the seat toward the front that allows you to tilt the seat forward to access the bolts that hold the seat to the floor.

What Can Be Other Issues with Your Passenger Seat and How To Fix Them?

It has already been mentioned that there might be few more issues with the passenger seat on your Jeep Wrangler. If you’re thinking about buying a Jeep Wrangler, keep in mind that this vehicle may have such troubles with the seats. So let’s get into the business.

The Back of Seat Adjustment Lever Isn’t Working

This isn’t simply a problem with Jeep Wranglers; it’s also a problem with many other car brands.

The lever that tilts the back of the seat forward will eventually become stuck, especially if it has been used for a long time. On a new Jeep Wrangler, this problem is unlikely to arise.

If you’re having this problem, it’s likely that you’ve had your Jeep for a few years and the seat tilting mechanism has failed.

When trying to tilt the passenger seat forward, this may be a source of frustration. A broken passenger tilting lever, on the other hand, is fairly simple to repair.

The first step is to make sure that the seat moves forward all the way. If the seat hasn’t slid forward in some Wrangler models, the rear of the seat may not fold.

You may also need to ‘jumpstart’ the tilting mechanism by pushing the seat down. Cycling the levers back and forth a few times can assist if your angler is a couple of years old. Avoid being overly rough with the lever, since this will damage it and cost you extra money in repairs.

Unfolding of the front passenger seat is not possible

As the front passenger seat must be folded to allow passengers to enter the back, this problem mostly affects two-door Jeep Wranglers.

When the seats are folded routinely in 2 door jeeps, the sound of breaking plastic is heard by the majority of owners. Moreover, despite the difficulty in determining what is broken, this is the most common cause of a stuck front passenger seat.

You’ll need to seek for a plastic clip if your front seat isn’t unfolding. When folding the seats, most people don’t notice this clip falling off the rail.

You must replace the clip on the rail in its original location. If you can’t see the one your dealer gave you, you can buy another one.

If you never fold your seats, there’s a good possibility the clip may come loose at some point. And you most likely got rid of it while cleaning your vehicle.

Confirm that the front passenger seat can be folded or unfolded. If you don’t have another clip, figure out how you’ll get one and fit it into the rail.

Will these Issues Be Fixed by The Dealership?

It is conceivable if the vehicle is covered by a warranty. When purchasing a car, it is advisable to choose one with a longer warranty, as this ensures that the dealer will cover the repair costs if the vehicle is damaged.

Your dealer, on the other hand, will not pay for anything if there is no warranty. You will have to cover repairs and replacements for passenger seat issues unless they are particularly focused on customer satisfaction.

Fortunately, most of these issues may be resolved quickly in your garage. Unless you have a significant problem, such as a broken passenger seat, you can fix the rest on your own.

Final Words

The cables from the rear seat clasp broke on one side, causing the passenger seat of your Jeep Wrangler to not fold forward. In this case, hopefully after reading the article, you now have the knowledge to find out why your Jeep Wrangler’s passenger seat isn’t folding forward, or if you’re experiencing other seat troubles, and what to do to fix them.

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