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Cost of Replacing Jeep Wrangler Side Window: What to Expect?

A broken or cracked side window on your favorite Jeep Wrangler vehicle raises major safety concerns for the riders. That’s why one should immediately decide on replacing the side window as soon they notice the damage over there.

Now that action might lead one to wonder how much the Jeep Wrangler side window replacement cost? Although the exact cost estimation mostly varies depending on some core facts, one can still get the job done $200 up to $450 or $530 from the professional mechanic or repairing shop.

Now I will provide the entire Side Window replacement cost breakdown of the Jeep Wrangler and other relevant details for your better understanding-

Jeep Wrangler Side Window Replacement Cost (Updated Price)

Reportedly, the average cost range of Jeep Wrangler vehicle’s side window replacement hangs between $200 and $450, but it might go up to $530 or $600.

The labor expense is not fixed either because it varies from technician to technician as well as repairing workshop to workshop.

According to several trusted auto vehicle repairing Forums, some customers shared that they have paid $70 up to $180, and others mentioned the average labor expense between $100 and $230.

Besides that, the side window replacement parts price mostly hang between $60 and $160 depending on from where you are purchasing it.

The parts price will also fluctuate depending on your preference, whether you prefer tempered, gorilla, or laminated glass for your vehicle window.

Note that if you choose premium quality glass, it will definitely cost higher.

Remember, the actual side window replacement cost of your Jeep Wrangler will highly fluctuate depending on your vehicle model, year, window style, damage level, and your location.

The replacement cost will also vary depending on your preferred replacement choice or window glass type, the difficulty level of window installation, and the local labor rate of such servicing.

Remember, this provided side window replacing cost estimation of Jeep Wrangler does not include the local tax and other charges.

When Should You Replace Your Jeep Wrangler Side Window?

Technically speaking, you should decide on replacing the side window of your Jeep as soon you notice any visible damage or crack there.

In general, each Jeep Wrangler model is paired with a factory assembled quality side window that is durable enough to last for a longer period unless the jeep regularly experiences aggressive driving and rough conditions.

The earlier the better, so keep a close eye on your Jeep Wrangler vehicle’s side window condition. Especially, if you see any visible hole or crack over there, make sure to inspect the condition further and replace it as soon as possible before the window shatters on the floor or over the passenger’s body or face.

Also, if you notice any deep crack or scratch on your vehicle window, do not waste any more time and immediately change the window.

But just like any other parts or components of Jeep overtime, these factory-assembled side windows can also get tempered or damaged.

Besides that, the side window can get damaged after experiencing a crash or collision.

That’s why the wise move will be to get your vehicle completely inspected by any professional auto mechanic or technician immediately after any collusion encounter.

Jeep Wrangler Side Window Installation Guide:

Once you have finally decided to replace the existing side window of your Jeep Wrangler vehicle after noticing any potential damage or problem over there, it is time to have a look at all the necessary tools that one will need for finishing this replacement task –

Required Tools-

  • New Side Window Replacement Kit
  • Protective Cover for the window
  • Razor Knife & Sharp Knife
  • Masking Tape (6X2X10 inches)
  • Grease Pencil For Measurement Markings
  • Ammonia-based Cleaner & Two Lint-free Cloths 
  • Naphtha Cleaner
  • Molding
  • Glass Prep Adhesion Promoter
  • Glass & Pinchweld Primers

Now, thoroughly follow all given the instructions below-

Step 1 – Before starting the main task, use any protective covering to cover your Jeep’s window surface area first so that while you are working, you do not damage your vehicle’s paint.

Step 2 – Use a razor knife and first cut between the inside of the molding and the quarter class. Sequentially cut around the inner perimeter of the molding and its cap.

Afterward, use a cold sharp knife to cut the urethane around your vehicle’s quarter glass. Now you can easily remove the window from the opening, so carefully do that.

Step 3 – Now that the window is successfully removed, trim the urethane of the glass opening fence while leaving a base level of three-millimeter. After that, place the new window in the center of the opening and against the opening fence.

Step 4 – Next, you need to verify that the new window’s measurements fit perfectly all-around in your vehicle’s side window’s original position. You can even use the grease pencil to put marks on the new glass and top for alignment and make sure it lays in place evenly.

Step 5 – Now that you are sure of all the measurements, carefully remove the new glass and clean its inside with an ammonia-based cleaner and a lint-free cloth. After that use the Naphtha cleaner and lint-free cloth to clean the outer edge of the glass.

Step 6 – Next, you need to carefully place a molding around the new glass and apply the prep adhesion promoter around its perimeter. Then, after a few seconds wipe promoter with a lint-free cloth and let it dry fully.

Now follow the same technique again on the new glass but this time use the glass primer and do not wipe the liquid. Just wait for three minutes and let it dry properly.

Step 7 – It’s time to prep your new glass fence, so put Pichweld primer 15 mm widely around the entire glass fence and again wait for three minutes to let it fully dry.  After that, apply a 10 mm diameter urethane bead in the middle of the new glass fence surface.

Step 8 – Finally, place the new glass in the grease marked position and ensure that the alignment fits perfectly. Immediately push the window inward until the molding perfectly sits on your Jeep’s hardtop.

After completing the window reinstallation, open the windows as well as the liftgate to prevent the urethane curing build-up pressure. Now put the masking tape to keep it in place during the urethane curing. When it’s done, remove the masking tape and do a water test to ensure its fixed.

Note: Remember, replacing the side window of Jeep Wrangler requires standard mechanical knowledge and expertise so, if you are not confident enough to do it, I highly recommend contacting professional people for the job.

How Long Does It Take to Replace a Jeep Wrangler Side Window?

Although the time duration mostly varies from mechanic to mechanic depending on their knowledge and expertise, one can still get the entire side window glass replacement done within one and half hours. Mostly professional experts take one hour max but still, you should consider extra half an hour in advance since, after the replacement task, the mechanic also needs to clean up everything and test whether everything is in the right condition or any additional fixing is required.


The last thing one wishes to deal with while on a long trip or simply on the highway is the broken, damaged, or cracked side window. That’s why as soon you notice the problem, immediately contact your nearest auto servicing center. This article will also guide you to learn more about the Jeep Wrangler side window replacement task, cost, and process.

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