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Most Common Problems With Coleman 550 UTV

Most Common Problems With Coleman 550 UTV

The Coleman 550 is the perfect UTV that will get you from point A to point B with confidence and speed. Despite rough weather conditions and terrible roads, it is always ready to complete the toughest tasks. It’s an all-weather transport, off-road companion, and a true workhorse.

This powerful machine will never disappoint you, whether you are riding on wooded trails, hunting grounds, snow hills, or farmlands. So the question is – “Are there any problems with Coleman 550 UTV?” Well, there might. Stick to this article to find out the common problems of the Coleman 550 UTV.

The Common Problems of Coleman 550:

There is no doubt that the Coleman 550 is a great UTV. But there are some problems reported by many users, which can’t be ignored.

It Won’t Run

The most concerning issue of the Coleman 550 UTV is – it won’t run. All of a sudden, you may not make this UTV run. Remember, this problem won’t appear when you are driving slowly. However, when you try to give your UTV a little gas, you may have this problem.

Inspecting various components like injectors, airboxes will not help you find the source of this problem. It may sound a bit funny but the real reason behind this problem is the seat belt. The seat belt has to be plugged in when you drive this UTV at a high speed or break down. It is a safety feature of Coleman 550. 

Watch this video to know more about the solution to this problem –

Backdated Manual

Okay, now this issue is not a matter of concern when you have purchased the latest version of Coleman 550. The user manual of the Coleman 550 is quite handy and you may need it for dealing with simple issues. It will help you save both time and money for fixing minor issues rather than taking the UTV to a mechanic.

In case you don’t have the latest manual, don’t worry. You ask the dealer or contact the customer support of Coleman. They may ask you to give some information (i.e. exact model number) for verification. After giving them the required information, they will send you the current manual of Coleman 550.    

Not A Street Legal Machine

This can be a pragmatic move for the industrial workers or farmers who use the quad as a daily driven vehicle for a lot of transportation. Aside from the U.S and Canada, making your Coleman 550 UTV steel legal can be challenging.

Almost 22 of the 50 U.S. states along with many states in Canada already established some laws for legalizing the UTV. However, they have to go through some vehicle upgrades to make it happen.

They need to ensure the following things to legalize Coleman 550 UTV – 

  • DOT-legal Headlight
  • DOT Tires
  • Muffler
  • License Plate Bracket
  • Reflectors

As soon as you latch these Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) parts and get the necessary paperwork done, your Coleman 550 will be legal for street use. Before that, your four-wheeler may need to undergo some inspection or tests to register as a street-legal vehicle.

All these can be a hassle and it may not be even possible if you are not living in either the U.S or Canada.   

Seat Adjustment Issue

This is one of the most common problems with Coleman 550. Ask any user of this UTV about the seat adjustment issue of Coleman 550. He will not deny that it was difficult to get a seat at first. The seat offers minimal comfort. Even so, the comfort won’t last long during long trail rides. 

Most of the time, replacing or adjusting the seat latch solves this problem. So, this is a small problem about which you should not worry so much. If you are not sure how to adjust the seat latch to its optimal position, take the UTV to a nearby mechanic or specialist who can help you.

Irritating Suspension

Both the front and rear suspension of the Coleman 550 consist of nitrogen-filled MacPherson independent dual A-arms. This might be enough to handle the UTV at a higher speed. But, how good is the UTV when you are taking it for a mountain ride? 

The answer to this question lies not in the quality of the suspension, but in the mechanism. In the 4WD mode, you have access to a complete differential lock mode, which can be enabled by pressing a button. While the manufacturers designed it to make usability easier, it can be irritating when you are driving in 2WD or in intense situations.  

Make Yourself Engaged With Parking Brake

Another common issue of the Coleman 550 is – you have to keep yourself engaged with the parking brake at all times. No matter which version of Coleman 550 you purchase, you will face this issue. Why? Because its two-speed H/L/N/R transmission doesn’t come with this option.

A lot of users take this problem into their accounts since it is not minor. Not everyone can keep their feet on the parking brakes at all times. This makes driving the Coleman 550 challenging to many users. We guess this UTV is not made for novice riders. Still, it’s up to you whether this issue will bother you or not.    

General Pros and Cons of Coleman 550

We have tried to discuss the common problems of the Coleman 550 as much as we could. Now it’s time to look at the general pros and cons of Coleman 550.


  • Considering its 16% gain in displacement, it produces a lot of power with its 500 cc engine.  
  • Offers excellent acceleration at lower RPMs.
  • This UTV is fully loaded with the necessary utilities.
  • These are reasonably priced UTVs.
  • These are extremely reliable and durable for most types of trails. 
  • No owners found any problem in these quads for braking.
  • You will get a one-year warranty with each Coleman 550 UTV. The limit may reach even 2 years depending on the dealer.


  • The UTV may jump off frequently when it is pushed to higher revs.
  • The constant engagement with the parking brake is bothersome.
  • It may take a while to measure the balance between suspensions.
  • Depending on the trail, the air pressure may vary. 

Quote Reviews:

After deep research, we have found good and bad user reviews. Fortunately, most of the reviews of Coleman 550 UTV were positive. This indicates most of the customers of Coleman 550 are happy with their purchases. One particular user said –

“I have a Coleman (Hisun 700 engine) vintage 2014 model. It is my beater for around my area. So it gets very little use. Have a much nicer ride for going on road and trail runs.”

Now the review was pretty decent. Another user was quite satisfied with getting the latest user manual for his Coleman 550. He said – 

“For what it’s worth, I emailed Coleman about getting my MSO and the guy there was able to send me a current manual for my buggy.”

But not every review or opinion was positive. A user was quite angry when the F8 fuse got blown. He replaced the fuse and it blew again. In his words – 

“Have a 2019 Coleman Outfitter 550, only 30 hrs on it. Just quit running. Found the F8 fuse blown. Replaced and blew again.”

Not everyone is a fan of the Coleman 550 as it is a Chinese UTV after all. Some may think this particular UTV has a poor build quality because one user said this – 

“You’ll have to form your own opinion of the Chinese-made machines, but from what I’ve seen (working in an ATV repair shop) they lack significantly on build quality.” 


Many people may not want to keep the Coleman 550 UTV on their radar, but there is no doubt that it is a standard UTV of Hisun. It’s a mid-range quad that can keep up with big names like Polaris, Can-Am, and Honda. This strong quad is capable of providing adequate power and performance. Despite some drawbacks, it is a reasonably priced, capable quad that is worth investing in. The rest is up to you, whether you buy it or not.

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