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Kawasaki KX 85: Exploring Top Speed, Specs, and Features

If you are looking for the ultimate thrill for your kid, the Kawasaki KX 85 is ready to take your young racer to complete madness! Make your beloved child fall in love with dirt biking, and what’s the best way of doing it? Get your child a Yamaha KX 85.

Meant to absorb all the bumps of any terrain on the road, Kawasaki made a true legend. This bike has got it all, from a super-powerful engine to convenient features to reliable performance!

That’s why we’ve gathered all the information about KX 85 top speed, specs, and review to make your decision easier. So let’s dive in!

About Kawasaki KX 85

The Kawasaki KX85 is the official racing bike of Kawasaki, which aims for the amateur who possesses intermediate to advanced skills. Including an 84cc liquid two-stroke engine, it offers the power and grunt to send the bike hopping and leaping over whoops and hills without any issue.

In 2002, Kawasaki came with a wonderful bike with a single-cylinder two-stroke engine named KX 85. The initial model had a 6-speed transmission and was lime green in color.

Yamaha made the 2006 version with young riders in mind. The small bike was designed in a way that kids can ride it too! Later the 2005 model had an adjustable suspension, making the ride more comfortable.

In 2009, the bike had a cool transformation with more power and better handling. Later in 2010, Yamaha upgraded the brakes to ensure reliable and secure braking. Later in 2011, the bike was made a bit lighter than before.

The 2015 Kawasaki KX 85 rocked an Integrated Power-Valve system that gave a nice boost in the mid-area of the bike. Besides, Yamaha enhanced the top speed too! The bike was later equipped with an electronic fuel injection system, making fuel delivery a breeze!

Kawasaki KX 85 Specs And Features

In the next section of the KX 85 top speed, specs, and review, we will look at the excellent features. Here, you will get why this is the best deal for beginners!

Powerful Two-Stroke Engine:

The Kawasaki KX 85 comes with an 85cc two-stroke engine and many power-inducing features, for example, a Nikasil-plated cylinder and shallow combustion chamber with an ample exhaust port for gas flow.

This motocross bike also allows you to enjoy a superior throttle response as the single-ring piston pattern reduces the friction of the cylinder wall.

The 83mm crankshaft contains a resin block that closes the gap near the crankpin on each side of the machined area. It boosts power and makes the crank more durable and rigid.

Plus, this motor comes with an excellent cooling capacity to keep the engine cool and transmit consistent power during the grueling motos. This feature prolongs the lifespan of the machine.

Besides, the engine is integrated with a lightweight electrofusion-coated cylinder. It prevents seizure and abrasion while improving heat transfer.

Race-Proven Suspension & Chassis:

When it comes to off-road bikes, chassis and suspension are the two most essential features after the engine. With its race-proven suspension with KYB 36mm forks, you can simply withstand the roughest terrain.

Kawasaki uses a UniTrack single-shock system with 21 position rebound damping and 24 position compression adjustment for a smooth and vigorous suspension experience. Moreover, it also includes an adjustable spring preload that helps the rider handle the bike as they want.

Young riders can also experience different track conditions and riding styles as it also features 20 position damper adjustments. Now, what about the frame and its durability?

This bike is constructed with a high-tensile steel perimeter frame to maintain handling. The bike’s body has a 1265mm wheelbase that provides better handling and maneuverability.

Combined Brake system & Wheels:

In the KX 85 model, Kawasaki uses a combined brake system, which has front and rear disc brakes. The front brake has 220 mm stopping power. On the other hand, the rear brake is lightweight and strong and has 184 mm stopping power.

Overall, you can stop the KX 85 dirt bike quickly with minimal effort with its strong braking power.

The front wheel of the KX 85 is 17 inches, while the rear wheel measures 14 inches. The rear hub includes two wheel bearings on the hub of the driver side for durability.

Smooth Handling:

For any beginner, bike handling must be your priority when planning to buy a new bike. The LX 85 shines in this area with its excellence in the handling department. Furthermore, as this bike runs comparatively slower, it’s much easier to control the speed.

Hence, despite the roughest condition of the road, you can easily withstand all terrains, and your bike will still run just fine.

Convenient Handle Bar:

This bike comes with a six-position handlebar, allowing the riders to choose one according to their preference. This also helps your body to adjust the geometries of the bike accordingly.

No matter how tall a bike is, a well-fitted bike will give you the most comfort. The fine adjustments will, of course, reduce fatigue and joint pains, which is quite common with this kind of bike.

Kawasaki KX 85 Top Speed

When it comes to hitting the highest number of figures in the gauge, the Kawasaki KX 85 hits 80 miles per hour. If you are a kilometer person, the number is 129 kilometers per hour.

Dirt bikes generally offer low speed. In simple words, dirt bikes aren’t similar to racing bikes, so you can’t anticipate a fast pace from these bikes. Though the Kawasaki KX 85 acts like a racing bike, it has a much lower speed than racing bikes.

For any beginner rider, this speed is no way less. Similarly, the speed is intentionally limited so that any beginner can learn and later on take on any of the big dogs.

How To Increase Kawasaki KX 85 Top Speed?

