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Most Common Problems with Honda Foreman 500

Most Common Problems with Honda Foreman 500

In 2005, the HONDA company decided to bring out its latest and most awaited innovation, the honda foreman 500. With its instant release, we’ve seen a huge demand for this vehicle.

Within a few months, the company had to increase its production due to its high favoritism and adaptability. People were so enthusiastic about this all-terrain vehicle.

Starting from $4,000 to $10,000, hardly any car would be feasible like the honda foreman 500. But, among all the benefits and functions of the vehicle, there exist some faults and blunders inside the automobile.

Most of them are seen in all the vehicles sold. From the customer’s point of view, they can be denoted as the most common problems found in honda foreman 500.

The most usual problems found in honda foreman 500:

As the time passed, the vehicle went on to show some symptoms of the defect. Those problems were mere and minute but caused a rise in tension among the users. Studying them, the problems were solvable and could be further restricted up to certain limits.

Here is a list of the most common problems with honda foreman 500 that might be found in your vehicle too.

  1. Shifting issues
  2. Steering Breakage
  3. Sudden Shocks
  4. Broken Carb
  5. Internal Freezing
  6. Steering Rod Dislocation

1. Shifting Issues

You need to shift the gear from time to time to maintain the flow of the ride. Be it on a hilly surface or a deserted area, or icy ground, the shifting has to be perfect in every possible way.

Recent reviews from the users showed multiple failures. While you are about to shift the bike, it results in inevitable engine failure. Not only that, the honda foreman 500 shows the imperfect execution of the command, which makes the running gear immovable after specific trials.

The issue can be solved temporarily by fixing the engine shifter. You can drag it temporarily in a fixed gear for a specific time.

But for a long solving, you need to go for deep cleaning and repair. Primarily, any hampering in the gear wire raises the issue. Also, check the angle sensor to go for a fundamental change of the set.

2. Steering Breakage

This is the most crucial issue of all. But certainly, this doesn’t arise very often. Only a broken and dislocated steering wheel of the honda foreman 500 prevails the steering breakage.

As you go on to use the honda foreman 500, you have to surpass many adverse conditions. This causes a little harm to your wheel when you drive it recklessly and later tends to make it lose.

When the steering wheel gets loosened, you completely lose all control of your bike. And thus, many accidents might wait for you.

The most convenient way of getting rid of the problem is to check the steering wheel from time to time. It is a must for any vehicle to go through monthly checkups and maintenance. The fault can be seen through them, and you can act accordingly.

3. Sudden Shocks

Driving a vehicle for a long time makes the engine hotter. The wires regulating the parts and engine go through good stress. Not being able to take it further, it produces ignition when you insert the key in your vehicle to start.

This problem gives you a hint of internal shock, which might lead to further significant issues. That’s why an instant step is a must to imply under such circumstances.

Check the wirings of the engine properly. Connectors play a good role here. So, you have to ensure the proper insertion of the wires inside the male and female connectors. In case of any leakage or breakings, take action to change the wires instantly.

4. Broken Carb

The carb of your honda foreman 500 can be damaged for two purposes. Either for the clogged valve inside or for the leakage of the carb itself. Any of the occurring in the carburetor will result in a big malfunction to your vehicle.

To restrain such incidents, you need to look after the carburetor first. Find if there is any hole or leakage on it. Any result of such breaking needs to be fixed instantly. Block the hole with a band-aid or tape for a short purpose and change it to sustain for a long time.

In case you see any clogging inside, depart the carb and clean it from inside. Use grease oil and another relevant component to remove the clogging. Fix it when the inside of the carburetor is explicit.

5. Internal Freezing

Not only for honda foreman 500 but also for any vehicle, internal freezing is an ordinary occurrence. It refers to the freezing of the engine due to the moisture which stores in it for a long time.

You get to experience sudden engine stops and delayed starts when the engine becomes clogged with moisture. As you start the engine, the moisture functions and refrains it from getting hotter. Thus, it doesn’t function properly.

To solve the issue, keep on starting the bike continuously. It will make the engine hotter. If the wirings are perfectly joined, you’ll be able to remove the moistures within a short time.

Also, check the wires and ensure the attempts are correct. In case of any leakage or breaking, take proper steps.

Pros and Cons of honda foreman 500:

Talking about the issue of the honda foreman 500 makes it unfair to the vehicle because the feasibility and adaptability of the bike are so high that you cannot but talk about it.

Here are some pros of the vehicle that make it unique and some cons, which allow you to know and maintain the vehicle properly.


  • The power of the honda foreman 500 is highly rated. You get to use it for a long time without any hassle.
  • Durability is one of the outstanding traits of the bike. Hardly it can be broken or tapered with usual accidents.
  • The turning radius of the bike makes it favorable for different regions and places. Be it dessert or ice areas; you can adapt it perfectly.
  • The seats of the bike are comfortable and well relaxing. Multiple people can ride the bike for a certain distance and place (not recommended for all regions).
  • For the people’s choice, there are many mods to make it look unique, different, and eye-catchy.


  • The highest speed of the bike is not up to the mark.
  • Suspension lags proper weight management ad handling.
  • The brake is more complex and tighter, which requires good precision.

Final Words

No doubt that the honda foreman 500 is a unique and versatile vehicle. Its usage and adaptability are proven and unique. But that doesn’t overshadow the lackings it got. Because once you are using the honda foreman 500, you must be aware of what hazards you might face. An early precaution will surely assist you. And we introduced you to your desired goal.

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