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5 Most Common Problems with Hisun UTV

5 Most Common Problems with Hisun UTV

HISUN MOTORS has been in this industry for over 25 years and delivers a complete lime-up collection of quality ATVs, UTV, ATV, and motorcycles.

And if you are not familiar with UTVs, then Hisun UTV collections can be the ideal choice since Hisun offers mid-range and decent quality products featuring all necessary attributes most UTV consumers want in a vehicle. 

However, consumers have been complaining about some common troubleshooting issues that they have experienced with the Hisun UTV models.

So, here I have decided to address the 5 most common issues that one might encounter with any Hisun UTV models.

Common Problems of the Hisun UTVs:

1. Engine And Exhaust Overheating Issue

Several Hisun UTV users have complained about the frequent experience of engine and exhaust system overheating issues.

Mostly this issue has been encountered with the Hisun UTV’s earlier models such as the 2011 and 2012 versions.

The reason behind overheating can be either due to an overloaded engine or a low coolant level. It can also occur when the motor-driven fan does not turn because of blown-out fuse or electricity issue.

Mostly, installing dual fans will help to cool the engine and also wrap the exhaust in order to prevent overheating issues.

Sometimes, dirty radiator and grille screens also increase the chances of having overheating issues.

In that case, clean all trash or debris and modify the hood compartment and slightly move the radiator front cooler.

2. Engine Starting Difficulty or No Start Problem

One may also encounter hard starting, slow, or no start issues with some of the Hisun UTV models.

It’s also a very common issue that can arise with any UTV model, no matter what the band is, and there can be several different reasons behind the engine starting problem.

Your vehicle will naturally starve for the required fuel flow in the system, when you do not have enough fuel flow or no fuel flow at all, the engine will fail to start.

In that case, one should immediately check the entire fuel system and give individual attention to all the main parts such as fuel tank, filter, electric fuel pump, and injector.

Also, you need to check the ECU motor scan and replace the damaged or clogged part that causes the fuel to run accurately and let the engine correctly.

Another most common reason is the weak, broken, or damaged battery which prevents the engine from quickly turning over like it is supposed to.

One should also check whether there is any presence of water in the fuel system because that can also cause such troubles.

Several users have claimed that they especially encounter this during winter. That mainly happens because, in winter, the oil viscosity significantly increases, but the engine revolution becomes slow.

You can get rid of this problem by simply choosing oils of different viscosities based on the ambient temperatures.

3. Sticky Transmission, Rear Differential Bolts Loose & Lack Of Dampeners On Suspension

Another most commonly mentioned issue that many users have already experienced is noticing sticky transmission, rear differential bolts being loose, or lack of dampeners in the suspension causing minor troubles.

You may notice sticky transmission when the transmission filters are clogged because the clogged filter puts extra strain on the transmission fuel pump to pull out the transmission fluid.

Other issues such as loose bolts on the rear differentials and suspension missing the required dampeners can occur because of aggressive and extensive use of the UTV vehicle without proper maintenance care.

4. Insufficient Power On Engine

Several users frequently experience poor engine power or insufficient power on their Hisun UTV vehicles.

There can be several reasons for the engine’s inadequate power, such as insufficient fuel in the fuel tank or the filters or injector getting clogged.

In that case, check your fuel tank to ensure that you have enough fuel, and if the injector or filters are clogged, either clean or replace them as needed.

It can also occur when you have a spoiled crankshaft sensor or the air cleaner gets clogged.

Another common area to check when you encounter a vehicle power loss issue is the ignition system and thoroughly check the condition of your spark plugs and ignition coil.

If there is any possible issue there, replace the faulty parts.

5. Engine Stalls Or Suddenly Stops

You may also encounter engine stalling or suddenly notice that your engine just directly stopped without any warning. These are also quite common to experience with any vehicle.

One particular Hisun 700 UTV model user mentioned that his initial experience with this vehicle was great and he was quite satisfied with the vehicle’s overall performance.

But after the winter storage break, when he again starts using it, he noticed that the vehicle is constantly having stalling and dying issues, and it only start when it is in the prime stage. Then, after a few seconds or so, it will eventually die every time.

This problem can happen if the fuel enables to hold enough pressure or the fuel level is not sufficient enough.

It can also be due to a faulty or bad fuel tank and injector.

One should also check the harnesses because if the harnesses are faulty, they can also cause trouble.

Another possible reason can be the electrical component failure or faulty battery.

For the abrupt stops, you should check with the motor scan KF90121 and replace the ECU, if required.

What Majority of the Users Feel About Hisun UTV?

According to most old and current owners of Hisun UTV, these UTV models are perfect for beginners. Especially those who are looking for a quality vehicle but in a very affordable pricing range. 

I also discovered that most of the Hisun UTV users and owners are proud of their decision and claimed that Hisun UTV is worth enough to give it a try. Some even claimed that Hisun UTVs are more than worthy of the reasonable price tag it has.

Some also mentioned that the engine braking of Hisun UTVs is quite good.

Most users have claimed that the acceleration quality is great even at the lower RPMs, and when considering the comfort level, they also said Hisun UTV definitely stands out as a better deal at a reasonable rate.

However, some have claimed that some Hisun UTV engines have a little less content and tend to push at higher revs. Some owners have also complained that these UTVs do not have a park on their CVT.

Final Thoughts

The Hisun Motors Corp claims that it has a fully dedicated team involved from the very raw stage to the last finishing stage to ensure maximum quality before leaving our facility.

Not only that, but their R&D and quality assurance teams are always looking for more ways to enhance each product line’s quality and performance level so that consumers can only receive the finest product at their doorstep. However, limitations are still there because of which those early discussed problems can arise with any Hisun UTV.

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