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How Much Does It Cost to Replace Jeep Wrangler Radio?

If you want to be entertained, the radios in the Jeep Wrangler will meet all of your needs. The radio will always be there for you. It can help you with GPS navigation, rear-view camera setup, and a lot of other things to keep you moving.

When the radio no longer acts as your friend, problems begin to arise. When the radio in your Jeep starts to malfunction, you’ll need to either repair it or replace it. The typical cost of replacing a radio is $1000, plus any additional expenses.

Don’t worry, we’ll do our best to cover all of the essential expenses associated with Jeep Wrangler radio replacement and the things you need to know about the replacement process in this post.

Jeep Wrangler Radio Replacement Cost (Updated Price)

Before you decide to change the radio in your Jeep Wrangler, you need to have a good idea of how much it will cost.

To begin, you must first ascertain the model of your Jeep Wrangler in order to purchase a radio that will fit it.

Unfortunately, some stereos are only compatible with particular years of Jeep Wranglers, which may be out of your pricing range.

The complete upgrade should cost between $400 and $700. However, if you want expert assistance, expect to pay $70 per hour for it.

Here are few Jeep Wrangler radio options for your reference-

PRODUCTConnectivity TechnologyDisplay TypeScreen Size
STINGER ‎STH10JKBluetooth, USB, HDMILCD10 Inches
AWESAFE AS-US-M3JeBluetooth, Auxiliary, USBLCD6.2 Inches
IYING B08BFN6K7SBluetooth, Cellular, Wi-FiLCD10.1 Inches
Pioneer MVH1400NEXUSBLED6.2 Inches
SWTNVIN B07WFGQKHZBluetooth, Auxiliary, Wi-Fi, USBLD Capacitive Touch Screen6.2 Inches
Insane Audio Fits 2018-2020WiFi and BluetoothHi-Def Touch Display9 inches
MekedeTech B08X1J7FRDWi-FiLCD6.2 inch

When Should You Replace the Radio in Your Jeep Wrangler?

There are a lot of people who say that after five years of using their radio, it started to act weird.

Some people say that after they hit 90,000 miles, they had problems.

But in most cases, it all comes down to how well you kept up with your things.

A wide range of variables might affect the sound system in your automobile. These are some examples:

  • Components That Don’t Work

You’ll need to repair some of your stereo’s crucial components if they’re broken.

  • The Sound Quality Is Degraded

If you notice that your Jeep Wrangler radio is making a bad sound, it’s time to replace it.

  • No Vibrations from the Speaker.

Poor speaker vibration is frequently the result of a Jeep Wrangler sound system malfunction.

  • Bandwidth Restrictions for Music

If your car’s speaker is broken, high or low sounds may be absent or distorted.

Jeep Wrangler Radio Installation Guide:

If you have all the tools in the kit plus a few more that may be found around the house, even a beginner can complete the project in less than an hour.

Then if you’re good at fixing things like that, you’re in luck. You won’t need to spend as long as a mechanic does: just 20 minutes.

Off-topic, but because you’re dealing with a limited amount of time, make sure you put in as much effort as possible to choose the ideal radio for your update.

Measurements, dimensions and other relevant figures should be taken into consideration, as well as the appearance of the item in question.

Make sure you don’t injure yourself or the audio system when using these tools. The following are the necessary resources:

  • Socket wrench
  • Screw Driver
  • Panel tool
  • T20 Torx driver
  • T30 Torx driver
  • Narrow nose plier
  • Narrow nose plier

Step 1: Replace the Head Unit

Loosen the tray on top of the stereo and the screw beneath it to replace the head unit. Remove and disconnect the switch tray from behind the head unit. Another screw must be unbolted on the back side of the controls.

Remove the plate behind the wheel support to have access to the two additional screws on both sides.

Finally, unscrew the four screws that secure the head unit to the panel. After removing the panel that covers it, unhook the cables at the back of the head unit and carefully remove it.

Step 2: Replace the front speakers

Remove the side panels, glove box, and lower dash panels to get to the front speakers. They’re all removable. To open the glove box, squeeze the sides and pull.

To remove the speaker box from the driver’s side, unbolt and remove the instrument panel. Two side bolts and one rear bolt secure the speaker boxes.

The speaker boxes must be rotated downwards to be removed.

After removing the speaker boxes, disconnect the speakers and remove the three screws on the front. Reverse the process to install your new speakers.

Step 3: Replacement of the tweeters

After dealing with your front speakers, the rest will be a breeze. The tweeters pop out of their housings at the dash’s top. Disconnect the little speaker and replace it.

Step 4: Replacing the sound bar speakers

The sound bar’s rear speakers are likewise easily replaced. It’s as simple as removing three screws. When removing the last screw, be cautious not to drop the speaker. Then disconnect it. Attach your new speaker to the sound bar.

Step 5: Adding an aftermarket amp

An aftermarket amplifier completes the stereo setup. If you have the Infinity sound system, an amplifier is already placed under the driver’s side dash. Installing a new amplifier requires additional creativity. Amplifiers are usually fitted in the trunk.


There are several Jeep Wrangler radio upgrade choices available, ranging from model-specific units that retain the factory dash aesthetic with properly built bezels and carefully selected screen sizes to universal aftermarket head units that may be readily converted with a little labor.

I have made an attempt to detail the projected cost of replacing your Jeep Wrangler radio. We hope that reading this has benefited you.

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