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How Much Does It Cost to Replace Jeep YJ Dash? (Details)

When a Jeep YJ dash component malfunctions, the entire driving experience is harmed. Customizing, upgrading, or fixing your Jeep Wrangler YJ dash is easy.

Prices may vary based on what features you want in the dash; prices may range from $230 to $600, depending on your needs.

The purpose of this post is to provide you with all of the required information on replacing your Jeep Wrangler YJ dash, as well as any costs that may be associated with the procedure.

Jeep Jeep YJ Dash Replacement Cost (Updated Price)

This is the option to choose if you want to totally remove and replace your damaged YJ dashboard. You can choose the Flat style dashes that are installed in the same manner as the conventional steel backer panel.

You will be able to keep all of your factory heater and duct components. It is possible to employ defrost deflectors or a steel dash pad with defrost ducts built in, depending on your preference.

It’s as simple as rewiring for new gauges. Depending on what you want in the dash, the price will vary accordingly. Prices range from $230 to $600.

Get rid of the plastic dash panels and the faulty gauges that are cluttering up your dashboard. Only three of your Jeep’s factory plastic panels are being replaced by these replacement panels. Insist on preserving your stock dashboard padding and steel backer.

For angled style:

  • Steering column panel $70
  • Center Panel $95
  • Glove box $120

For Flat style:

  • Steering column panel $70
  • Center Panel $70
  • Glove box $120

If you’re looking for a personalized dash, expect to pay roughly $610 for a whole dash.

Here are few dashboards upgrade options and their prices-

Tuffy 036-01 Secure Glove Box Safe in Black$219.00
Rugged Ridge 13309.02 Inclinometer$26.29
Kentrol 30519 Polished Stainless Steel Dash Overlay$64.79
Coverking Custom Carpet Dash Cover$44.99
Smittybilt 812101 Vaulted Glove Box in Black$87.99
Crown Automotive Center Dash Gauge Panel$24.99

Taxes and fees, as well as your vehicle and location, are not included in this price range.

There are no taxes or fees included, but it gives you an idea of what a new dashboard from your local mechanic or dealership may cost. You can get a great deal on a vital component for your automobile if you know the average price.

When Should You Replace Your Jeep YJ Dash?

Although the YJ was manufactured years ago, it continues to operate because to your diligent upkeep. The dash on this vintage Jeep Wrangler could require some attention from time to time.

Even if you only focus on the interior, the possibilities for personalizing your Jeep Wrangler YJ are nearly endless. While some Jeep Wrangler JK owners prefer to have their seat belts replaced, others opt to have their dashboard panels and overlays upgraded.

If your Jeep YJ’s dash is acting up, here are a few indicators or warning signs to keep an eye on. Consider replacing your Jeep YJ’s dash if you have any of these issues.

Nonfunctional Gauge:

When the gauge on your Jeep YJ does not function properly, it is due to dashboard issues.

Backlight feature won’t turn on:

When you are experiencing troubles with your dash board, the backlight will not ordinarily illuminate. This is an indication that your dashboard need modifications.

Blown Dashboard Fuse:

It’s possible that the fuses under the dash of your Jeep YJ have blown. Additionally, it is possible that the lights on the dashboard of your car are no longer working. When they get too old or if the electrical energy becomes too high, a mechanism that protects your Jeep YJ’s elements may experience this problem.

Dash light won’t work:

Dash light on your dashboard won’t work this might be because of a blown fuse. Replacing your jeep YJ dashboard may help solving this problem.

If you have the necessary resources (money, time, and experience), you may modify the parts of your Jeep’s dashboard

Jeep YJ dash Installation Guide:

For installing a new change on your jeep YJ dash follow the following steps-

Step 1: Use a box or socket wrench to loosen and remove the negative battery cable.

Step 2: Remove the dashboard holding screws. Two screws are beneath the steering wheel, three are under the instrument cluster, and eight are along the dash above the windscreen.

Step 3: Remove each dash component from the car, starting at the top. To remove each component from its holding clips, you must pull hard.

On the dash are a panel to the left of the steering wheel, a panel on top of the steering wheel, and a glove box assembly. You can change and replace them easily.

Step 4: After that, you can put your dash upgrades to their place and connect the right wiring carefully.

Step 5: Secure all the screws with necessary instruments then your dash board will be installed.

The dashboard of your Jeep can be much more than simply a place for the radio and air vents. Customization options include extra storage, switches, glove boxes, and security glove boxes.

There are a wide variety of options available to assist you build a dash arrangement that meets your demands and personal flair.

Other tiny objects that can be kept in storage compartments include dash trays or higher dash panels which can be easily installed.

Additional switches for things like extra front or back lights, for example, can be inserted into the dash panel or the pillars.

There are also replacement glove boxes made out of steel that are safe to use while transporting valuables. There are several options for personalization in terms of dash pad, knob, and overlay coloration.


If you have the time and money, you may customize your Jeep YJ interior, including the front console and steering wheel on the dash.

Jeep modification professionals can help you design a new Jeep YJ main dashboard and driver controls, enabling you to create something really unique.

Naturally, replacing the complete dashboard will be pricey due to the need for separate components and a new dashboard. There’s no better way to give your jeep a whole new look and feel provided you’re willing to spend the money.

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