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Most Common Jeep Commander Problems (Analysis)

Most Common Jeep Commander Problems (Analysis)

Before 1840, the word “Jeep” had a different term. That name referred to any recruits of vehicles. However, this didn’t remain long as a trademark was placed in 1943 for Jeep as a brand. However, the name was registered later in 1950.

Off-Roading vehicles and SUVs from Jeep are renowned for their high performance. Power and performance are unrivaled, whether the Jeep Rubicon or the Commander.

Common Problems of the Jeep Commander:

In 1999 Jeep first introduced their concept “Commander.” However, in 2005, Jeep released a production version of the Commander. With room for five to seven passengers, the Jeep Commander is extremely popular as a family vehicle.

Jeep Commander, however, has faced internal problems since its introduction. The users have been left frustrated and confused. This article is a reflection of those issues.

Here, we are going to talk about the 5 most common Jeep Commander problems that everyone should be aware of. Although these issues are easily fixable, they need to be taken seriously. So without wasting time, let’s dive in.

1. The Electrical System Seems to be Problematic

Out of all the problems, the electrical system of the Jeep Commander creates the most issues. Users have faced complications with the system. The ignition switch, as well as the vehicle, is not starting.

A user experienced the most significant setback when his Jeep stopped in the middle of the road at 55 mph. Such events are frequently occurring, according to him. In his opinion, the speed is not an issue since the vehicle also stopped in reverse gear.

Also, there are prominent issues with the ignition switch. The issue also caused the vehicle not to turn on at times.

Changing the ignition switch can fix the problems. Sadly, the Jeep Commander has a poor ignition switch that you need to address. Plus, spark plugs and air filters that are clogged are notorious for stalling the vehicle. Make sure to check them regularly.

2. Engine Cooling System Fails Occasionally

The Jeep Commander is also infamous for its problems with the engine cooling system. On several occasions, the users have reported cooling issues.

According to one user, he had smoke coming out from his cooking under the hood. Upon further investigation, he noticed the engine coolant tank was empty. The issue was with the cap, as this let coolant leak out.

Aside from the coolant leaking, a failed thermostat has also created problems. A thermostat is responsible for controlling the temperature of the vehicle.

Its always advisable to do regular maintenance checkups. Check whether coolants are all present, the fan is running, and of course, the thermostat is not failing.

3. Defects in Power Train

The power train of the Jeep Commander is also problematic. On several occasions, the powertrain has failed, which forced the vehicle to stall.

One user reported that her Jeep cut out while traveling 50 mph on a highway. Without warning, the safety warning light and the traction control light appeared.

Another user had an even more risky outcome. While going over 65 miles per hour, his front wheel on the drive side stopped spinning. Before that, loud noise was coming from the front too. Thankfully, no accident occurred.

Fixing the drivetrain of a Jeep Commander is not that complicated. However, we advise you to take the vehicle to a specialist.

4. Unimpressive Stock Equipment

The stock equipment of the Jeep Commander can also cause headaches—parts ranging from mufflers to tire pressure gauge. Besides, the spark plugs are not good either, as they often fail.

A scenario happened with a user who saw smoke coming out of the floorboard. When he tried to find the issue, he saw the vehicle’s muffler was overheating. The muffler’s heat was burning the floorboard, thus causing the smoke.

Also, there are several cases where users reported the alternator failure. Besides, the tire pressure gauge sometimes shows inaccurate data. Frustrating!

The easy solution is again regular maintenance check-ups. This will help you identify which is causing problems and which will result in the future.

5. Failed Air Bag Deployment Issues

Airbags are essential for security. Airbags can save you from severe accidents. However, there are reports about the failure of the airbags of this vehicle.

One user reported his jeep failed to deploy the airbags when it crashed with another vehicle. Fortunately, none of them were injured as the car was running as slow as 5 mph.

In another case, one user was driving at 25 mph when the incident occurred. The jeep stalled for no reason, which led to another car bumping on the passenger’s side. The airbag was not deployed, and the user experienced a neck injury.

Precausing for this issue is always to check the airbag light. If there is a problem with the airbag, the light will indicate. Also, the seat sensors need to be checked regularly as they may fail to send data as well.

Pros and Cons of the Jeep Commander:

There is no question that the Jeep Commander is a beast. If your family wants to travel to the most off-roading corners, this is the car for them—no more confined driving within smaller borders. The performance is one of the best, and the pros are just the reflection of that.


  • Luxurious SUV that is filled with excellent features
  • Reliable as it can last very long if maintained properly
  • It comes with a 5.7 liter Hemi engine which is extremely powerful
  • It comes with plenty of room; can accommodate up to 7 passengers
  • Features modern technologies such as Sirius Backseat TV, MyGIG Nav, QuadraDrive, etc.


  • The Electrical System Seems to be Problematic
  • Engine Cooling System Fails Occasionally
  • Defects in Power Train
  • Unimpressive Stock Equipment
  • Failed Air Bag Deployment Issues


The Jeep Commander is a great SUV. If you are a family person and looking for something that will reliably take your family on comfortable off-roading trips, this is the car you need. While luxurious, the car is filled with excellent features meant to make your ride fun.

However, the problems that this car has are no joke. They are not just annoying but also can put you in danger. Hence, we made this article to be aware of it. Yet, if you are looking for something in this criterion, this is a clear winner.

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