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6 Most Common Problems With Honda 700xx

6 Most Common Problems With Honda 700xx

The Honda 700XX is one of the most popular ATV models from Honda which was originally released in 2008. 

Although soon the company decided to discontinue the production of Honda 700XX, this ATV model is known as the King of the Hill because of the high-quality engine and unique chain drive system Honda 700XX features.

However, just like any other top-rated ATVs, Honda 700XX also has its limitations because of which many users have experienced their fair share of troubleshooting issues with Honda 700XX.

So, let’s learn more details about the 6 most common issues that you might encounter with Honda 700XX-

Common Problems of the Honda 700xx:

1. Heavy Weight Causes Handling & Suspension Problem

There is no doubt that the Honda 700XX model contains tons of innovative features and is built with solid materials to ensure long-lasting durability and reliability.

However, some users and experts have warned about this ATV model’s heavyweight since many riders especially look for sturdy but compact, lightweight infrastructure.

So, if you are looking for a light-weight ATV, remember the Honda 700XX model weighs more than 500 pounds, and if you compare the weight with its closest competitors, you will notice that it weighs at least 100 lbs more than them.

Also, this heavyweight of the Honda 700XX model has the potential to cause handling and suspension issues. Several users have already mentioned their handling and suspension difficulties in Honda user forums.

2. Engine Struggles to Breath At Low Speed

Most Honda 700XX ATV model users have claimed that this sports ATV is really smooth with speed no matter how higher you turn the RPM at, it performs smoothly without jerking or hesitation.

But the problem arises when you turn the speed lower and expect the same performance from 700XX.

Even one user has specifically mentioned that when crawling along at low speed, the engine performance falls.

He further explained that at the low speed, the Honda 700xx engine had a little trouble breathing. He also noticed occasional stalling issues when the fuel or gas hits the below margin level.

Although the engine does not die, some users can find it uncomfortable or feel dissatisfied with the engine’s performance.

Especially, those utility ATV riders who like to inch across big rocks, as well as other more technical terrains.

This problem can also occur when your ATV vehicle does not have enough break-in time, and in that case, you can easily fix it by re-tuning it.

3. Extremely Tall In First Gear

Another common issue that some riders may complain about this sports ATV model from Honda is the clutch slipping issue while trying to slow down.

Mainly those riders who like to wind through tight trees all day will find this clutch slipping issue and, it’s because the Honda 700xx is very tall in first gear.

However, the clutch does not slip all the time and the slipping will not cause a huge accident either, but if you are new, you should at least be aware of this.  

The reason behind the potential clutch slipping while you try to slow down your ATV can be either because the clutch is engaged or it is disengaged without any middle ground.

Experts suggest that the Honda 700xx model required an aggressive and tight clutch pack to tackle the low-end torque.

4. Takes Longer Time Getting To Top Speed

Although the Honda 700XX ATV model has great power delivery, when it gets to the mid-range, its power delivery gradually starts to fall off.

It does not mean it gradually becomes too slow or stalls at low or mid-range power.

Honda 700xx just takes a bit more time than other quads to reach the top speed from the low or mid-range speed.

But when you notice that your 700xx started to fall off, you can push the throttle to the stops.

5. Takes Longer Time To Slide Though Corner

Honda 700xx performs fantastically smooth on straight lines, but while sliding through corners, it struggles a little bit just like any other IRS quads in the market.

Though it is not a huge issue for many riders since they are experienced enough to figure this out and handle it without any stress, those who are not enough experienced with ATV or new will still find this alarming. 

Some Honda 700xx users have claimed that their ATV craves to push in the corners, and breaking the rear end free to power slide takes a lot more. They also noticed that Honda 700xx prefers to be driven through corners.

6. Trouble With The Parking Brake And Enrichment Circuit

Some users have complained about the parking brake on Honda 700xx and mentioned that they needed to replace it quite a few times than normal.

One particular Honda 700xx user also mentioned that he had not experienced any major or significant issue on his ATV rather than the problematic parking brake.

He further claimed that maybe it is happening either because Honda did not assemble the parking brake accurately or maybe the material used in it was not good enough.

He also noticed that the little rubber holders for the plastics breaking, heat shield bolts are coming out.

Another issue is when you cold start the Honda 700xx, it idles for a few seconds then dies. But surprisingly, after a few moments, the engine will start right back up and will idle like a champ.

Several users have mentioned this issue in users’ forums, and this can happen because of the enrichment circuit issue.

What Majority of the Users Feel About Honda 700xx?

Before writing this article, I went through several online review blogs, articles, user forums, and also YouTube off-road test review vlogs to get a precise idea of the actual reaction of old and current Honda 700xx users. 

While going through numerous users’ feedbacks, I finally realized that most people are quite satisfied with the Honda 700xx model’s infrastructure, power, and performance quality.

However, they have also mentioned and explained some technical, electrical, and assembling issues that they encountered. But none of those problems were critical, and most of them were minor and easily fixable.

Besides the exceptional infrastructure, power, and functionality the Honda 700xx model had, it also had limitations just like other ATVs and no one can deny that but the positive points are much more attractive to outcast those minor issues.

Here, I have decided to share some of the Honda 700XX users or owner’s opinions so that you can also get an idea of how the users are feeling-

“I have a 700xx and I love it. it is extremely fast and powerful. Also, it has a great ride in the rough stuff. rocks ruts and roots are no problem. I have never been stuck on it. It crawls around easily also unlike a 450, but it will leave them in the dust on demand. You just have to get used to riding it.”Evan Tucker

“The Honda trx700 is better in all, the independent rear suspension is great in all-terrain, I have the raptor 700 also, but the Honda 700xx is the perfect machine. “Julio J Rodríguez

“I’m 260 pounds and love my 700xx. I put an aftermarket sway bar on mine and it drifts perfectly!”Ethan Fredricks

Final Thoughts

Although Honda 700XX was one of the short-lived lines up from the world-class Honda brand, it was still one of the most popular ATV four-wheelers.

Because Honda 700xx had the functionality and power to be considered the beast and people who were fortunate enough to own it only expressed their satisfaction. Again, there are issues or drawbacks on the Honda 700xx model too, but the performance, comfort, and handling of this sport ATV was still undeniable.

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