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6 Most Common Problems with Can-Am Maverick Sport

6 Most Common Problems with Can-Am Maverick Sport

The Can Am Maverick sports vehicle contains all the outstanding features to ensure utmost power, durability, comfort, convenience, and safety.

Maverick also allows its customers to customize their vehicles based on their own choices and preferences. That’s why this sport utility vehicle series from the Maverick brand is considered one of the most advanced and versatile sport utility vehicles.

Unfortunately, there are some limitations too which leads users to encounter some troubleshooting issues with the CAN AM Maverick sport vehicles.

So, in today’s article, let’s learn more about the 6 most common problems that one might encounter with the CAN AM Maverick sports vehicle-

Common Problems of the Can-Am Maverick Sport:

1. Problem With The Radius Rods And Radius Rod Plate

Well, the first thing you will notice with this Maverick sports series is its radius rods, which are not as strong enough as they are supposed to. Even these stock rods are not capable of clearing the wheel assembly of the Can Am utility vehicle.

As a result, most Can Am Maverick sports series users end up hitting a rock, or something sticking up may break or bend your radius rods because they are not stronger enough while thinking you just cleared up something.

If you do not take care of these rods on time, it can cause further damage to your vehicle, so the best solution will be to replace the rods with better and stronger radius rod sets like the Can-Am X3 High Clearance Radius Rods

Experts also suggest adding two extra inches of ground clearance for better reliability.

Another problematic area which many users pointed at is the Radius rod plate on the Maverick sports vehicle.

According to them, while making faster turns on rides, the radius rod plate forces the ride to bend a rod and eventually ruins the ride at the hills or trail.

The main reason behind this issue is the lack of strength on vehicle suspension and increased stress on the radius rod bolts.

2. Front and Rear Knuckles Problem

According to several Can Am users, the front and rear knuckles are not up to the mark in some of the models.

Several users have mentioned that they have noticed the wheel bearing issues with the OEM knuckles, and because of that, the middle radius rod tends to bend.

So, the solution is replacing the rear knuckles and, in some models, the front knuckle gets weak too soon.

However, the company claims that the front and rear knuckles they used are lab tested and meet the standard.

Sometimes, it is up to the riders riding styles too, since some riders are too aggressive and do not give much attention to the limits, these issues arise.

3. Problem With Tower Brace and Door Handles

Though many will claim that door handles have nothing to do with the performance of the Can Am vehicle, which is true in a sense, there is a logical explanation behind pointing at this issue.

Several users have noticed that in some Can Am vehicles, the factory-used door straps are flimsy.

In that case, using the door handle will be uncomfortable, and that handle most probably will not long for a quality period.

So, the best solution is to replace it with billet aluminum handles.

Another problem is the shock tower brace in the Can Am sports vehicle because it tends to break off pretty sooner than usual.

Shock tower brace breaking is quite normal for race or sports vehicles since it takes lots of pressure during hauling and increases the chances of tower brace tearing up.

4. Bad or Faulty Alternator And Missing Steering Rack

A group of Can Am sports series users claimed that they have encountered significant low voltage issues and also mentioned that sometimes their vehicle gets hot when the power drops.

It can also indicate some other components issues such as the fuel lever, exhaust system, or battery. But another prominent culprit can be the factory-installed Alternator on your Can Am.

Remember that this factory-installed Alternator on your Can Am sports vehicle is not originally designed to handle and power all additional electrical components such as stereo, lights, and music system.

Another group of Can Am users claimed that sometimes they encounter or notice death grip in hard terrain.

Now, what is the possible reason behind this issue?

Since some of the Can-Am models do not feature a steering rack as a factory-installed component, as a result, the riders have a hard time while turning.

Also, there is no other backup element to eliminate all the front-end movements. So, the reason is the missing steering rack on your vehicle.

5. Clutch Or Overheating Issue & Belt blowing up the Transmission

Not many but some of the Can Am Maverick sports models may have these issues.

Some users have complained that they had a clutch issue, which is most probably an assembling fault.

Also, some claimed that after a couple of months of use, they encountered overheating issues.

One particular user further explained that the fan kicks on and then goes into limp home mode. However, when he stops and restarts it, he can see the code clears.

Another problem is models like Can-Am Maverick X3 come with belts that tend to blow up the transmission.

So, in those models, you need to install a transmission seal guard to protect your transmission system.

6. Shares With Trail & Features Non-Powering Steering

One of the drawbacks of the Maverick Sport series is one that the vehicle shares with the Trail, which some consumers complained about.

It is a notable issue since the rear cargo area leaves the stuff open and it easily gets dirty and muddy because of the vehicle’s rear tires.

As a result, the gear becomes entirely filthy.

Also, the rear fender area is quite narrow. Because of the overall body shape of the vehicle and the tires placed far to the rear corners, muds, and dirt gets easy access to that rear cargo area.

Therefore, the only solution to get rid of this trouble is installing an extended mud guard or a cargo box to protect your gear.

Besides that, many users have also complained about the non-powering steering. But that’s most probably to reduce the production cost, which many manufacturers do.

What Majority of the Users Feel About Can Am Maverick Sport?

According to several online users’ forums as well as review blogs, articles, and YouTube vlogs, most Can Am Maverick Sport owners are satisfied with the power, durability, comfort, and flexibility of this vehicle.

However, besides sharing their satisfaction, they also mentioned that they have encountered minor issues too.

Overtimes, as the vehicle gets older little by little, noticing minor issues here and there, is pretty natural. Also, this happens with every brand and its products.

While going through those customers feedbacks, I also noticed that several users claimed that they were not satisfied with this particular series.

Also, they think competitors’ options are better than the Can Am series from Maverick.

I also found a group of customers who mentioned the troubleshooting issue that I have already discussed briefly.

According to them, those issues were not something they only encounter with this one.

Since most of them also used several other brands’ similar grade vehicles, they confirmed that other brands’ vehicles also sometimes encounter similar issues.

Final Thoughts

The Can Am Maverick sports series is specially designed and built to ensure the highest quality power, durability, comfort, and safety.

This versatile model can deliver many different and functional options which require for everyday use. That is why it is worth the final consideration.

However, at the same time, one should also keep in mind all the downsides or limitations that Can Am Maverick sports carries.

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