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Most Common Problems with Honda Rancher 420

Most Common Problems with Honda Rancher 420

The Honda Rancher 420 is a mid-size sport utility ATV, introduced in 2019. It has exclusive features like 4-wheel drive, fuel injection, independent suspension, etc., providing enjoyable off-road riding. Also, this ATV’s build quality is excellent to give you many years of service.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best ATVs out there, but it also has some drawbacks. Several customers reported a few problems with this model. Users experienced these problems after riding for many years.

We crafted this guide on the most common problems with Honda Rancher 420.

3 Most Common Problems with Honda Rancher 420:

Diagnosing different complications off Honda Rancher 420 is not a great deal. If you have basic knowledge, you can complete the troubleshooting project efficiently.

1. Gear Shifting Problem

Honda Rancher 420 customers find gear shifting problems when the ATV engine is operating. It occurs because of a clutch or belt or high idle. You can see the ATV tries to crawl or move forward while the gear is idle.

When it happens, your ATV has a problem with the shift gearing mechanism. The transmission’s internal or internal gearbox or bent shift fork can also be the culprit.

Reason 01:

  • Manual Clutch Transmission Problems

Solutions 01:

  • Make sure the handlebar-mounted lever is free of damage
  • Intermittent cable.

The above solution is beneficial and effective in solving the gear shifting problem.

Reason 02:

  • Bent Shift Fork: Most of the time, bent shift fork causes gear shifting complications. If your ATV shift fork is bent, it can’t push the gears entirely in place.

Solution 02:

  • Install or replace the bent shift fork.

Reason 03:

  • Internal damage of Gearbox

Solution 03:

  • Rotate the primary clutch manually. Once you do so, your bike should move. If you experience no movement of the bike, there might be some issue inside the gearbox. For further inspection, take assistance from an experienced mechanic.

Note: While checking the internal parts of your ATV’s gearbox, make sure to turn the engine off.

 2. Fuel Injection Issue

Without enough fuel injection, an ATV will not run. The manufacturer receives several complaints about this problem. A few reasons are responsible for your ATV engine not getting the necessary fuel.


  • Over time, unsterilized or old gas builds up and creates a clog. Debris and dirt get into the tank that clog the fuel supply. One customer identified the reason following a process of elimination.


  • If you find contamination like gummed-up dirt at a single spot, the whole system requires thorough cleaning for the best result.
  •  Fuel Pump Relay Problem

Fuel pump relay is an essential component of every ATV. The fuel pump relay’s responsibility is to give the fuel pump enough power to build up fuel pressure in the rail. As a result, the fuel pump relay is turned on when you turn your vehicle’s ignition.

Due to different reasons, the fuel pump relay fails to do so. With Honda Rancher 420, this issue is quite common. A few users took their ATV to a mechanic shop. According to them, a fuel pump relay can damage anything. The most common reason is dust to electrical power surges.

3. No Power/ Won’t Start

Once you turn the key on your ATV and if it doesn’t start, be sure the problem is with the power. 9 out of 10 times, it occurs due to the dead battery.

Reason 01:

  • Either the battery is disconnected, lost, or dead.

Solution 01:

  • In this case, if you don’t have a plan to ride your ATV for a month, charge the ATV fully. Otherwise, the battery may die. And you may need to replace the battery.

Reason 02:

A couple of customers said that their ATVs received power but click.

  • If you hear a single click, be noted that the starter relay is bad.
  • The weak battery provides multiple clicks.

Solution 02:

  • Put your battery into charge or replace it.

Pros & Cons of Honda Rancher 420:

Although Honda Rancher 420 possesses several problems, this is still a tremendous off-road bike. Undoubtedly, you will have so many enjoyable riding experiences. Moreover, the exclusive features make it a better ATV compared to its rivals.


Honda Rancher 420 is an excellent ATV, promised to give you the utmost experience while off-roading. Find the below pros of this all-terrain vehicle.

  • Comfort and Utility: The Honda rancher 420 is designed to provide comfort to its user. You can easily access the handlebar control and switchgear. This way, you will never face trouble controlling the ATV.
  • Powerful Engine: This ATV is extremely powerful with a single-cylinder engine of 420cc OHV liquid-cooled, fuel-injected.
  • Long-lasting Performance: Stainless steel exhaust system delivers noise-less performance with the help of USDA-qualified spark arrestor/muffler. Moreover, when regular maintenance is ensured, you will get long-lasting performance for sure.
  • Super heavy-duty Automatic Clutch: Better driveability and towing capacity are guaranteed because it is equipped with a high-grade automatic clutch.
  • Front and rear rack capacity is 66lbs. and 133lbs. respectively, relatively higher than its competitors.


You will rarely find a vehicle without cons. The below points showed the cons of Honda Rancher 420.

  • The drum brake comes with inferior quality.
  • Subpar payload capacity.

Wrapping Up

The Honda Rancher 420 is an impressive addition to the ATV industry. It is so versatile that it really shines. Honda doesn’t compromise on the quality, and in this ATV, the manufacturer uses all the premium quality materials and components to provide the best performance.

Despite all the super features, it has a few problems as well. But its benefits outweigh the drawbacks. However, if you decide to buy this ATV, it would always be best to keep the most common problems with Honda Rancher 420 in mind.

Learning about the common complications will help you make a prompt decision. Also, you can avoid unwanted situations. Honda Rancher 420 is an ideal option for enjoying your off-roading experience. More importantly, it’s worth the price. Just learn the common problems, fix the issue on time, and enjoy quality time with your family and friends.

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