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Where is The Satellite Antenna Located on Jeep Wrangler?

Jeep Wrangler is quite popular amongst travelers and adventure lovers. This vehicle possesses a dual receiver radio for both AM/FM and satellite signals as well.

It is an important appliance for entertainment and regular updates if you are on the go for a long drive. Sometimes the factory-installed antenna fails to receive uninterrupted signals and stutters a lot.

More on that, you may get only a few stations received by the antenna. For this, you may want to relocate, modify or replace the factory satellite antenna with an aftermarket one.

To do this you must know the exact location of the satellite radio antenna in your Jeep Wrangler. Go through this article to track down the satellite radio antenna conveniently in your Jeep Wrangler.

Where is The Satellite Radio Antenna Location Jeep Wrangler?

There are a lot of active models in the Jeep Wrangler segment. Not all the models including the base model, possess the Satellite antenna for the radio.

In the higher models, you will get SiriusXM satellite radio antenna by default.

The satellite radio antenna is located under the fabrication of the passenger side roll bar. To be more precise, the wiring is done from the passenger side window frame of the vehicle.

And the antenna can be found just below the hard or soft top inside the roll bar adjacent to the right side protective foam. To see or work with the antenna you must take off the hardtop and fabric underlayment.

Some of the Jeep Wrangler JK and JL models install the satellite radio antenna receiver above the right-side speaker.

In the older models of the Jeep Wrangler, you need to remove the soundbar to get access to the wiring and the antenna itself. You need to access from the front passenger’s side.

On the other hand in the newer models, the antenna is shifted above the roll bar right above the passenger side.

Why Do You Need Satellite Radio Antenna on Jeep Wranglers?

It can be monotonous for a traveler to go for a long journey without a satellite radio antenna in his Jeep.

Besides, there are various other necessities of a satellite-enabled radio in a Jeep going for long tours.


A long adventurous journey by a jeep cannot be imagined without music. Satellite radio antennas enable the integrated factory radio to receive more radio stations.

Normal AM/FM radio antennas are not able to receive enough over horizon stations that are slightly off the range. In order to receive the satellite radio stations, you require a satellite radio antenna.

Satellite radios broadcast in a different band of frequency which can be only received by a satellite radio antenna.

The satellite radios play up-to-date mainstream music and country music as well. Moreover, you will have no interruption while listening to music using the satellite radio while traveling through different regions.

Weather Updates

Going on an adventure tour requires constant updates of the weather of the location you are traveling to. FM radios are very hard to receive while you are on the go, moving very fast, especially on a Highway.

But a satellite antenna can work in all sorts of conditions. Because the radio frequency is directly relayed from the satellite. It does not require radio towers in the region.

You can listen to the weather updates constantly without any sort of interruption or receiving problem. Hence you will be able to plan your way through if any sort of emergency occurs.

You can listen to a channel of your preference traveling throughout the country as well.


Satellite radio antennas are made to receive the satellite radio channels. On a travel-friendly vehicle such as a Jeep wrangler, installing a satellite radio antenna is worth it.

No matter where you travel you will have access to listening to regional and national news bulletins or breaking news. You can also remain up to date about the Traffic in your region.

If you are a sports lover then you don’t have to miss any sports updates while using the satellite radio antenna.

And the good thing about using the satellite radio antenna there is no possibility of losing the radio channels and their programs.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Satellite Radio Antenna On Jeep Wrangler?

Installing an aftermarket satellite radio antenna requires two types of costs. The product cost and the labor cost or service charge.

But considering you know how to track your satellite radio antenna in your Jeep Wrangler and have the basic disassembling tools. Then you can avoid spending money on the service charge in the garage.

Product Cost:

You can get the Visteon or SiriusXM satellite radio antenna for your Jeep Wrangler.

The 2007-2018 model of Jeep Wrangler supports SiriusXM satellite radio antenna for $99.9. It requires in-depth installation on the hardtop.

Again if you want to use the exterior version that uses the Magnetic mount, then it will cost comparatively lesser. This type of satellite radio antenna kit of SiriusXM will cost about $49.95.

The MOPAR satellite radio antennas are more costly due to their additional integrated navigation system. This comes with a price tag of $124.95.

Service Charge:

The labor cost depends upon the location of the garage where you will go for installation.

You may need to spend around $55-$75 for the service charge of disassembling the hardtop, dashboard, and factory radio.

It also includes the charge for the installation of the antenna and reassembling of everything.


Replacing and relocating the factory satellite antenna are done for various reasons. The most common reason is the problem with the reception of the signals.

And it mostly happens due to modifying the roof and adding more appliances on the roof of the hardtop. This requires tracking the satellite radio antenna location on your Jeep Wrangler.

After locating the radio antenna you easily swap the factory one with an aftermarket radio antenna with better reception quality.

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