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6 Most Common Problems with Bennche Bighorn 700

6 Most Common Problems with Bennche Bighorn 700

Bennche Bighorn is the choice of riders and value-based individuals since it is constructed with valuable functionality. If you reside in a state where a UTV may be converted to a road vehicle, the 700 comes with a windshield, headlights, horn, and flashers.

Troubleshooting your Bighorn that won’t get into gear or shift gears might be difficult, but it’s not always the case. The severity of the problem, as well as your mechanical skill level, will determine if you can handle it on your own.

When it comes to ATV troubleshooting, there are a few typical difficulties that you should look at first.

Even if there isn’t an issue, you should check items like gas, oil, and filters regularly to ensure that everything is clean and nothing is stale or blocked. This will guarantee that your equipment functions smoothly for many years

Common Problems of the Bennche Bighorn 700:

If you own a Bennche Bighorn 700 there are a few common issues to be aware of. These issues are discussed below.

1. Startup and Power Problem

When there is enough fuel in the tank and enough power in the battery, but the ATV still won’t start, it’s likely an electrical problem or the spark plug has to be cleaned and re-gapped, which takes around 5 minutes.

First, perform a visual inspection of your spark plugs. Examine the plug for any rust or dirt, and make sure there is a little space in the spark gap.

Replace the plug if it appears to be damaged. Otherwise, you may test the plug with your multimeter to determine whether there is a spark present.

Other components of the ignition system, such as the ignition coil and capacitor discharge ignition (CDI), can fail as well, although they are significantly less likely to do so.

For the best ways to troubleshoot these components, consult your owner’s handbook.

The power problem is commonly caused by a sliding clutch, which may be detected when the engine pitch is greater than normal and there is a loss of traction.

Fortunately, replacing the clutch is a straightforward procedure that any quad repair shop can handle.

2. Battery Issues

If your Bennche Bighorn 700 won’t start or only tries to start when the ignition is turned on, your battery may be short on power.

Fortunately, battery problems are among the most straightforward to resolve. To test the battery, look for a 12V output with a voltmeter (which can be found for cheap at any auto parts store).

If you see a lower value, it’s time to charge your battery. Make a sandwich while you wait by connecting the terminals to a battery booster through alligator clips on the charging lines. If the battery fails to charge or loses energy often, it may be time to replace it.

3. Engine Problems

Because of the large number of mechanical elements necessary to make it all work, failures inside the engine system might be more difficult to pinpoint.

Simple solutions like a clogged air filter or exhaust, as well as more in-depth issues like blocked fuel lines or over-fueling causing carburetors to flood, can cause starts and stalls, or a complete absence of engine movement.

Others may find that a trip to a technician is more suited for their requirements. Do-it-yourselfers may feel comfortable searching for faults inside the engine system, while others may find that a trip to a professional is better suited for their needs.

Whether you want to handle the most frequent problems yourself or hire a professional, having an owner’s handbook and understanding the fundamentals of how your machine works are always helpful.

4. Gas Problem

Gas that is only 6 months old or older might cause corrosion in your fuel system. If you’re going to leave the quad rest for a long, make sure you drain the gas and replace it the next time you start it.

It’s also a good idea to change the gasoline filter if you suspect it won’t start because you’ve had old gas in the tank for a while. Fill up the tank with excellent, clean gas and a fuel additive to aid in the cleaning of the fuel system.

5. Smoking

There’s nothing to worry about if the ATV starts smoking because that’s just moisture burning off. If it occurs early in the ride but fades later, or only occurs when the engine is revved, you most likely have a problem with the valve seals or piston rings.

Color is also important. White smoke is common and no reason for alarm if it occurs early in the journey, however black smoke indicates that you’re burning gasoline, which is a very dangerous indication.

The presence of blue smoke, on the other hand, indicates that you’re burning oil. On a 2-stroke quad, this isn’t a major concern, but on a 4-stroke quad, it can be.

6. Gear Shift

I recommend starting your troubleshooting by seeing whether you can shift gears of your Bighorn 700 without the engine running. This preliminary test will help you limit down the likely causes of your gear shifting problem.

If you can transfer gears when the engine is turned off, the gear shifting mechanism and the guts of the gearbox are most likely in good working order.

Gear shifting issues that only occur when the engine is running are frequently caused by a faulty clutch or belt or by a high idle speed. When the bike is in gear and at idle, it may desire to creep or go forward. Even if there is no creep, one of these components might be the source of the problem.

What Majority of the Users Feel About Bennche Bighorn 700?

Some of these concerns occur due to the lack of understanding of the Bennche Bighorn 700’s operational operations, as they do with any other all-terrain vehicle.

Others are caused by mistakes made during the production process. If the Bighorn is properly maintained and cared for, the remainder of the problems may be avoided.

Here are some of their customers’ opinions.

“Given an MSRP of $9,250, the 700X Crew is a great value. I would like to see an option for Bennche’s 800cc v-twin powerplant for the 700X.  This engine is found in the Spire 800 and has about 20 more horsepower and some nice torque. With a single-cylinder standard and a v-twin option, Bennche could cover a larger market segment.”Jon Crowley from UTV Guide.

“First impression is it looks like that Rhino concept we saw leak out a year or 2 ago from Yamaha but as you look closer you find details unique to Bennche, and unique to the UTV industry. The center steering column is a design straight out of a car with turn-key ignition, blinkers, and headlight toggles all in an easy to use and familiar driving location.”JoeyD23 from UTV Underground.

“Yes. They run pretty darn well. pretty much an identical clone of the Yamaha Rhino. available in 400, 500, and 700. I work on them all day, and the biggest problem I’ve seen out of them is minor electrical. Not to mention they are the official ATV/UTV of the texas rangers now. If you watch the rangers play, you will see their mascot riding on a Bennche 700x.”DB7890 from Texas Hunting Forum.

It’s simple to keep up with the maintenance of your Bennche Bighorn 700 if you know what to look for. And the more you maintain it, the longer you’ll be able to enjoy it without having to pay more funds to repair it.

Most problems begin tiny and grow into something much more sinister over time, so the sooner you repair it and the more attentive you are with regular maintenance, the easier it will be in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Bennche Bighorn UTVs are an excellent method to simplify professional lawn maintenance. Similarly, if any technical issues arise after a few months of usage, you may replace or fix them. Regular maintenance will allow you to detect little problems like these early on and immediately resolve them, avoiding them from escalating into larger, more costly problems. It’s usually best to correct things as soon as you detect them, rather than avoid them because they seem insignificant.

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