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6 Most Common Problems with Chinese ATV

6 Most Common Problems with Chinese ATV

Riding an ATV is fun. You’ll have memorable off-road experiences and thrills that you might never forget. Both adults and kids love riding ATVs as a part of their leisure activity.

Different Chinese brands are manufacturing ATVs, and they are doing quite well in the industry. But anything that includes a motor can show various problems at any time. Chinese ATVs are also no exception in this case.

When any issues pop up, it requires your immediate concern to observe them. Either it can come up with more mess in the long run. Here are the most common problems with Chinese ATV. Read the guide carefully and fix the issue without delay.

Most Common Problems with Chinese ATV & Solutions:

Although here we are discussing the common problems of Chinese ATVs, the below-mentioned issues are quite familiar with other brands of ATVs as well.

1. Battery Power

This issue is quite familiar with not only Chinese ATVs but also with other ATVs.

Sometimes, your ATV won’t turn over when the ignition is engaged or takes time to do so; then, your ATV battery might be low in juice. The good news is you can easily fix the battery power problem.


For this, buy a multimeter from your nearest automotive shop. Then, inspect the battery. If the output is less than 12V, you’ve no other choice except to charge the battery.

When doing so, hook the terminals to a battery booster using alligator clips on the charging cables and make yourself a sandwich while you wait. If you find the battery is not getting charged or taking a long time to charge fully, it is high time to install a new battery.

2. Ignition

Without the spark, a motor that runs with fuel will not run. So after turning on the ATV motor, if you find that the motor doesn’t start, be sure the problem is with the ignition system.

Now, let’s begin troubleshooting.

  • First, physically check the spark plugs.
  • Check if any gunk or corrosion is available in the plug.
  • Make sure a small gap is available in the plug’s spark gap.
  • Replace the plug if it looks unpleasant.


You need to check if the spark is available and use a multimeter for testing purposes. Moreover, the ignition system can fail due to malfunctioning of capacitor discharge ignition or ignition coil. In this case, read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. The owner’s manual is the best method of troubleshooting and solving these types of problems.

3. Loss of Power

This is because of the slipping clutch, and if you experience an off-road buggy, your ATV clutch is probably worn and slipped. Normally, engine pitch is not that much higher, and due to this, you will not face a distinctive lack of traction. However, if you ever feel it, be sure that it is because of the worn clutch.


There is no other solution here except replacing the clutch, and it is not a significant repair job. With little knowledge of ATV, you can do it yourself. However, if you are not confident, we recommend you to visit an automotive shop.

4. Dirty Filter

All ATVs consist of a filter that prevents dirt, dust, leafy debris, etc., from entering the engine through the combustion chamber’s vent. This way, the engine doesn’t get much airflow and causes too much gas consumption minimizing the power.


Inspect the filter, and clean the debris every 15,000 – 30,000 miles. If the filter is worn, replace it.

5. Worn Drive Belt

The drive belt clutch of your ATV transfers power from the engine to the transmission. Unfortunately, this belt can crack or break after a few years of use as it gets dry over time.


 If the belt shows signs of significant decay, don’t waste time; replace it.

6. Tire Puncture

Undoubtedly, while off-roading, tire puncture can happen anytime. However, many Chinese ATVs use puncture-proof tires so that you can ride the ATV safely. But all ATVs are not built the same, and generally, poor-quality tires are used in cheap Chinese ATVs. In this case, you have to avoid these ATVs to enjoy your ride. However, puncturing the tire can happen at any time, and some precautions will help you get rid of this problem.


  •  Don’t ride your ATV with flat tires.
  • ATV tires have to be rugged. Choose something extremely strong.
  • Choose an ATV with puncture-proof tires.
  • Replace or repair the damaged tire. If required, install new tires.

Pros and Cons of Chinese ATV

Many people think that Chinese ATVs are poor in quality, but this is not true in most cases. Some of the main benefits and drawbacks of Chinese ATVs are discussed below.


  • Chinese ATVs are much cheaper compared to other brands of ATVs. This is the main reason people are fond of Chinese ATVs. More importantly, they deliver the same performance as other top brands ATV does.
  •  As we stated earlier, there is a misconception that Chinese ATVs have quality issues. Today, Chinese ATVs are built with premium quality materials which makes them tougher compared to other brands.

People are buying Chinese ATVs more than before. However, you must not choose an ATV of poor model grade.


  • Unfortunately, you will face difficulty finding faulty parts replacement. You have to roam around a lot in different stores for the replacement parts. Some parts are unavailable and need to be shipped from China.
  • Finding a mechanic to repair your Chinese ATVs problem can be difficult. In this case, you need to send your ATV to the dealer for service.

Final Words

Chinese ATVs are a combination of style and performance. Whatever common issues you face with Chinese ATVs, periodic servicing will minimize the risk of breakdowns.

Whether you buy a new or used Chinese ATV, you need to service it regularly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This will ensure your ATV will always be ready to take you wherever you want. I hope you will enjoy the ride with your ATV overcoming all the issues you might face.

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