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Kawasaki KX100: Top Speed, Specs, and Features Explained

The young riders passionate about riding dirt bikes go with KX100. This wholesome motorbike will literally give you the vibe of true sports riding. You’ll feel like flying (metaphorically) once you start the engine, for sure!

Well, why KX100, though? It’s because this beast has the perfect blend of power along with the larger chassis for new riders. Plus, you’ll meet a reliable yet powerful engine here that you might search for in every bike.

Here, we’ll be talking about the KX100 top speed, specs, and review part, of course, to make you more convinced about the greatness of this Kawaski bike. We bet it’ll be worth it!

Let’s find out the whole nitty-gritty about this beast in a detailed way then, shall we?

Kawasaki KX100 Specs and Features:

This is the essential part of any vehicle to know exactly what they’re offering you. You should know the specs and features very well to decide whether this bike can satisfy you with the benefits you’re looking for or not.

Here you go:

1. Engine

The engine part is always the major one. If the engine isn’t powerful enough, the bike can’t offer the dream rides you’ve been seeking.

Well, not today! Not happening here with KX100!

This one comes with a 99cc two-stroke liquid mini engine. It helps the riders to gain that performance gap from the minis to the full-size bikes. This means the young and adults everyone around 5’3”-5’4” can ride this.

Moreover, with the boost of power, you can have this two-wheeler delivering instant and strong power wherever you demand it. Amazing, don’t you agree?

2. Suspension

Suspension is a must-have for a better riding experience with a better control system. KX100 offers a 36mm fork of an inverted cartridge that allows the most adjustable compression damping.

On the other hand, you’ll get Uni-Tark suspension aspects in the rear part that’ll provide you with 10.8 inches of travel. This confirms the rear shock absorption. Thus, you can ride on any surface without any trouble!

3. Brakes

The brake of this irresistible motorbike ensures solid braking power. For your convenience, a 184mm petal brake in the rear part and a 220mm Petal brake in the front part will always be there with the progressive braking performance.

An actual function of the petal brakes is to reduce unsprung weight and keep all brake pads cool and clean. You’ll be getting a firm feel. We can assure you that!

4. Ergonomics

The ergonomics of the KX100 motorcycle will blow your mind. How? Well, it has 6 adjustable handlebar mounts with the ERGO-FIT, which allows you to set your ideal position whenever you’re out.

Additionally, there’s a larger 34.3-inch seat which is 13.0 inches higher from the ground to offer you comfort and support at the same time.

Here are some additional specs and features of this motorbike you can note down in your list! They include:

  • A super lightweight flywheel with earth magnets for engine responses
  • For cooling performance, a large radiator is added
  • Scavenging port shapes provide boost power
  • Enhanced durability approved with the Nikasil plated cylinder
  • Primary compression is uplifted with the crankshaft resin blocks.
  • There’s a bridge between exhaust and intake ports that allows great resistance to seizure
  • Port velocity is easily boosted with exhaust port window
  • The 45degree angle carbon fiber makes sure of the flexibility
  • For outstanding control, this bike has wide foot-pegs
  • Increased torque and horsepower is added with the KIPS system
  • For optimum damping, there’s simp-type valving

Kawasaki KX100 Top Speed

Well, there’re some comments about KX100 that ‘if you want to go faster in the air, take an airplane, but if you want to win the roads, go for KX100’.

Why do you think this statement came for? Of course, the speed limit of this beast is remarkable, that’s why.

KX100 top speed is 60-70 mph; that’s basically a decent limit for this two-wheeler. Obviously, the limit will vary from different factors like wind, surface, road condition, altitude, and maintenance. Sometimes, the rider’s weight plays a huge role in the speed component.

Hence, some users talked about how they had an experience of 75-80 mph, which explains how it differs from user to user.

The most exciting part about the top speed of KX100 is that it comes with 6-speed gears. You may already know how important it’s to have multiple gears to enhance the pace of your favorite motorbike.

As it has extra 5th and 6th gear, they’re considered the overdrive ones that permit excessive speed while keeping low engine revolutions. A win-win.

How to Increase Kawasaki KX100 Top Speed?

In this part, we’ll be sharing some tips on how to increase the speed limit of KX100 without flowing cash in the mechanic shops. Still, these hacks are for those experienced in this field or at least know the basics of motorbikes. So, if you think you can do this by yourself, go ahead!

Therefore, applying these tricks will surely help your bike to gain 4-5 mph more if the task is done properly. Let’s see!

1. Replace the Gear ratio

Replacing the gear ratio of your bike will change the revolutions of a driveshaft per revolution of your bike’s wheel. It’ll do wonders, especially if you purchase a TLD for the predator.

