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Common Bush Hog TH4400 Problems: Solutions to 5 Top Issues

Common Bush Hog TH4400 Problems: Solutions to 5 Top Issues

Despite being the top-rated vehicle, there are still some problems with Bush Hog TH4400 that can make you feel stressed. If you’re worried about the most common problems with bush Hog TH4400, this article will guide you.

It’s the only Mower vehicle that provides the highest service with the lowest downtime to its rider. So, I hope this riding partner will please you with the performance.

However, you’ll often find some common problems with this vehicle that might make you worried about what to do. However, we’ll give you all the necessary instructions on what problems can occur and how you can keep your TH4400 in safe operating condition. To remove your issues with Bush Hog TH4400, keep reading!

Bush Hog TH4400 in Brief

A Bush Hog is also called Brush Hog among the local users. However, the design of the Bush Hog TH4400 came through a three-point hitch to the back of a vehicle. And, these three-point hitches are usually operated with the help of PTO, which means Power Take-Off.

It has a weighty conventional mower blade design to go through the dense plant’s area nicely. So, while you drive your TH4400, you’ll enjoy riding in the thorny lands. Besides, this vehicle will give you the power to go over the problematic path like stones to its high carbon steel formula.


  • Oil checking of this vehicle is a piece of cake
  • Easy access to the dipstick
  • The Filtered CVT ensures engine’s  long life
  • You can enjoy a secured ride with TH4400
  • Easy to start, drive and no limitation over  rugged terrain


  • Driving this vehicle can often enhance your hand fatigue
  • Repairing its parts can be a bit expensive

Most significant Parts of Bush Hog TH4400

Some parts of the vehicle are susceptible and require extra care. It would be best if you keep them in regular conditioning to get an extended running life. Let’s check out the list of the essential parts-

  • Transfer Gearbox
  • Disk Brake Assembly
  • Electric Cargo Box
  • Floor Boards
  • CVT
  • Black Fluid Reservoir
  • Grease Fitting
  • Engine Air Intake

5 Most Common Problems With Bush Hog TH4400 in Terms of Its Parts:

Here are the five most frequent problems you can face while on the move. But, these problems occur when you are not much conscious about some of the considerable issues. Let’s find out here-

1. Wrong Gear Approach

Most of the time, the problem occurs with the gear controlling approach. Unless you know the accurate gear handling, it can be a threat to your TH4400. Besides, it can occur due to premature gear changing and vehicle movement. Furthermore, driving with an unfit gear will threaten your ride and give an unpleasant feel.

Solution: To drive the Bush Hog, remember, the low gear acts as the primary gear. While you need to go through challenging terrain, keep the load light on the vehicle. Before changing the gear, we recommend you stop and move the gear to your desired gear level. Don’t shift the gear along with the engine while you drive. It will ensure smooth driving for you.

2. Disk Breaker Assembly

Heavyweight increases the disk braking distance if you carry cargo or tow in your Bush Hog. And, it makes the vehicle fail damaging the disk breaker. Impairing the disk breaker will create frequent engine drops.

Solution: While the vehicle engine keeps dropping frequently, it may threaten your safety. However, as it may happen due to overloading, follow these suggestions-

  • Lose the throttle pedal
  • Push on the brake pedal lightly
  • Place your selector lever in a neutral position
  • Apply the parking brake
  • Turn on the Ignition key

3. Wrong Cargo Box Applications

Operating your TH4400 in a conditional position will get the cargo box closer. As a result, it will damage the CVT transmission. Also, the more the cargo box gets closer to you, the more your driving will lose its control.

Solution: You must shift the transmission into the gear to warm up the engine. It will help you shift the CVT transmission automatically and relieve the risk of unwanted riding conditions. Also, you’ve to avoid quick turns that will allow you to be safe from getting a cargo box closer to you.

4. Tire Traction

Tire traction happens while you drive up hills, and the surface is slippery. You will lose your control due to the tire tractions that can affect your vehicle tire. Also, the tire tractions happen for riding on a skid.

Solution: To solve the tire traction problem with Bush Hog TH4400, you must stop applying the brake during a skid. You’ll get a fantastic solution to tire traction if you avoid an excessive slippery path. But, if you’ve no option to avoid the slippery surface, use additional precautions.

5. FloorBoards Damaging Due to Driving in Water

Driving in fast-flowing water with your Bush Hog will result in the loss of floorboard damage. But, there are always some tricks while you navigate through the water. Unless you know the tricks and maintain the recommended depth of the floorboard, there’s a higher chance of damage to the floorboard. And it is too hazy to replace a floorboard later.

Solution: While you go through the water, be sure whether there are any hilly places under the water path. Keep the speed low while driving in the watery terrain and go through a crossing while both water banks have a gradual incline. It will assist your Bush Hog to keep the floorboards free from impairment.


While you’re thinking of Bush Hog TH4400, you have to take caution while riding this vehicle. However, we hope you’ve got all the outstanding solutions to the most common problems with bush Hog TH4400. The vehicle will give you a number of benefits no matter whether you ride your vehicle in soft or challenging terrain. It is always a pleasure to have this type of vehicle. We hope you enjoy your ride with Bush Hog TH4400!

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