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7 Most Common Problems with Bennche UTV

7 Most Common Problems with Bennche UTV

For numerous years, Bennche has been producing versatile UTVs. UTV stands for “Utility Task Vehicle” in this context. This is where the alternative term comes from.

The Bennche UTV has a distinct automotive appearance and feels when compared to a normal UTV. These UTVs have been developed with practicality above sport in mind. But that doesn’t rule out the possibility that it may make tough treks less pleasurable.

You may be considering purchasing a Bennche UTV. As a result, you should first check at the Honda Big Red UTV’s usual problems.

Common Problems of the Bennche UTV:

1. Sudden Halt

The Bennche UTV might be down at any time. There may be no oil leak, no problem with the drive shaft, or anything else; it will simply stop down.

There might be a reason for the issue. When there is too much moisture on the underbody shield, the Bennche UTV may shut down.

This can cause the transmission to dry up, causing the engine to shut down. The UTV then refuses to start, no matter how hard you try.

Another cause of this issue is that if you leave this UTV inactive for an extended time and then try to start it again, it may not start.

2. Shifting Constraint

It’s tough to transfer to third gear if your Bennche UTV has driven more than 8,000 miles, especially in cold weather.

Unfortunately, replacing oils and oil filters makes little difference in resolving this issue.

As a result, the majority of pioneer owners fault the UTV’s insufficient air ventilation. Allow the quad engine to warm up before starting it in the winter, or ride it for a short distance before starting it.

If it doesn’t work, you might need to fiddle with the accelerator or replace the angle sensors (which are entirely automated).

Make sure there are no shift pins strewn about the transmission in addition to these.

Also, with your Bennche UTV, keep an eye out for malfunctioning micro switches. A worn or bent shift fork is one of the most prevalent problems that can occur with a gearbox’s internals.

The bearing may wear out over time, preventing the clutch from easily spinning. It might be difficult to detect if a bearing is in good working order.

3. Suspension Troubles

The Bennche UTVs’ front and rear suspensions are nitrogen-filled MacPherson independent dual A-arms. This may be sufficient to handle the UTV at a faster speed. But how excellent is the UTV when it comes to mountain riding?

The solution to this query rests in the mechanism, not the suspension’s quality. You have access to a complete differential lock mode in 4WD mode, which you may enable by pushing a button.

While it was meant to make use simpler, it might be inconvenient when driving in 2WD or high-stress circumstances.

4. Uncomfortable Ride

Another factor worth mentioning is Bennche UTV’s inability to meet the comfort requirements of individuals embarking on trial treks on uneven roads.

The vehicle is the optimal size for the price, but it is frequently less than necessary since people, especially the elderly, cannot manage with a lack of space on treks.

It vibrates and makes a lot of noise, thereby canceling out the period of the cart trip where you may rest and take a breather.

There isn’t a method to deal with this because you’d have to replace the entire UTV to improve comfort.

However, owing to the changes in the total price, it might be too expensive for many customers.

5. Injector Problem

Overheating problems can sometimes be exacerbated by filthy radiator and grille screens. Clean all garbage or debris from the hood compartment and relocate the radiator front cooler slightly if this is the case.

Overheating can occur as a result of an overworked engine or a low coolant level. It can also happen if the motor-driven fan fails to turn due to a blown fuse or an electrical problem.

Installing two fans will primarily help to cool the engine while also wrapping the exhaust to avoid overheating.

Although various decent fuel injection cleaners on the market may help maintain your injectors in good shape.

The only real and tried way to clean fuel injectors correctly is to do so outside of the engine and with the right cleaning tools.

6. Smokes

When confronted with a smoky four-wheeler, don’t keep riding. Routine maintenance will help prevent many smoke-related problems, but a heavy accident, faulty cylinders, or other factors might create major troubles with your Bennche UTV.

quad and not throughout the ride. It’s simply condensation burning off.

If you see a lot of smoke at the beginning of your ride but it goes away later, you’re probably dealing with faulty piston rings or valve guides, or seals. The oil burns off better and the smoke goes gone as the UTV is warmed up.

It’s preferable to perform a compression test and a leak-down test in this circumstance.

Similarly, if the smoke occurs predominantly while the engine is revved, it is most likely due to worn rings.

7. Splintered Shaft

The issue is that a malfunctioning dynamic power steering shaft will break under specific scenarios, causing instant steering problems.

Riders may lose control of the steering as a result, resulting in injuries, collisions, or even death.

Fortunately, no one has been hurt as a result of this issue. Bennche is working with the buyers to resolve the problem.

Bennche advised the owners to contact the UTV’s authorized dealer in this scenario.

They also encouraged customers not to try to address the problem themselves. They guaranteed that the dealer would cover the cost of the repair.

Simply arrange an appointment with the dealer and bring your afflicted quad to the designated workshop on the specified day.

However, this issue does not affect all Bennche UTVs.

What Majority of the Users Feel About Bennche UTV?

Customers have reported troubles with their Bennche UTVs, just as they have with any other UTV manufacturer.

Some flaws are small, while others are more serious. Despite its positive attributes, this model has received both positive and negative feedback on some websites.

I’d want to make you aware of some of the users’ reviews. Here are some of their clients’ thoughts.

“They run pretty darn good and are pretty much an identical clone of the Yamaha Rhino. They are available in 400, 500, and 700. I work on them all day, and the biggest problem I’ve seen out of them is minor electrical. Not to mention they are the official ATV/UTV of the Texas Rangers now. If you watch the rangers play, you will see their mascot riding on a Bennche 700xs.”

DB 7890 from Texas Hunting Forum

“My cousin has a 700cc Bennche. He just got the motor back because he had to have the gearbox rebuilt. I don’t know if I can blame it on quality because he never changed the oil and has been pretty rough on it; shifting on the fly and whatnot.”

– Rodac27 from Can-Am Forum

These are only a few of the numerous Bennche UTV reviews. Remember that if you can’t fix a problem on your own, you may call a service department or a professional for assistance. In any case, having your UTV serviced once a year is a smart idea.

Final Thoughts

Presumably, you are now well-versed with the most typical Bennche UTV issues. Routine maintenance is the key to resolving all of your UTV’s issues.

When you do, this ATV will make sure you get your money’s worth.

Also, keep in mind that the owner’s handbook might help you handle minor Bennche UTV issues.

You may also familiarize yourself with the basics and understand how different sections work by reading the handbook.

When you’re out on the trail, knowing the basics will help you diagnose problems with your UTV.

As a result, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on how to resolve the issues.

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