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Low Oil in Jeep Wrangler? Recognizing Symptoms You Need to Watch Out For!

The latest Jeep Wrangler models not only come with a more powerful engine and suspension. It is also upgraded with advanced and digital computing systems.

For a driver’s convenience, many new sensors are installed in the Jeep Wrangler. One of the most valuable sensors is the engine oil pressure sensor. Whenever the Engine oil pressure drops, it lights up.

It becomes discomforting when the low oil light pops up suddenly after a few days of an oil change. This phenomenon happens for various reasons that should be tackled carefully for a healthy life for your Jeep.

You should go through this article to learn more about what to do in such case scenarios.

What Does It Mean By Jeep Wrangler Low Oil Light?

Many people think that the “check engine light” indicator and the “Low Engine Oil” indicator are similar. At first, you must understand that these are not identical cases.

The Low oil light indicator is a new feature of the Jeep Wrangler. When a “Low Engine Oil” indicator pos up, the engine oil pressure is getting low for some reason.

It does not indicate how much the engine has used engine oil. Instead, it warns about the available oil life percentage.

Engine oil is a very crucial factor for a vehicle’s engine. There are many movable metal parts inside the engine.

The engine oil keeps the metal parts well lubricated and reduces the amount of internal friction between them.

After driving your Jeep Wrangler for a decent time, it is natural that the low oil light may pop up. It warns you about the engine’s lowering engine oil life or oil pressure and reminds you to refill.

What Cause Jeep Wrangler Low Oil Light?

There can be various reasons that your Jeep Wrangler instrumental panel is lighted up with the Low Engine Oil Light. Each of the problems has its diagnosis and treatment.

General Cause

The primary cause for the low oil light to pop is to warn and remind the driver about the decrement of the engine oil life in the oil chamber.

When the amount of engine oil life becomes lower than the recommended point, a sensor detects it and sends a signal to the electrical indicator.

This light indicator reminds the driver to remove old oil and fill it up with fresh engine oil.

Defective Oil Pump

There can be other reasons for lighting up the low oil indicator other than the no oil or less oil scenario. The low oil sensor can be triggered due to the defective oil pump.

This pump causes engine oil transmission from the container to all the engine system parts. Due to extreme usage and age, the pump wears off and fails to pump the oil.

Thus, the engine cannot get enough oil, which can be dangerous for the engine’s health.

Trapped Air Bubble In The Oil

When the air gets in between the engine oil, it creates a foamy situation. There makes a gap between the layers of oil. As a result, it triggers the low oil sensor when it investigates the bubbly part than the oil part.

Oil Filter Clogging

An air filter transfers only pure oil to the engine, keeping the debris and dirt away. When the filter gets clogged due to heavy dirt, oil cannot pass through it, making it a junk layer.

A secondary valve becomes activated to tackle this situation. This valve cannot pass much oil, and thus, the low oil light gets triggered and pops up in the instrumental panel.

How To Fix Jeep Wrangler Low Oil Light?

Fixing the low oil light is an essential task as it may confuse and misguide the driver about the availability of the engine oil.

Inspect and Refill

The first diagnosis is to inspect the dipstick to check the engine oil. If the engine is way lower than the minimal point, refill with compatible engine oil and rest the system.

After refilling the container with engine oil, it is time for resetting. Turn off the key and press the gas pedal three consecutive times within ten seconds.

Nextly, turn over the key, and the low oil light indicator will be turned off.

Use Compatible Engine Oil

The Jeep Wrangler supports some specific engine oil types. You have to use the best-suited engine oil for your Jeep so that the engine remains healthy and unwanted low oil light popping is avoided.

Clean The Clogging and Oil Filter

During regular maintenance, clean the oil filter, oil pile, valves, etc. This would help in avoiding the unwanted triggering of the engine oil lights.

Seek Help From Professionals

The low engine oil indicator is an essential sensor for the engine. If the sensor becomes faulty and you do not pay attention to it for some reason, the engine will face potential damage.

It will be good if you let a professional look into the matter and do the required things to fix it.

How Low Is Oil When Low Oil Light Comes On?

In the newer version of Jeep Wrangler, a display panel indicates the percentage of available oil pressure in the engine. The low oil light may come up when it becomes as low as 5% oil life.

Can You Drive a Jeep Wrangler With Oil Service Light On?

Driving your Jeep wrangler with the oil service light on is not recommended. Though you can drive a few miles, it will cost your engine’s health. Therefore, stop driving the Jeep at the earliest and change the engine oil.


The Jeep Wrangler low oil light indicator is a very andy feature for daily users. If you are an offroad riding enthusiast, the oil life may degrade very early.

And this feature will let you know to change the engine oil. Hence you don’t have to rely upon the odometer for the reminder, as the sensor would remind you automatically.

Sometimes the sensor may malfunction, and thus you should know about the diagnosis of the system.

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