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Jeep Wrangler Seat Upholstery Replacement Cost and Details

Overtimes, the Jeep’s interior tends to get defective, especially the seats turn ripped or worn out badly. When that happens, one can easily fix their Jeep Wrangler’s condition by upholstering the worn-out seats instead of purchasing a new vehicle. That might lead you to wonder how much the jeep wrangler seat upholstery might cost? 

Although the pricing will vary depending on some key facts, the Jeep Wrangler seat upholstery can still cost someone a minimum of $200 up to a maximum of $2,500.

For your better understanding, here I will be explaining the entire Jeep Wrangler seats upholstery cost breakdown and other relevant details in this article- 

At a glance Jeep Wrangler Seat Upholstery estimated cost breakdown-

Seat Upholstery Options  Estimated Cost
Complete Replacement of Old Seat materials‎‎
‎‎$200 up to $2,500  
Front Seats (Per Seat)‎ $200 up to $750
Front Bucket Seats/ Bench Seats (Per Seat)‎ $250 up to $1,000
Front & Rear Seats (Per Pair)‎ $1,000 up to $2,500
Additional Repairing  $100 up to $800

Jeep Wrangler Seat Upholstery Replacement Cost (Updated Price)

Before planning on purchasing a new vehicle model, just because your current Jeep Wrangler’s seats have turned into a disaster is not a wise decision when you can actually fix it by upholstering the seats.

The actual cost of your vehicle’s seat upholstery will highly depend on some other core facts such as your vehicle model, making year, seat style, your preferred seat upholstery style, material, and size.

It will also depend on whether you want custom seat covers or available aftermarket upholstery options.

If you are planning on replacing the complete old seat materials, not just the covers from any professional workshop, it can approximately cost you $200 up to $750 per Front seat, $250 up to $1,000 per Front Bucket seat, and $1,000 up to $2,500 for Front & Rear Seat pair.

However, if you are only planning on replacing the seat covers with custom-fit slipcovers, it might cost you around $200 up to $1800 max.

Also, additional repairing tasks such as adding foam or batting and fixing the springs will cost you an additional $100 up to $800 max.

Besides that, the labor expense will also vary depending on the damage level, location, and local rate. On average, you can get the job done by professional people approximately at $150 up to $300, and in some cases, the labor cost might go up to $500.

Also remember this given cost estimation does not include the tax and other fees.

When Should You Replace Your Jeep Wrangler Seat Upholstery?

Typically, one should consider replacing the Jeep’s seat upholstery whenever they notice the damage or worn-out condition of their vehicle’s seats.

Besides that, you should consider replacing the seat upholstery of your vehicle, if you notice that the seat materials have started to lift as soon you scoot around in your vehicle seat.

If the seat materials are still in good condition or shape, you might only need to tighten them to fix the issue.

Also, if you start smelling strong odor coming from your vehicle seats, such as smoking cigars, pet, food smells, or it can be any other mushy odor caused by mildew and bad bacteria growth on your seats, then it’s time to consider reupholstering your Jeep seats.

Stubborn stains on the seats are another pain especially when you get that kind of stain on your leather upholstery. Removing those stains is next to impossible, so that’s another potential indication that your vehicle seats need reupholstery.

Remember, the worn-out or torn seat upholstery of your vehicle will eventually ruin the staffing of your vehicle seats, and if the damage gets worse, you might have to change the complete set of your vehicle seats instead of reupholstering them.

Jeep Wrangler Seat Upholstering Guide:

Once you have finally decided to finally that you need your Jeep Wrangler seat upholstery done, it’s time to have a look at all the necessary tools required for that job –

Required Tools-

  • New Seat upholstery
  • Screwdriver
  • Socket Wrench set
  • Hand help pry tool
  • Jack Stands

Thoroughly follow below instructions-

Step 1 – You might use a few jacks stand to lift your vehicle and support it to stay in there while you do the seat upholstery. Find the correct socket wrench to disconnect your vehicle seat base from the floor.

Step 2 – If your Jeep Wrangler model has any other electrical components connected like the power-seat controls, carefully disconnect the connectors too.

Step 3 – Now, carefully remove the seat with someone’s help and set it on your work table or desk. Then, slowly push in the small detent at your seat’s base to remove the headrest.

Step 4 – Next, unzip the upholstery from the seat backing for better clear access to your vehicle seat base and unbolt the seat base from the main seat frame.

Step 5 – After that, disconnect the side clips that hold the seat base to the cushion. Then, use a small pry bar to disconnect the inner clips and, at the same time, lift upward to remove the seat upholstery.

Step 6 – For the secure seat backing, carefully detach the screws to disconnect the seat base from its frame, and disconnect the side clips, which hold the seat base to the cushion.

Step 7 – Now, bring the new seat base upholstery and put it on the base cushion. Stretch it so that, you can easily connect the first clip at the rear. When you are done on the rear side, connect the front clips in the same manner.

Step 8 – Next, reattach the seat base to its frame and carefully repeat step 6 once again to secure the seat backing. Once you have successfully ensured the seat backing upholstery, zip the seat backing up.

Step 9 – After that, re-install the seat headrest and seat into your vehicle just like before. Ensure that the newly upholstery seat has sat in place securely.

Remember seat upholstery job might look easy, but it requires basic mechanical knowledge. So, unless you have that much expertise in such tasks, contact your nearest servicing center.

What Are the Fabrics Choices Available for Jeep Wrangler Seat Upholstery?

You will definitely get a few good fabric options to choose between for your Jeep Wrangler seat upholstery.

Remember, when you are thinking about your vehicle’s seat upholstery, you should choose the most durable fabric which can easily withstand more than the standard longevity period.

But you should also consider the budget before choosing the fabric material cause based on each fabric’s quality, the cost will go up and down, so pick wisely after learning about the fabric options-

The first fabric choice is Nylon, it’s a woven, durable fabric and also available in various color options. Remember it is the most popular option since it does not tear quickly, is quite tough and not to forget very affordable.

Next, you can try Vinyl fabric, which is very convenient to clean and pretty hard-wearing. It is also one of the common fabric materials that most people use.

Another durable fabric choice is Faux vinyl, which is originally Nylon material but feels soft like suede. It is kind of an affordable alternative to leather because its appearance shines like leather fabric.

You can even try PCV for your vehicle, which is a soft plastic type of material. It is very flexible and stretches well. Reportedly, this material tends to get too hot and steaky during warm weather.

If style and comfort are your ultimate priority to choose the seat upholstery fabric, nothing can beat leather. Plus, you can color it as your preference, and leather will last for a quality period but will be a bit expensive.


As soon you notice that your Jeep seats seem in bad condition or you are simply in the mood to change your vehicle’s interior, you can think of upholstering or reupholstering your Jeep Wrangler’s seat.

To make your job much easier and stress less, I have already explained everything regarding the seat upholstery job and its cost estimation here.

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