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Jeep Wrangler Tweeter Replacement: Cost and Installation Guide

Tweeters are there in every Sedan, SUV, and even truck nowadays. They might not be the primary speakers to produce sound, but they add much flair. If you disconnect the tweeters in your vehicle, you will notice something missing from the sound produced. 

They are focused on delivering high-pitched sounds and different notes with precision. However, if they don’t provide the sound expected, they will need a replacement. 

With that being said, this article will tell you the Jeep Wrangler tweeter replacement cost and installation guide. Therefore, being a Jeep Wrangler user, nothing to worry about. Just stay with us till the end of the article.

When Should You Replace The Jeep Wrangler Tweeter?

Tweeters are some awesome additions to the sound system of any vehicle. But just like every other component, they do lag or wear out after a period. Some very good reasons support the need for replacing tweeters in your vehicle. Here are some of the probable reasons behind replacement:

Improved Sound Output

Compared to the factory-made tweeters that come built-in with the sound system of Jeep Wrangler, the aftermarket ones are a tad better.

If you install the aftermarket models in the place of the stock tweeters, they will ensure that you get better stereo imaging. You must install the aftermarket tweeters in the exact position of the stock ones.

When you install them in the correct position, you will notice the improvement in the music and raised soundstage due to the placement. 

Degrading Sound Quality

After a certain period, a specific fluid type is a ferrofluid present in the tweeter that dries up. The main job of this fluid is to improve the sound quality and make sure that there is no overheating. But every 8-10 years, this fluid dries up. 

The tweeter’s sound is then choked and can even cause the tweeter not to function. This is not prevalent in modern-day tweeters. But if you have been using the Jeep Wrangler for almost a decade, this issue might need a solution in the form of replacement.

How To Install A Jeep Wrangler Tweeter?

You already know why you need to replace the tweeters; it’s time to move into the actual process. But different models of the Jeep Wrangler have different types of tweeter placements.

But nothing to worry about as we will tell you the simplest possible way to install the new aftermarket tweeter. Here are the steps you should follow:

Step-1: Pry the Panel

Often in various versions of Jeep Wrangler, you will find that the tweeter sits under a panel. In most cases, this panel is made of plastic and can be removed very quickly in a short time.

The best strategy you need to adopt is to use a plastic pry and remove the panel very carefully using your hands. But while doing this, don’t put scratches on the dashboard.

You need to use the pry cautiously so that there aren’t any unwanted scratches that mess up the smoothness of your dashboard.

Step-2: Unbolt the Tweeter

The next step is to unbolt the tweeter using a 7 mm ratchet. You will see that the tweeter is hooked up with the dashboard using two 7 mm bolts. Therefore, take a 7 mm ratchet for its removal and take out the bolts very carefully.

While doing this, move the ratchet slowly and cautiously. As the tweeters are placed close to the glass, chances are there to have cracks on the glance due to slight misjudgment. Therefore, use them carefully while loosening the bolts.

Step-3: Pull the Molex plug

After you take out the tweeter from its place, you’ll see a Molex plug attached to it. Pull that out to make the tweeter wholly detached from the Jeep Wrangler.

Step-4: Plug in the Aftermarket Tweeter

When you take out the stock tweeter, it is time to replace it with the new one.

The process is straightforward. You need to plug in the new tweeter with a Molex plug and place the tweeter where it is supposed to be.

Step-5: Finishing Installation

When the placement is done, use the ratchet again and tighten the bolts. Like the first time, be cautious until the new is fully drawn. Then, cover the tweeter with the panel. For the other tweeters on the dashboard, you must follow similar steps. 

Other than this, there are few models where you would find the tweeters are placed vertically.  To remove them, you can use the pry to detach them from the panel where they are set.

Jeep Wrangler Tweeter Maintenance Guide

Like any other speaker inside your jeep wrangler, the tweeters also need proper care and maintenance. Unless you look after it, it will not give your adequate output and will have a shorter lifespan.

Therefore, here are a few tips to follow to maintain the tweeters properly:

Keep it dust-free:

Ensure that the dust doesn’t settle for a long time in your tweeter. Dusts affect the tweeter’s performance heavily and that is why you need to clean them more often.

Avoid Magnets:

Keep the magnets away from the tweeter. The magnetic field produced from the magnet causes distortion in the sound when it comes into contact with the electromagnet in the tweeter. 

Place it Right:

Set the tweeter accurately on its actual position. You must make sure that the bolts are tightened or else there would be unsteady sound outputs. If you aren’t confident enough, better consult a professional installer.

Check Connections:

Ensure that the connection of the Power supply with the tweeter isn’t disturbed. Most often the cables may get disconnected or tangled, which leads to poor output. You need to do a routine check to see whether the cables are alright. 

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Jeep Wrangler Tweeters?

The significant cost you will incur to replace Jeep Wrangler tweeters is the cost of aftermarket tweeters.

Since the aftermarket tweeters promise to deliver better output, they are also priced high. You will find the best possible options for $30-60.

Other than this, you will need an extra $100-200 if you want to remove it through a mechanic. The process is easy, though, whereas the mechanic cost would be unnecessary.


The tweeters in the Jeep Wrangler make sure that you don’t have a dull experience with the sound system. But to make it even better, an aftermarket tweeter is the best possible solution.

When installing them in your Jeep, ensure that you don’t mess up. The removal and installation process can harm your dashboard due to slight misjudgment.

Moreover, after reading the article, we hope that you will be able to carry out the installation quite easily; if you feel that there is anything we missed out on, do let us know.

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