If you like the thrill while riding with high-speed off-road bikes, it may not be possible to experience the standard system of the Kawasaki KX 85. But what if you apply some technique to increase the top speed of your bike?

You might be glad to know there are some ways you can apply to increase the top speed and enhance your dirt biking. Below are some useful ideas that you can surely imply.

1. Upgrade The Factory Clutch

The clutch with the dirt bike is good enough for novice riders. But if you want a bit more speed, you can change the main clutch with a race-specific one to boost the speed.

But you won’t gain this in the horsepower form. When you change the existing clutch, you’ll notice the ground power, pickup, acceleration, and control changes.

And these improvements will simply lead you to a better speed and engine performance of your KX 85 dirt bike.

2. Air Filter Mod

One of the best ways to boost your dirt bike’s performance is using a performance-spec air filter. The air filter component allows the engine to have more air and burn extra fuel that yields more power.

When you install a high-end air filter from the aftermarket on your dirt bike, it’ll improve the filtration and keep your KX 85’s engine healthy. Consequently, the mod will enhance the speed.

3. Remove Extra Weight

The more weight your bike will carry, the slower your bike will run. When the bike moves with something heavy, it’ll waste power in pulling more weight. Try removing heavier parts from the bike that you barely use.

Consider using a lighter exhaust system and wheels made of alloy instead of spoke wheels. It’ll dramatically improve your biking performance on the road.

Besides, you can also remove components like metal grab rails, center stand, and other similar elements to reduce about 5 to 6 kg from your bike.

4. Swap the Gear System

Last but not least, you can make your bike run faster by changing the existing gearing with race-proven gearing. It will not impact your top speed but will surely enhance how you can control your speed. This is a convenient feature that will help you get the best of your bike.

The perfect combination of the sprocket on the front and rear side helps the rider to get an excellent top speed and acceleration combination.

Generally, the smaller front sprocket and larger rear sprocket make the best duo to improve acceleration. On the other hand, applying the opposite technique will increase the top speed of your KX 85.

Kawasaki KX 85 Pros and Cons:

All the dirt bikes available in the market come with both advantages and disadvantages. The Kawasaki KX 85 is no different; it has both benefits and drawbacks. Here we’ll present the pros and cons of the KX 85 dirt bike:


  • Slim ergonomics:

At first glance, you will notice the bike is slim. It is designed in a way to give the rider a minimalist feel. Additionally, you can run the bike faster with the flatter seat and a flattering tank.

  • Rigid and durable frame:

This bike is built strong. The body frame of this bike is constructed with a high-tensile steel perimeter frame that allows young riders to withstand tough terrains.

  • Uni-Trak rear suspension:

The bike comes with a Uni-track suspension at the rear that is ideal for stability. Besides, it enhances adjustability and reliability.

  • Quick braking system:

This bike comes with the best possible braking system, keeping beginner riders in mind. You can easily stop the bike with just minimal effort, thanks to its front and rear brakes.

  • Digital ignition:

This bike comes with reliable CDI digital ignition that reduces the cost of maintenance. Maintaining a motorcycle can be quite challenging, and it’s always better to reduce tasks.


  • Small wheels:

The wheels of this bike are smaller than the standard dirt bike’s wheel size. Because of the smaller wheel, you will have comparatively less ground clearance and smaller jumps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age is a Kawasaki KX 85 dirt bike for?

Children over ten who possess intermediate to advanced biking skills are suitable to ride this bike. The Kawasaki KX 85 comes in two formats: KX 85-I and KX 85-II. The only difference between these two formats is the wheel size which makes this bike suitable for children to adult riders.

Are the KX 85 bikes reliable?

Yes, the KX 85 dirt bike from the Kawasaki company is durable and reliable. This bike has been constructed with durable and rigid materials. Hence, the build will allow the rider to push the bike over whoops, jumps, and any terrain on the roads. But to maintain the bike’s reliability, you must take proper care of your bike.

What is the seat height of the KX 85?

The seat height of the Kawasaki KX 85 is 32.7 inches. It allows the young riders to reach the pedal easily. This bike also allows you to adjust the seat height according to the rider’s height.

Does the KX 85 bike have an electric start?

Yes, the KX 85 has an electric start. This bike’s revving engine, hydraulic clutch, slim ergonomics, and durable frame are enough to provide you required handling and power to transfer quick lap times.

How much does the KX 85 weigh?

This motocross bike is lightweight, weighing only 165.3 lbs. Weight is a concerning factor for young riders, especially for the kids at age 10. Hence, this bike’s weight is light so that it won’t make any rider struggle to control.

Final Words

To conclude, the Yamaha KX 85 is a stellar bike for youngsters. The bike is convenient, reliable, powerful, and extremely fun to ride. We broke down all the necessary information through the KX 85 top speed, specs, and review.

But you should remember one thing. If you choose this bike for riders around 10 to 13 age, you should go for the small wheel KX 85. And if you select this bike for riders over 13, go for the large wheel KX 85.

Now get your youngster the bike they deserve. Let them have the fun of dirt biking by breathing in the track’s dust. No matter what you do, make sure they know how to maintain the bike.

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