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Troubleshooting Guide: How to Fix Jeep Wrangler Starting Problems (Root Causes)

The Jeep Wrangler is a popular vehicle, especially for adventure and tour-loving persons. You can drive this vehicle on most surface types quite easily while touring.

But if the Jeep fails to start suddenly in a very stranded area, it won’t be entertaining news for you. There can be several issues that prevent the Jeep wrangler from getting started.

Unlike other cars, the Jeep Wrangler uses a powerful engine and several relay switches,  starters, and other mechanisms to transmit the ignition successfully. Problems in any of these may cause failure in the ignition.

Go through this article till the end to find out the problems and the solutions to the starting issues of Jeep Wrangler.

What Would Cause a Jeep Wrangler Not to Start?

Unlike the standard commuter cars, more issues can cause the Jeep Wrangler not to get started. That is why it is better to look deeply into the causes and the problems before jumping to the solutions.

1. Lower Cranking Power From The Battery

Let us start from the basics.  A low voltage or a dead battery is the most common cause that forbids the Jeep Wranger from getting started. The battery of your Jeep can be dead due to several reasons.

Keeping the headlights and high beams running for a long time can use up the juice from the battery. Moreover, leaving the jeep abandoned for a long time may cause the battery to get discharged quickly.

A Jeep engine requires enormous cold-cranking power, otherwise known as CCA, for the ignition. If the battery fails to deliver that amount of amperage, the Jeep Wrangler fails to start.

2. Faulty or Damaged Spark Plug

Spark plugs cause the initial ignition to turn over the engine. It keeps on sparking inside the engine’s combustion chamber while the Jeep is driven.

Therefore, if your spark plug is damaged or faulty for some reason, the engine may not get ignited.

3. Problem in The Starter

The starter of the Jeep Wrangler is a small electrical device with a small gear that engages with the flywheel of the engine. When the ignition key is turned, it delivers power to the engine and allows it to start the combustion process.

Therefore if you hear any bad noise such as whirring, grinding, or cranking of the engine, there is a possibility of a faulty starter.

Sometimes, the instrumental panel lights up everything, but there won’t be any cranking to the engine and just a clicking sound if the starter is damaged.

4. Problem with The Ignition Cable

People try starting the Jeep Wrangler using the jump start technique. But if the procedure fails too, there is a possible issue in the ignition cable.

A broken ignition cable fails to deliver the cranking power from the battery to the engine. Hence, there will be no ignition when you run over the key.

5. Empty Fuel Tank

The most unusual cause for the Jeep wrangler not starting over the problem is the empty tank. You must check the gas tank indicator every time you turn over the vehicle.

Trying to start the engine while the gas tank is empty will make a cranking noise only. You will get the instrumental panels lighted up, but the engine will fail to start due to a lack of gas in the combustion chamber.

How To Fix Jeep Wrangler Starting Problems?

Now that we have learned about the probable causes of the Jeep wrangler not getting started. It is time to understand the best-suited solutions to the problems.

Solving The Battery Issue:

At first, you have to confirm that the battery’s low voltage is the cause of the Jeep wrangler not getting started. Connect a Multimeter with load/stress testing capability.

Measure the initial voltage and the voltage during the stress test. If the voltage falls below 12.45V, the battery runs low and requires recharging.

You can use the automated smart battery charger to recharge the battery to its total capacity. Ensure that the battery is free of sulphation and that corrosion does not affect the connecting ports.

Spark Plug Solution:

If the problem resides within the spark plug, it requires repairing. You have to take it to a garage for a better remedy. If you have the required tools, you can try minimizing the gap between the spark plug electrodes.

You can also try cleaning the spark plug connection of debris and specks of dirt. If none of these works, you may have to replace the faulty one with an authorized spark plug.

Starter Solution:

You can ask for other people’s help to get your vehicle started with a faulty starter. Shift the gear to neutral and let others push the Jeep. Once the Jeep has gained some acceleration, upshift the gear and try starting the engine.

Take your Jeep to the nearest Jeep workshop to get your starter treated as soon as possible.

Fixing The Ignition Cable:

You can reset the connections to fix the ignition cable after ensuring that the broken area is treated with electrical tapes. It is recommended to replace the ignition cable with a durable new one.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix Jeep Wrangler Starting Problems?

The cost of fixing the Jeep wrangler’s starting problem depends upon the issue. If any parts require replacement, you have to pay the parts fee and service fee.

The starter replacement of jeep wrangler models from 1998 to 2016 requires starter costs of $307 to $410. For this, the service could be around $112- $141.

Ignition coil and cable replacing cost Jeep Wrangler need around $39 for the part and $95 as the labor charge.


Older Jeep wrangler models have an issue of not getting started all of a sudden. With time the sophisticated parts for the ignition get worn and torn.

A dead battery also causes a similar problem. For all these, you have to be prepared by knowing all about the Jeep Wrangler Starting problems.

This will help you understand and make the best decision for solving the problem. Lastly, regular maintenance and servicing of your Jeep Wrangler may save you from facing the hassle of ignition Jeep.

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