Also, to make the quad faster, drop 1 tooth from the front 14T and go 3 teeth up from 38T. And yes, if you’re interested in the acceleration vs. top speed, do it in reverse.

All you need to do is go up in the front to 15T. Done!

2. Change the Carburetor

You should definitely change the carburetor part of KX100 to increase the top speed. Look, the carburetor is used to stock more air and fuel for the bike, as we all know.

Upgrading that space will work incredibly; it means you can reserve more fuel and air, and as a result, your vehicle’s horsepower will be upgraded.

And once the horsepower is updated, the top speed limit will be enhanced too!

The bottom line is always to purchase carbs to ensure more fuel delivery, throttle response, and increased power. Plus, never cut the springs of the purchased carbs, as this won’t actually help to expand the speed limit!

There’re also some signs when you definitely need to change the carburetor. Like when,

  • It causes low fuel economy
  • The bike idles too fast
  • It floods when trying to start it
  • The bike stalls at low speeds
  • Hesitates under more load

Observe these issues and change the carb right away!

3. Attach Bog Bore Kits

Actually, a bog bore kit makes a huge difference, you may not feel it before attaching it to your bike, but it does wonder.

The bigger your bore (Oversized cylinder and piston) is, the more your KX100 will be getting power. Not only that, but also it creates big spaces which allow big valve openings that can bring more air and fuel into the cylinder.

A big bore with a short-stroke can also make the engine rev high while creating more horsepower. Thus it’ll expand the speed limit!

4. Examine the Carb Needle

Last but not least, never forget to check the needle of your carb if it’s lifting or not. Try to clean it every day if it’s not elevating. Otherwise, the performance of the quad will be disrupted, and it’ll limit the speed while riding.

Kawasaki KX100 Pros and Cons:

Let’s now talk about the pros and cons to give you an honest review of this motorbike!


  • Reliability – KX100 is, hands down, a reliable bike. You can ride on it for like 60 hours around with just oil and air filter changes. No need to do anything else for a long ride.
  • Multiple Gears – The advantage of having multiple gears is that it increases the speed limit so much. Especially, the overdrive ones will make sure you can drive to any terrain without any hassle.
  • Lightweight – The most important thing to consider is the size of this dirt bike. It’s extremely lightweight, so you can ride it as fast as you want. For any type of sports purposes, Kx100 will be absolutely perfect
  • Wide Foot-pegs – The wide foot-pegs will come in handy to provide maximum control over the bike. Forget about any unwanted risks or accidents while you’re on this bike.
  • Heavy-Duty Engine – The 99cc engine of Kx100 is an absolute game-changer for the young riders out there. With this one, you can ride for hours and hours without any issue; the engine is super durable and flexible!


  • Undersized Wheels – Well, you can easily ride this one on any surface, but the wheels’ setup can be updated. Instead of floating over the obstacles, the tires will let you drive into them as the wheels are tiny. After a few rides, you can adapt to this, but it’ll take time.
  • Hazy Manual – There isn’t anything about the setup in the instruction. And it can be challenging to get it running properly at the beginning since it’s a dirt bike. Somedays, it might sit idle, and some days it won’t.
  • The Seats – As it’s a dirt bike, you may think of standing most of the time while riding, but if you’re more into long trail rides, the seats can be uncomfy!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What age is suitable for Kx100?

Well, any young rider who has a passion for bike riding can ride KX100. Children above 10+ years can easily access it, and the structure is super comfortable for them to settle!

2. How tall should you be to ride KX100?

The height matters for riding race bikes (yes, KX100 can be used for racing too). So, you must have to be around 5’3inches to 5’4inches to ride this bike comfortably.

3. How can I make KX100 faster?

To have a great riding experience, you need to have a faster bike, and kx100 can confirm that 100%. But still, if you add other things like cylinder and piston or add more fuel to it, your bike will definitely fly (we’re not kidding).

4. How good is KX100?

People who’ve been riding this one for several years say this has been the greatest bike they’ve been riding for a long time. The reason is its loads of torque and power system. Plus, it jumps in big air and has lightning acceleration!

5. What size carb is on KX100?

The carb size of KX100 is 28mm, which is super flexible. You can change the needle from time to time for a better speed enhancement.

6. Does KX100 have a battery?

Yes, it has. 16V Universal Lithium battery by Antigravity batteries is included in this gem. It’ll offer you lightweight ride sessions for a long time.


That’s the end of our KX100 Speed, Specs, and Review. We tried to break down all possible facts you needed to know about KX100. Pumped up for riding it? We know you are.

However, always try to increase the speed level of your KX100. This way, your rides will be more enjoyable, and sports or races will be more effective to compete.

And don’t forget about the maintenance part cause in a ride, the bike is your greatest buddy. Keep the parts in check and cleaned as always. You can do it after each ride.

Good Luck!

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