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6 Most Common Problems with Hisun 500 UTV

6 Most Common Problems with Hisun 500 UTV

Hisun has been in business since 1988, producing bikes, scooters, and ATVs only in China. They didn’t make their debut until 2014 at the AIM Expo in Orlando.

Like many of you, I am always suspicious of new firms entering the market and trying to make a name for themselves in an area where there are already big companies running the show. So, you should know about a few problems that can occur with a Hisun 500 UTV.

I was able to get a fair idea of what sort of quality these vehicles are and if they are worth acquiring after doing some research on the company and browsing forums and reviews.

Common Problems of the Hisun 500 UTV:

If you own a Hisun 500 UTV, there are a few common issues to be aware of. These issues are discussed below.

1. Air Flow

This is one of the easiest to verify, but it’s also one of the most crucial. Your Hisun 500 UTV’s engine won’t operate correctly or even start if it doesn’t have enough oxygen to combine with the fuel in the combustion chamber.

Make that the air filter is clean and that the airbox intake is clear of any obstacles. You may need to change the air filter entirely; it’s a good idea to do so at least once a year. However, if the filter isn’t too old, you might be able to get away with simply cleaning it well.

Check the exhaust system in addition to the air intake. Your ATV requires enough airflow both into and out of the engine. It’s unlikely that your exhaust may become clogged, but it can happen. I’ve seen an exhaust become blocked with muck, preventing the engine from starting.

2. Engine Compression

Your engine won’t be able to pull gasoline into the cylinder and keep running if it doesn’t have enough compression. Some moving elements on the inside of your engine need to be sealed up tight for it to perform correctly.

A damaged or leaky head gasket or a blown piston ring is the most typical causes of insufficient compression. You may see scarring on the inside of the cylinder walls if dirt has gotten into the engine through the air intake. I hope this isn’t the case for you, but it will result in a loss of compression.

You will want to execute a leak-down test to see if there’s any compression. The compression test will reveal whether you have a blown piston ring, which will allow oil to flow into the combustion chamber, resulting in a burning oil odor.

3. Spark Plug Issue

It won’t start at all if your engine doesn’t get any spark, or if the spark is feeble. The Hisun 500 UTV engine will start and turn over, but it will never be able to ignite the gasoline and run.

Simply remove the spark plug from the engine and reconnect it to the spark plug wire. Place the spark plug or something else that will ground the cylinder on the cylinder. Ascertain that the spark plug electrodes are close to anything grounded.

Replacing the spark plug is the first thing you should attempt. They’re inexpensive, and they’re generally the source of no spark. Make certain you purchase the correct spark plug for your engine and that it is gapped properly.

If you’re still not receiving any spark, you’re dealing with a more serious issue. Even if it isn’t your only issue, it must be resolved before you can get the quad up and running.

4. The Carburetor

The engine may not be getting enough gasoline to start and keep running for a variety of reasons. The gasoline pump or the carburetor are the two most prevalent causes.

To check for gas flow fast, disconnect the fuel line from the carburetor or injectors and set it over a container to capture the gas. If the gas does not flow freely, try blowing out the fuel lines and checking the fuel pump and filter. If gas is flowing freely, the fault is in the carburetor or injectors.

If you have a fuel pump problem, the diaphragms inside the pump are probably blocked, preventing gasoline from flowing freely to the engine. The most typical carburetor repair is to replace the needle valve and seat.

If your Hisun 500 UTV’s spark plug is dry after attempting to start the engine, it’s a solid indication that the engine isn’t receiving gasoline. Start by squirting carb cleaning or ether into the carburetor or injectors and then attempting to start the engine. This may assist you in narrowing down the problem.

5. The Battery

Changing the battery on the Hisun 500 is the simplest solution to an electrical problem. To test your battery, you’ll need a multimeter set to voltage.

Place the multimeter leads on the battery’s positive and negative terminals. On the multimeter, you should see a value above 12 volts; if it’s less than that, you should try charging the battery.

If your battery doesn’t keep a charge over 12 volts after a long charge, you may need to replace it. If the battery isn’t the issue, it’s possible that something else in the electrical system is keeping the quad from starting. It’s time to look for a spark.

6. General Problems

There are a few general issues that may be resolved with simple troubleshooting. These may include the following.

The brakes are grinding or failing, which indicates that there is insufficient brake oil or air in the braking system. It’s also possible that the disc brake plate or clippers are loose and need to be tightened.

If the gearbox makes a noise, the gears should be replaced. Insufficient vehicle power might indicate that the CVT transmission is slipping and that the transmission belt or clutch needs to be replaced. It might potentially indicate a problem with the parking brake.

What Majority of the Users Feel About Hisun 500 UTV?

Companies can, of course, distribute as many accessories as they wish. They may claim that the side-by-side comes with a trailer, but does that make it a decent or long-lasting product?

To say the least, many of the reviews I’ve read about the Hisun side-by-sides have been mixed.Here are a few of those reviews:

“I just bought a Hisun 500 and am having problems with what seems to be the transmission. When I brake hard in 2wd the transmission seems to pop out of gear. Is there some type of adjustment that I need to make? Is the engine brake not working? I have a copy of the owner’s manual if you still need it.”Eric Schoembs from ATV Connection.

“I own a Hisun myself. It’s been close to great for me. The rides are very nice. I’ve had 2 issues with mine. It died and wouldn’t start. Thought it was solenoid but ended up starter. Hisun starter was a ton of money. Next, I broke the pull coil trying to overcome the starter issue. I disassembled it completely. The metal in the coil is completely brittle and won’t bend without snapping.”Mike Rosa from Texas Bow Hunter.

“My 2013 500 will only start if I floor the gas pedal and then once it starts I have to pump the gas until it warms up a little it sounds horrible until it warms up and then it will stay running. The exhaust smells like raw gas for a little while. The throttle body has been changed.”RwpJtk from UTV Board.

Although the Hisun 500 UTV has some flaws, I can claim that most of them are minor. And if you do run into one of these issues, the chances of you running into the others are significantly slimmer.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I believe Hisun’s 500 UTV is quite balanced. They appear to be of high quality and perform admirably.

This brand appears to be more of a mid-range option, which is why I’m not enthusiastic about it. Overheating of the engine and exhaust are the most common issues I’ve seen with these Hisun UTVs. Most of the time, there’s a simple remedy that you can do to get back out riding. Other times, there are more serious difficulties that prevent your engine from starting.

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