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Most Common Problems With Coolster ATV

Most Common Problems With Coolster ATV

The Coolster ATV offers an unparalleled combination of sport and utility to its customers. Foot brakes, a speed limiter, a throttle governor, and a remote kill switch are all safety features that any parent would want for their children.

Although Coolster ATVs are Chinese, these quads are exclusive for their safety features, tire tread patterns, and detailed operating instructions. However, they were cooler a few decades ago when mainstream ATVs sold less. So, aren’t Coolster ATVs are not cooler now?

Coolster ATVs are still popular among children, but they have some common problems. In this article, we are going to discuss the most common problems with Coolster ATV. 

Most Common Problems of The Coolster ATV:

No matter how good a product is, it will still have problems. And the Coolster ATV is no different. Before you buy a Coolster ATV, getting familiar with these problems will help you to make better decisions.

The Coolster ATV Won’t Start

It can be frustrating when you desperately want to hit the trails but your quad won’t start. This is a common issue with the Coolster ATV. There are a lot of complaints about the Coolster ATV that it won’t start. The most common reasons for such an incident are not getting spark and gas. 

Now, spark and gas are connected to each other. There must be a spark when there is fuel or gas. If the Coolster ATV doesn’t start, you should check the ignition system instead of checking the battery. This can be a common problem during the winter when cold and carbs stick to the ATV eventually.

First, inspect the spark plugs physically. Look for any corrosion or rust in the plug and make sure there is a small gap between the spark plugs. If the plug seems unpleasant, replace it. 

This video gives a simple fix to the Coolster 110 ATV so that it starts again immediately. Hope it will work for you as well – 

The Coolster ATV is for kids

The Coolster ATV is particularly made for kids. Kids who are aged between 7 to 11 years are the perfect customers of Coolster ATV. But what makes us certain that Coolster ATV is for kids? Well, this strong and sturdy ATV has a throttle governor allowing the parents to place a cap. Now, what does this cap do?

It may sound quite funny. This cap has control over the maximum speed of the ATV. And that’s not all, parents can make the ATV when they sense danger via a remote-control kill switch. If you are an adult, you obviously don’t need a feature like this. This will only make you look silly.

On top of that, it is suggested that the rider’s weight should be around 60 to 100 pounds. So, do the math – do most adults weigh between 60 to 100 pounds? 

The Coolster ATV is Not a High-Performance Machine

Now, this might be a thing to consider while buying the Coolster ATV. Neither the professionals would consider it for aggressive riding nor it is designed for intense ridings like motocross, mudding, or big throttle jumps. 

The engines of the Coolster ATVs are usually a branch of tooling and design from older Japanese manufacturers with a little touch of redesigning based on the importers’ specifications. Therefore, you should carefully evaluate the purchase of these off-brand bikes based on your type of use and mechanical knowledge. 

You Are Fully Responsible For the Setup

Yes, you heard it right. As an owner of a Coolster ATV, you will be solely responsible for the maintenance and setup of the bike. You might be wondering “why is that?”. That is because these ATVs are usually sold online, not by proper dealers. 

Consequently, this brings another issue. Sometimes, purchasing these ATVs through online financing or credit card is not possible. We don’t know the exact reason why something like this happens. In that case, you have to have a sufficient amount of cash to purchase it outright. 

The Chain Issue of The Coolster ATV

Perhaps, this is another mentionable issue of the Coolster ATV. Many users reported that the Coolster ATV comes with a really cheap chain and the chain would stretch after several hours of operation. As a result, the chain would keep popping off and no matter how hard you try, it is almost impossible to keep the chain tightened.

There is a solution to this issue. However, it will cost both money and labor. There are aftermarket chains available for ATVs. Some of these are of better quality than the default chain of the Coolster ATV. You just have to spend some money and find the right fit for your ATV.       

General Pros and Cons of Coolster ATV 

Okay! As you have known the common problems of the Coolster ATV, you should also know the general pros and cons.


  • First of all, the Coolster ATVs are quite affordable. If you want to buy an ATV for your kid under a thousand bucks, these are some remarkable options.
  • They look decent for the price. The Coolster ATVs don’t look too bad compared to other expensive ATVs.
  • The engine is quite strong. Yes, the engine may not be long-lasting or reliable, but it is surely strong considering your price. Some of them even have electric starts.
  • The digital speedometer does the work. As soon as you start the ATV, it will give you the essential insights.
  • The bottom metals on the steering column may not be as strong as Honda or Suzuki, but they will never break. 
  • The rear brakes of the Coolster ATV are hydraulic. This will provide better handling while you are driving off-road.
  • There are tons of aftermarket and replaceable parts available online for this ATV.  


  • All the plastic that you see on the Coolster ATV is really cheap. They are not durable and may break for light injuries. Some of the plastic in the wire may peel off prematurely.
  • Talking about plastic, the rubber on the mudguard and other areas is also cheap.
  • The metals they used to build this ATV are not sturdy.
  • The tires are not the best, they will wear off quickly after a couple of rough use.
  • Another major disadvantage of the Coolster ATV is the coils and other electronic components would blow fairly quickly.
  • The Coolster ATVs don’t use Loctite on the screws so stuff like pickup coil or other parts may come loose.
  • Almost all the parts of a Chinese ATV can be found online. This is good and bad at the same time. The good thing is there are lots of parts and the bad thing is, it is hard to get the right part number. 

Although this video might be a little long, we really want you to go through this video for more pros and cons of the Coolster ATV –

Quote Reviews:

We have gone through some quote reviews for the Coolster ATV. Some of these reviews were good, some were bad, while some were fair.

Let’s talk about the good reviews. One user from the USA bought a Coolster ATV. He found it quite useful and he was happy with its performance. He said – 

“I have a Coolster 125 and 110 cc. These things have been used and abused over the last 2 years. You may not believe this but I’m a 250 lb man, who rides the Coolster 125 regularly with the kids on the back trails where we live.”

Now, if you have read this article until now, you would remember that the Coolster ATV is designed for kids and users who weigh from 60 to 100 pounds. But this review is quite surprising and makes an exception to the traditional belief.

However, not everyone had the same experience. One user was quite angry about purchasing a Coolster ATV and he thought he made a bad decision buying one. Out of anger, he said –

“My son rode it twice for a total of 44 minutes and the wheel broke. It’s a flimsy piece of junk and if I had to do it all over I would have gone to a dealership instead.” 

This indicates, not every user had the best experience buying a Coolster ATV. Again, one buyer named John R Isaac said – 

“The ATV is for backyard use only, but not for extreme sport. For the price, it is not bad.”

This one is a fair review, which suggests some positives and negatives of the Coolster ATV. So, he wasn’t upset about his purchase. This also proves some users get the right product for the money.  


The Coolster ATV is certainly an excellent choice for beginners and kids. Just because it is affordable, it doesn’t compromise quality. It is not a complete disaster; rather it is a great value to your money. But we really wouldn’t suggest this ATV for the enthusiast and professionals. They should consider buying premium ATVs that cost more than the Coolster ATV. In the end, it is up to you to decide.

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